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Volcanic Hazard – Volcano Activity: Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica

Natural Hazard – Volcanic Activity/Eruption

Summit of Turrialba volcano

The summit of Turrialba, the easternmost in the Cordillera Central, is seen here from its SW flank. The volcano rises to 3340 m about 25 km NW of the city of the same name and is exceeded in height in Costa Rica only by its neighbor Irazú volcano. Turrialba is excentric to the main volcanic chain and lies east of its axis. The summit area is designated as Turrialba National Park, and its northern flanks are part of the extensive Cordillera Volcanica Central forest reserve. Photo by Eliecer Duarte (OVSICORI-UNA).

Central-America  – Costa Rica | Province of Cartago, Cordillera Central, Turrialba Volcano  
Location: N 10° 1.008, W 83° 46.063
Stratovolcano: 10,958 ft (3,340 m)
Current status: Erupting
Casualties: 0
Evacuees:  unknown

Turrialba webcams / live data

Volcano Activity in Costa Rica on Friday, 31 October, 2014 at 04:46 (04:46 AM) UTC.

A volcanic eruption has rained ash over parts of central Costa Rica and prompted authorities to evacuate some communities. Authorities and scientists are on alert after the overnight explosion at the Turrialba volcano. Volcanologist Gino Gonzalez said Thursday that the volcano had been rumbling and producing seismic activity since the previous evening. He said the explosion caused the side of the crater to collapse, and ashfall was recorded in four provinces. Turrialba is located about 44 miles (71 kilometers) east of the capital, San Jose.


More information: Observatorio Vulcanologico y Sismologico de Costa Rica-Universidad Nacional (OVSICORI-UNA)

Thursday Oct 30, 2014 15:39 PM

A relatively large explosion occurred at the volcano last night at 23:40 local time. According to local news, the eruption lasted about 45 minutes and was accompanied by strong seismic activity, which was felt by the local population.
As the eruption occurred at night, there are no visual reports.

At the moment, there is no precise information about the nature (phreatic ?) and size of the eruption (height of eruptive column, ash volume etc) but ash fall was reported from Heredia, 55 km northwest of the volcano, and Coronado, 25 km to the west on the outskirts of the capital San Jose.

This suggests the plume was drifting NW.  Volcanologists from OVSICORI-UNA had climbed the volcano’s summit yesterday morning and observed very elevated temperatures. Seismometers also recorded phases of tremor during the day.

It is impossible to say whether the eruption was an isolated event or could be the start of a new magmatic eruption of the volcano.

Turrialba (3340 m) is the easternmost of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes. It is a large stratovolcano with a complex of 3 summit craters and its flanks mostly covered by farmland and forest. vegetation. After its previous eruption in 1866, signs of unrest started in 2006 and new phreatic activity began on Jan 4, 2010.

Turrialba is the easternmost of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes and a large vegetated basaltic-to-dacitic stratovolcano. It is located opposite Irazú volcano, both being separated by a broad saddle.

Together with Irazú, Turrialba is one of Costa Rica’s largest volcanoes. During the past 3500 years in prehistoric times, it has had at least 5 larger explosive eruptions. The top of Turrialba has 3 craters at the upper SW end of a broad 800 x 2200 m wide summit depression breached to the NE.
Eruptions from Turrialba occurred mostly from the summit craters, although two flank cones are found on the SW flank. During the 19th century, a few eruptions occurred that produced pyroclastic flows. Since an eruption in 1866 and until 2006, Turrialba was quiescent, but showed strong fumarolic activity at the central craters.

Since 2006, increased fumarolic and seismic activity were noted. On Jan 4, 2010, two new vents that later merged into a fissure aligned along the tectonic trend of the summit area opened in its western crater and started to erupt large amounts of sulphur dioxide gas and occasional lithic ash. This phreatic activity was accompanied by strong tremors and continued for a few days, but declined since Jan 8. Ash fall in the surroundings of the volcano and acid rain caused damage to agriculture and prompted evacuation of about 30 inhabitants living in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.

Source: VolcanoDiscovery

Biological Health Hazard – Anthrax: Orissa, India

Biological Hazard  – Anthrax

Asia  -  India | State of Orissa, Sundargarh
Bio-hazard Level: 4/4 Hazardous
Location: N 22° 7.200, E 84° 1.800
Deaths: 7
Infected: 10

Biological Hazard in India on Friday, 31 October, 2014 at 04:49 (04:49 AM) UTC.

Sundargarh district administration seems to be oblivious of the anthrax scare which has gripped the adjacent Bano block of Simdega district in Jharkhand. Sources said tribals from Bano village, which has reported seven deaths due to the disease in 13 days, continue to frequent the border pockets of Sundargarh while the district Health Department seems to have turned a blind eye to the impending danger. Though the situation is claimed to be under control, fear of the disease spreading to the border villages of Sundargarh looms large after 10 patients undergoing treatment at Sadar Hospital in Bano reportedly escaped. Reliable sources said about 16 days back, villagers of Karuchdaga of Bano had processed the carcass of a cow and later consumed it. Two patients died on October 15 and another perished next day while local health authorities failed to identify the disease. A medical team led by Civil-Surgeon-cum-Chief-Medical-Officer Dr ADN Prasad took charge of the situation. Between October 18 and 20, four more patients succumbed to the disease. Reportedly seven of the 10 quarantined patients fled the hospital on October 23 and the rest three on Monday. After blood samples tested anthrax positive at RIMS, Ranchi, a team of doctors of Centre for Disease Control (CDC) took stock of the situation on Sunday. Simdega-based District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner Diprava Lakra said the situation is under control and teams have started providing preventive medication to vulnerable persons along with vaccination of animals in a radius of five kms. He said a ban has been imposed in the block on sale of meat for next 15 days. Dr Prasad said normally human to human contact is not risky but human to animal contact carries the risk of transmission of the disease. He said anthrax is spread by contact with spores and affected persons with itchy skins or sores could be potential threat to humans who come in their contact. Last month, a person died of anthrax at Hathibari area of Nuagaon block in Sundargarh. No monitoring process has been put in place even though tribal vegetable vendors from Bano visit Rourkela city daily. Many from the affected area also frequent their relatives and friends in Nuagaon. Sundargarh Chief District Medical Officer Dr Basant Nayak said he would ask the authorities of Public Health wing to take necessary steps in this regard.

Previous Reports:

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 at 04:16 (04:16 AM) UTC.

A two-member team from National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) today confirmed an anthrax outbreak in Kuruchdega village, Simdega, based on earlier RIMS pathological test reports and on-the-spot findings. Though an expert team of the state health department had visited the area last week following reports of mysterious deaths of seven villagers, it had been waiting for the NCDC’s formal confirmation. Dr Shah Hussain, outbreak mentor of NCDC, reached Kuruchdega village on Sunday while his colleague Dr Priya Kant joined him this morning. State integrated disease surveillance programme officials said that the team would spend a few weeks in the area for further investigations. Dr Ramesh Prasad, director of state integrated surveillance wing, said: “According to our daily updates, things are completely under control. There is no need to worry. The only thing we must ensure is sustained treatment for victims.” At Kuruchdega, after the seven deaths focussed media attention, 10 other persons who displayed “puzzling symptoms”, finally received correct treatment and are on their way to recovery. Anthrax, a potentially lethal disease, is caused by bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Spreading through spores, it infects cattle through grazing and transfers to humans via touch, blood or flesh. Symptoms include cold and flu that escalate to pneumonia and respiratory collapse, and more rarely, severe gastro-intestinal disorders. Ambiguous symptoms can delay diagnosis. Simdega civil surgeon A.D.N. Prasad said they were now working on a “sort of quarantine” to prevent the disease from spreading. “Technically, one can’t quarantine a village as the mobility of humans or for that matter cattle can’t be tracked and restricted 24/7,” he conceded, but added they were currently working out some modalities. From October 22-23 onwards, two antibiotics – Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline – have been distributed to all villagers, including those undergoing treatment, as a precaution. “A team of four healthcare personnel, including doctors and ANMs, is keeping daily tabs,” he said.

Biological Hazard in India on Thursday, 23 October, 2014 at 15:27 (03:27 PM) UTC.

At least seven persons died of suspected anthrax in the past two months at Tungri Tola basti in Simdega district, a senior health official said. In the presence of Chief Secretary Sajal Chakraborty here today, Director Medical Services Dr Suman Mishra said, “Seven persons had died in two months.” Dr Ramesh Prasad, Director of State Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, said samples were sent to Delhi for pathological test to confirm whether the deaths were caused by anthrax. He said two persons died on October 18, and the symptoms on the bodies suggested anthrax. “The people, mostly tribals, said when a couple of bullocks died they ate their meat,” Prasad said. Thereafter, they were afflicted with symptoms later on, Prasad said, adding the basti has a total of about 23 families. The victims also vomited blood, complained chest and stomach ache after consuming the animal meat, he added. “The symptoms showed that the disease is in the category that is curable,” he added. The chief secretary, who visited the place today, said preventive measures were taken like providing antibiotics to the people of the basti, keeping kerosene and wood to burn cattle carcasses and restricting cattle from moving to adjoining areas.

Biological Hazard in India on Wednesday, 25 June, 2014 at 08:54 (08:54 AM) UTC.

Four persons have been affected by anthrax in a tribal village of Koraput district. They are Hari Bhagatayat, 55, Sunadhar Sisa, 45, Bulu Kirsani, 48, and Samara Sisa, 30, of Lugum in Lamataput block. While Kirsani and Sisa are being treated at Lamataput hospital, the other two are admitted to a private hospital in Lamataput. Sources said the affected villagers had killed a sick goat a few days ago and eaten its meat which might have led to the outbreak of the disease. “Patients have abnormal swellings and boils on their body, which are symptoms of anthrax. At present, the situation is under control with teams of doctors and health workers monitoring the situation and visiting the affected village,” said chief district medical officer (CDMO) of Koraput Laxmi Dhar Kabi. The fresh cases of anthrax sparked off a debate on the effectiveness of the administration’s strategy to contain the disease. “Each year fresh cases are reported in the district. Vaccination of cattle has not started except in a couple of blocks. The awareness drive against the disease is a non-starter but officers attribute it to the lifestyle of tribals,” said Bhabani Mishra, a Koraput based campaigner. Officials countered that the drive against anthrax was progressing well. “The veterinary department has started vaccination of cattle. Awareness drives have been taken up in rural areas by health officials and voluntary organizations,” the CDMO said.

Biological Hazard in India on Tuesday, 27 May, 2014 at 16:55 (04:55 PM) UTC.

Anthrax scare has gripped the people of Junglejodi village under Dandabadi gram panchayat in Boipariguda block of Odisha’s predominantly tribal Koraput district following the death of three persons due to the killer disease by Monday. Several others have been affected by the disease, reports from the area said. Three days ago, one Besu Khara died after being afflicted by anthrax, while Pulka Khara and Damu Pangi perished on May 18 and 11 resepectively, said villagers of Junglejodi. Health department official,s while confirming the death of Damu Pangi due to anthrax, said the exact cause behind the deaths of Besu and Pulka were yet to be ascertained. Two more persons – Ratanu Pangi and Bedru Pangi – suspected to be afflicted with anthrax reported at the Boipariguda health centre Monday for treatment. Ratanu was shifted to the district headquarters hospital at Koraput after his condition deteriorated. Reports said some anthrax patients had also reported at the health centre at Ramgiri on Monday. According to the anthrax patients, they were afflicted with the disease after they had consumed dried beef. Dr Sudhanshu Sekhar Prusty said medical teams from Boipariguda hospital have left for different areas of Dandabadi panchayat to treat anthrax patients. tI may be mentioned here that while most of the villages in the area are located inside dense forests, the residents are mostly tribals. Lack of awareness is considered to be the main reason behind the spread of anthrax among the tribals.


When it comes to comparisons — Just sayin’

netanyahu obama

Senior Obama Official Calls Netanyahu Chickenshit. You decide… h/t Dave Blount


And now, the rest of the story… The change that was voted for…

Radiation/Environmental Hazard – HAZMAT: California

Radiation/ Environmental Hazard – Radioactive Wastewater
North America – USA | State of California, Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Location: N 33° 42.612, W 118° 18.247
Damage Level: unreported
Injured: unknown
Affected: unknown

HAZMAT in USA on Thursday, 30 October, 2014 at 04:33 (04:33 AM) UTC.

Scientists studying kelp beds along the coast of Southern California have detected “pervasive” amounts of a radioactive isotope known as Iodine-131 in the waters off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Steven Manley, a marine biologist with California State University-Long Beach, says the most probable source of the contamination is the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant. Iodine-131 is regularly used to diagnose and treat cancers of the thyroid gland. The material is later expelled, and it enters sewer systems and water treatment facilities. The isotope is also used as a radioactive tracer in the hydraulic fracturing process. But Manley said the most likely source of the contamination in the ports was wastewater from medical facilities. I-131 is not naturally occurring, and could harm fish and other marine animals if it is absorbed in large amounts. The discovery of the iodine isotope was made as part of a project called Kelp Watch 2014, which aims to determine if nuclear material from the Fukushima disaster has reached the West Coast of North America. Researchers across the region have been sampling kelp because the ubiquitous rubbery sea plant soaks up radioactive material like a sponge. So far no Fukushima-related material has been found, Manley said. However, during a survey of kelp in the two ports, Iodine-131 turned up in what Manley called “low but significant” concentrations. His team took further samples near the ports to home in on the contamination. “Everyone of those samples has I-131 present in kelp,” Manley noted.

Since I-131 degrades relatively quickly, this material could not have traveled from Japan and must have come from local sources, Manley said. It has also appeared in multiple samples taken at different times, suggesting that it’s a relatively permanent feature of the water in the area. So there appears to be pervasive I-131 in the port,” Manley said. By his calculations, the levels of I-131 are “extremely low,” about 20 times less than the what the Environmental Protection Agency deems as unsafe. The radioactive material seems to be concentrated near where the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant releases treated waste water. “It’s not unreasonable to assume that that’s the source but we would have to look at it and investigate it a little bit further,” said Mas Dojiri with Los Angeles Department of Sanitation which runs the plant. The plant was built in 1935 and handles wastewater from over 130,000 people and 100 businesses in the industrialized region near the ports. On average it expels on 14.5 million gallons of treated wastewater a day directly into the harbor. Unlike new treatment plants, the Terminal Island facility has relatively short outfall pipes. Dojiri, who manages the sanitation department’s environmental monitoring division, says it’s likely the plant has such a design because it was built a long time ago, when environmental concerns were not as well understood. He added that there are advanced reverse osmosis filtering methods that can eliminate radioactive material like Iodine-131 but currently Terminal Island only uses that process for recycled water and not the material released into the harbor. Dojiri and Manley plan to work together to conduct further tests in hopes of isolating the source of the radioactive contaminants before deciding what, if any action to take. In the meantime, Manley said marine life in the harbor is likely absorbing the material. “The marine life is continually exposed to it,” Manley pointed out. In fact, some fish, like Opaleye and Halfmoon eat kelp, doubly exposing them to the isotope, both through their gills and their diet.


Mentalpause: ‘We have to be guided by the facts, not fear’

Or so says America’s President. Confused? Sounds a lot like “we need to pass it to see what’s in it” doesn’t it? What else can be expected when as George Carlin once said, the “US educational system is not interested in producing educated, informed individuals but rather dumb automatons”?  However, ‘One workable definition of modern “liberalism” is communism by increments. Most outside of the herd mentality group are well aware, and know by now this is and has been the one most “unadhered to,” statement fits all, crisis approach for any political agenda issue over the past several years and it has recently gotten much worse.

Meanwhile, Rumors grow ever more credible that the Obama Regime plans to knowingly import not just potential Ebola vectors from West Africa, but non-Americans known to carry the disease. “White Western nations are allowing the third-world infectious to enter, while the rest of the Earth’s peoples and nations keep out the third-world infected. Why is this, why?”

Then there is a far, far more important issue to address, at least for some. “Global Warming/Climate Change,” and with it comes another “inconvenient truth” to ponder.

The Official list of excuses for the 18-26 year ‘pause’ in global warming (as compiled by WUWT and The HockeySchtick)

The current count: 52 excuses

(For) An updated list of excuses for the 18-26 year statistically significant ‘pause’ in global warming, including recent scientific papers, media quotes, blogs, and related debunkings… see link.

Related: Watch The Co-Founder of The Weather Channel Talk About How Global Warming is a Myth

“Don’t believe everything you read from the Ministry of Truth.”

Internet exposes the sad state of news


In the days of print news media it was often said “don’t believe everything you read in the papers.”  These days, it is often a case of believe many things that you don’t read in the mainstream news media. Thankfully, we have the Internet to fill in the gaps, because one glaring example has just surfaced.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week gave a speech in Sochi to a group of global scholars called the Valdai Club, an organisation established in 2004 to promote discussion between Russian and international intellectuals. In that speech, President Putin lashed out at the USA and the West for, among other things, allegedly weakening global security for its own gains.

The story and a full video of the conference, including Putin’s speech, are on Russian government sponsored English language news site One would think that such a speech by the leader of a global power that is currently being demonised by Western leaders and the Western media on a regular basis would be widely reported in the West. Incredibly, not one mainstream media outlet is carrying the story at the time of writing this.

A quick check of,,, and a myriad of other sites have not so much as mentioned Putin’s speech. A search on Google of the headline “Putin lashes out at US, West for destabilizing world” yields only the story and coverage from a few obscure alternative media sites.

The late comedian and social commentator George Carlin remarked during one of his memorable performances that the US educational system is not interested in producing educated, informed individuals but rather dumb automatons. Sadly, it appears he was right on the mark.

Meanwhile, the front page of the venerable today carries a story about not eating late at night because of the dangers of gastric reflux!, which is based in the US, is often derided as merely a Russian propaganda organ. It is true that it presents the news from a pro-Russian perspective – perhaps a bit like the way the BBC presents its news from a pro-British perspective. However, it is hard to imagine not faithfully reporting a speech concerning Russia made by President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron or Chancellor Merkel.Recently a friend of mine had an elderly visitor from the US and they discussed the subject of political prisoner Julian Assange. The US visitor indignantly voiced the opinion that Assange should be tried for treason in the US. My friend calmly informed his US visitor that Assange is an Australian not an American and thus cannot be tried for treason.An informed public is not what you will find in the US or for that matter in Australia, Canada, the UK and most of Western Europe. For this, the Western mainstream media, which have become little more than propaganda mouthpieces for their respective political establishments, must take the blame. They long ago abrogated their responsibility to report the news objectively in favour of catering to corporate and elite establishment interests.Fortunately, there are alternative news outlets on the Internet such as, and of course, which is the only well funded alternative news organisation. You could even pay a visit to comedian and social commentator Russell Brand’s YouTube Channel and watch his daily news digest aptly called “The Trews.” You may or may not agree with much of what they report and opine on but at least they are willing to take on real news. Once again, thank goodness we still have a free and open Internet – something we should never take for granted.

Postscript: it turns out that several of the larger mainstream publications did cover this story. However, unlike the usual case with such stories, the story does not lead to the mainstream stories on Google – unusual for such important news. In addition, much of the coverage was sketchy and poor, leaving out the main thrust of Putin’s speech and relegating the story to a lowly position in the publications. The Washington Post for instance focused solely on Putin’s criticism of the US Electoral College voting system. To date there has not been any in-depth commentary on Putin’s speech, and no obvious link to it on Google News.

Source: ITWire

Biological Health Hazard – Mass Food Poisoning: Australia

Biological Health Hazard – Mass Food Poisoning

Australia/New Zealand – Australia | State of Queensland, Brisbane
Bio-hazard Level: 1/4 — Low
Location: S 27° 28.261, E 153° 1.407
Deaths: 0
Humans Infected: ~ 25

Biological Hazard in Australia on Thursday, 30 October, 2014 at 04:39 (04:39 AM) UTC.

While on their way to the Blue Mountains in NSW, many of the 25 Japanese visitors on the same tour bus started showing symptoms of food poisoning. Most of the people on board were suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. Earlier that morning [28 Oct 2014], they had all been on a stopover in Brisbane where they shared a meal. Just after 1:00 pm on Monday, 27 Oct 2014, paramedics were called to Governor Macquarie Drive in Chipping Norton when the tourists were apparently en route to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Pictures show the medics geared up assessing the sick holidaymakers, checking blood pressure and other symptoms. Wearing masks and other protective gear, they checked people one by one by the side of the road before transporting some of them in ambulances. Four people were admitted to Liverpool Hospital and are now in a stable condition. Initially, the 1st sick tourist was quarantined in the bathroom of the Murray coach the group were traveling in, a witness told the website, before more of the passengers began to fall ill. Michael Akkari said the patients were transported to hospital in the coach, which was used as a “quarantine capsule.” “The less sick ones sat on the grass strip beside the bus. They were obviously concerned, but there were a few laughs being had,” he said. A southwest Sydney Local Health District spokeswoman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that they were taken to Liverpool Hospital, where 4 people were admitted. She said that all were in a stable condition and had exhibited the same symptoms consistent with food poisoning. Another spokesman made it clear to The Sydney Morning Herald “this is definitely not a case of Ebola.”



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