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Fleshing out the designer drugs that cannibalize human flesh

In October of 2013, the Flesh-Eating Drug ‘Krokidil’ Hits Chicago Yet DEA, Liberals Remain Unaware.

A designer street drug made in Russia hit the Chicago area according to a drug rehab doctor in Joliet, Illinois. The doctor has said that he’s seen as many as three patients who are suffering extreme effects of the drug.

Those effects include scaly lesions, rotting flesh, gangrene and, eventually, death.

Some reckon the life expectancy of chronic users at two years.

Made by combining codeine with gasoline and other toxic substances, Krokidil (Russian for crocodile) is many times more potent than morphine and three times more potent than heroin, with withdrawal symptoms beginning shortly after the one and a half to two-hour high wears off.

The flesh-eating crocodile is here, a local doctor said,” writes the Chicago Sun Times. “Three patients have been treated this week at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center for using a synthetic opiate that doctors say rots the skin from the inside out.”

And the cost for such drug induced delights? Eight dollars a high.

Yet the DEA and liberals remains skeptical that a drug made with readily available (off-the-shelf) ingredients, like codeine, butane, gasoline and other wonders of the petrochemical industry — and that’s cheap to make to boot — has arrived in the U.S.

“’We, the DEA, are not seeing cases of it,’ agency spokeswoman Dawn Dearden told ‘Nothing’s been turned into any of our labs. As far as the DEA is concerned, we have not seen any cases.’ The agency is not actively investigating the latest report or ones that surfaced late last month in Arizona, Dearden said.”

The Feds know nothing, see nothing. You almost can feel Dearden stick her fingers in her ear, while a colleague reaches around to cover her eyes.

This is the same Obama government to which Russia ratted out the Tsarnaev brothers. They investigated and then… saw nothing, knew nothing– even as the brothers manufactured pressure cooker bombs to use at the Boston Marathon.

This is the same Obama government that seems to know nothing about healthcare, budgets, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, green energy, voter suppression in Philadelphia, IRS abuses, basic website design, or which hand goes over the heart when singing the national anthem, the words to which, they forget.

“Oh, say can you see…la, la, la, la, la, la?”

No, no they can’t see.

Or maybe it’s just that they don’t want to see.

There are lots of things in the Obama’s hometown Chicago people don’t want you to see: Failed union pension and benefit schemes, high murder and crime rates, corruption as a way of life, the failure of gun control policies, plunging real estate values. There have long been places in any city you don’t want to venture, but the economic crisis is helping cities in the U.S. fail at a rapid rate.

“In a World Policy Journal article published this spring,” wrote the New York Times in 2004, “the national security experts Peter Liotta and James Miskel argued that the ‘failed state,’ which received so much attention in the 1990’s, is being supplemented by the emergence of failed cities, where civil order succumbs to powerful criminal gangs. From Brazil to South Africa, these gangs pose a variety of nontraditional security threats — from unchecked black-marketeering and the smuggling of people, guns and drugs to public-health breakdowns and alliances with terrorists.”

It’s a trend the U.S. should worry about too.

As the Krokidil drug shows, what’s invented in Moscow- or Sao Paulo- doesn’t stay there.

Chicago has lost 25% of its population since it’s peak; Buffalo 53%, Cleveland 57%, Detroit 61%, St Louis 63%.

What are left behind are the people least likely to able to defend themselves from the scourge of gangs and drugs and unilateral disarmament of the lawful citizenry. These people become dependent upon those powerful criminal gangs as the urban failures multiply and economies spin out of control.

“Poorer Americans, including, and especially black people,” writes Professor Carl Schramm, who teaches about failed cities at Syracuse, “have had to deal with the problem of chronic unemployment and retreat entirely from the labor force. How is it that advocates for the poor don’t really seem to understand that when our economy doesn’t grow there is no possible way that poverty will ever be reduced? Perhaps it’s because the poor are now permanently attended to by the profession of community advocates.”

Perhaps it’s because the intellectual elite in this country, who are community advocates and organizers, are blind to what is really happening in the worst of cities in the U.S., or they don’t really care as long as they can garner support while extorting a hefty paycheck from their sympathizers.

The intellectual elite, you see, wants us to believe that suburbia is dying and cities are thriving. And they are doing their best to see that that is exactly what happens.

“The suburbs were a great idea that worked really well for a long time,” author on suburban exodus, Leigh Gallagher, told the liberal flagship, the Washington Post, “but they overshot their mandate. We supersized everything in a way that led many people to live far away from where they needed to be and far away from their neighbors, and that has far-reaching implications, no pun intended. People have turned away from that kind of living.”

Well, if anyone knows anything about over shooting mandates, it’s a liberal.

What about kids?

They’re not important says Gallagher, by implication.

“But a lot of people think [Millennials are] not going to want cul-de-sac suburbia. They grew up in the back seats of cars, they know what it’s like to have to drive everywhere. They might not mind the suburbs, but they’re going to want the sort of suburb where you can walk to a cute diner.”

Intellectuals think that parents care more about what kind of wine graces the table at your local restaurant, than what kind of environment your kids grow up in.

As a parent, I can tell you, however, cute diners seem really important until one day a Krokidil eats your kids.

[Byline John Ransom]

12 October 2013
Townhall (Edited)


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Over time, some of the distributors and dealers for this drug may have been arrested and incarcerated. However it is now likely that their sentences have been commuted or pardoned by America’s first hyphened, mixed-pigmented, criminal president, released because of the shade of their pigmentation, rather than the felony crime(s) they committed.  More than likely they are now either dead, or back in jail, or in the business of marketing their illicit pharmaceuticals again while serving on their political masters plantations.

Political architecture: Enemies within and Fifth Columnist aside …

In Speech to the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns: ‘Do You Understand That?’

At the end of Trump’s speech to a room filled with 400 employees of the CIA, Trump said, rather cryptically, that maybe he’d build them a bigger room ‘by someone who knows how to build and we won’t have columns, do you understand that?’

Here is the full speech.

(As reported by the forth estate’s propaganda, it’s obvious that the speech ruffled the feathers of those that understood it.)

For those of you who are f*ing retards and haven’t the slightest clue what that could mean, I suggest you read up on the fifth column theories — which are essentially the existence of a shadow government.

A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.

Indeed. A new room, built by a capable architect, without columns, sounds awfully good to me.

Content originally generated at

The Real Fly’s blog

21 January 2017
Zero Hedge


Yes, There Is A Muslim Fifth Column. It is a military tactic and it’s goal is clearly to undermine the government from within ,and through collaboration with the forth estate’s propaganda. Should we be astounded?

The Recycled Ameriphobic Spin Cycle – follow the meme and the money

Meanwhile, as a Brave New World dawns and the media continues embarrassing itself…

There is an old saying, “America Love It or Leave It.” Ameriphobes threaten to leave it all the time, but it never happens, Why? What nation do they wish to be First and why haven’t they immigrated? Thought so.

Here is the Inaugural Address (verbatim). What is it that the media supposes to be so offensive to the American audience?  Seriously. Read it and then decide for yourself.

What is it the opposition’s liberal identity-sycophants have, along with their trademark vitriol and infectious recycled spin cycle, and their selfserving bias of how they think everyone else should see the recent positive rhetoric Americans are now not only hearing, but also beginning to experience? Sadly but not surprisingly, one of these dejected minion versions goes something like this:

Maddow: Trump’s Speech ‘Militant,’ ‘Dark,’ ‘America First Has ‘Dark Echoes’ of Anti-Semitism and Nazism

ABC News’ Terry Moran: Trump Inauguration Speech Had ‘Anti-Semitic Overtones’

Matthews: Trump’s Speech What Putin Has Been Saying, ‘America First’ Has ‘Hitlerian Background’

Ashley Judd at DC March: ‘Hitler in these streets, new gas chambers’

Ironically, secure behind his fortified enclave the Pope warns against populism and ‘saviours’ like Hitler

Notice the almost identical narrative?

Finally, proving that character is no longer important to some, and social psychosis is a contagious liberal disease; The media’s bias and hate speech continues to stir the caldron of a volatile witches brew.

Here is the meme the anti-American, patriotphobic Trump opposition continues to propagate: That his acceptance speech personifies him as “Hitler” or a “Nazi.” See Godwin’s Law.

So, what is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Ameriphobic CAIR-DNC sponsorship of the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant. Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington. At the least this should not be a coincidence, what better way to further the exploitation of women than have them dress up as sock puppets?

Also, it should hardly be any surprise that such transference might occur, especially since it is well documented that Soros says he feels no remorse for his youthful collaborating with the Nazis during WWII.  No ‘Anti-Semitic Overtones’ there.  So, without being intellectually dishonest, take a moment to think about this, who is really being hoodwinked?

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

It should be obvious, the fourth estate has now become a fifth column.

7.9M Seismic Event Near Panguna, Bougainville Island, P.N.G.

The 7.9 M earthquake event occurred on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, near the  Panguna, Solomon Islands Region (population 130,000).

Event Map M 7.9 - 41km WNW of near Panguna, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

Event Map: M 7.9 – 41km WNW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea, on 2017-01-22 at 04:30:23 UTC. This is a product of the GEOFON Extended Virtual Network (GEVN) and credit belongs to all involved institutions.

M 7.9 – 41km WNW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Time: 2017-01-22 04:30:23 UTC
Location: 6°12’50.4″S 155°07’19.2″E
Depth:  136.00 km (84.51 mi) – very deep

7.9 M earthquake event near Panguna, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

USGS ShakeMap

Additional information about this event

Epicenter location in Google Maps

Recent Earthquakes Near Panguna, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

IRIS – mww7.9 Solomon Islands

IRIS Interactive Earthquake Browser

Tsunami Information Statement Issued



643 km NW of Honiara, Solomon Islands / pop: 56,300 / local time: 15:30:23.8 2017-01-22
375 km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,300 / local time: 14:30:23.8 2017-01-22
44 km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 3,000 / local time: 14:30:23.8 2017-01-22

Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response (humanitarian impact)

142,212 people within 100km

USGS PAGER estimates

Previous Large Regional Event


7.1M Earthquake Strikes Near Panguna, Bougainville Region, Papua New Guinea

Event Time: 2014-04-11 07:07:21 UTC
Location: 6°37’29.6″S 155°03’50.0″E
Magnitude: 7.1
Depth: 50.0km (31.1mi) Deep


More Information:

GeoForschungsZentrum (GEOFON) Potsdam, Germany
Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika Djakarta, Indonesia
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center  Hawaii, USA

Refreshing Independence – Constitutional Republic

“The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to.

Let the national government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and its foreign and federal relations; the State governments with the civil rights, law, police, and administration of what concerns the State generally; the counties with the local concerns of the counties, and each ward direct the interests within itself.

It is by dividing and subdividing these republics from the great national one down through all its subordinations, until it ends in the administration of every man’s farm by himself; by placing under every one what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best.

What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Boko haram celebrates America’s upcoming Black History Month …

Black Lives Matter

STOP Jihadist Genocides!

Boko haram Jihadist Genocides. Image: STOP Jihadist Genocides!

However, multitudes are being murdered in Nigeria, Sudan and Indonesia by Jihadist Terrorist gangs, but they get almost no news coverage, help or protection! Why not?

And America is a ‘bad’ place?  Get real.

Are these reparations you were hoping for? Welcome to the nightmares of your fatherland.

Warning Graphic Censored black history. Presently not available for segregated safe spaces and common-core viewing.

Seismic Swarms and Mysteries

Of Ghost Towns and Explosions

In these cold winter days, the ghost town of Bodie is even ghostlier than usual. Located east of the Sierra Nevada north of Mono Lake, the hamlet became a boomtown in the 1880’s after a prospector named Waterman Body discovered gold in the barren hills of this remote area. During the middle of last night it got even spookier amongst the uninhabited, windswept buildings. Within one hour the town and its surroundings were rattled by three earthquakes with similar magnitudes of around 5.7. Their epicenters lay about ten miles northeast of Bodie just across the Nevada border. These significant shakers did not cause any damage in the ghost town, but were felt over thousands of square miles from Chico in the north all the way to Fresno and Visalia in the south. Because a quick glance at the map of active earthquake faults does not reveal anything in this area, speculations about the cause of these good size temblors and their dozens of aftershocks immediately popped-up in social media.

There is reason to speculate indeed. After all, the epicenters are very close to the Aurora Volcanic Field. The Aurora Crater, less than a mile away, is an impressive one mile wide crater completely surrounded by lava flows. The lava’s of the Mud Springs volcano, located slightly to the east of the epicenter, flowed for more than four miles, leaving behind a crusted, barren landscape. Could it be that the latest earthquakes are associated with a reawakening of the Aurora Volcanics? Well, anything is possible within the interior of the Earth, but the last eruption in this field was about two million years ago and no signs of any magmatic activity have been observed recently.

And then there is the area to the northeast of the epicenter. Just south of Walker Lake, the US Army operates the largest ammunition depot in the world. An area of 230 square miles is dotted with almost 2,500 bunkers in which millions of pounds of conventional explosives are stored: from rifle bullets to mortars, artillery shells and much more. Even though the depot has been spared any major accidental explosion since it was established in 1930, there is enough fire power stored in the area to blow up all of Nevada several times over. Depending on the circumstances, obsolete ammunition is detonated in a controlled fashion several times a week. This detonation hot spot is marked on aeronautical charts as restricted area R-4811, helping pilots to avoid getting caught in the blasts. Could the earthquakes have actually been accidents on the Army Depot? Even though there is some secrecy involving the depot, news of such major explosions would have been leaked by now.

Seismic Events near the Aurora Volcanic Field

Seismic Events near the Aurora Volcanic Field. Image: Berkeley Seismology Lab

So, what caused the quakes then? The epicentral area is part of what is geologically known as the Basin and Range Province. This area, which stretches from the east of the Sierra Nevada all the way to Utah, is a zone where the Earth’s crust is expanding. It is characterized by a sequence of long, deep valleys – the basins – and running parallel between them high mountain crests – the ranges. The crustal expansion is accompanied by a large number of earthquakes. During the five year period between 2010 and 2015 alone, the Nevada Seismological Lab at the University of Nevada in Reno registered more than 18,000 quakes of magnitude 1 and greater. Most of these events come in swarms and short sequences.

Seismogram of Hawthorn EQ Swarm recorded at the seismic station HELL

The three earthquakes of similar size (magnitude around 5.7), which shook Hawthorne Nevada last night, as recorded by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory seismic station HELL in the Sierra Nevada near Kings Canyon National Park. Image: Berkeley Seismology Lab

One of these swarms shook the area southwest of Hawthorne in the spring of 2011. At least nine of the more than 5,000 temblors recorded during that time had magnitudes of four and above. These quakes were located in the same epicentral area as the one which shook Bodie and its environs last night. All indications are that the latest quakes are a new manifestation of the tectonic movement within the Basin and Range province. The earthquake sequence more than five years ago lasted about two months. At the end of April 2011 the Earth near Hawthorne quieted down again. Hence it is very likely that Bodie and the ammo bunkers will be shaken for a few more weeks, before every thing calms down again – except for the occasional detonations of obsolete Army ordinances.

28 December 2016
Berkeley Seismology Lab – Seismo Blog

Related Background

Quake Swarm Along Nevada California Border – 2016/12/29

Location: 38°19’12.0″N 118°52’48.0″W

Bodie-Aurora field

Bodie-Aurora volcanic field. Location of quake swarm. Screenshot form Google using USGS overlay and my modified Smithsonian GVP database. Image: Volcano Science And News Blog


Bodie Canyon Road closed after Hawthorne-area quakes – 2016/12/29

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – More than 50 earthquakes have hit central Nevada near Hawthorne since 12:18 Wednesday morning, according to the US Geological Survey.

The Nevada Seismological Laboratory also reports several quakes continued to shake near Hawthorne early the morning of December 28, 2016.

According to the seismology lab, three magnitude 5.5 to 5.7 earthquakes struck about 18 miles southwest of Hawthorne just after midnight. Reports so far indicate minimal damage because of the remote nature of the earthquake sequence, but there are reports of things falling of shelves of homes and businesses. Mineral County resident David Ziegler shared photos of what he says is quake damage at the historic 9-Mile Ranch; those photos are attached here.

The Mineral County side of Bodie Canyon Road is closed because of boulders in the road as a result of the quakes.

Per Nevada Department of Transportation protocol following any 5.0-plus quakes, area bridges have been inspected with no findings of damage.

Strong shaking was reported in Hawthorne and Bridgeport, California, and the earthquake was felt as far away as San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas and throughout California’s Central Valley.

Read more …



The 2008 Mogul earthquake swarm shook the area (39°32’31.9″N 119°58’09.1″W) for months. Notable quakes ranged from a 3.6 to a 4.7. Mogul-Somersett Earthquake Sequence; West Reno, Nevada – Nevada Seismological Laboratory

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Additional Information

Nevada Regional Seismicity in the last 14 days – Nevada Seismological Laboratory
Recent Earthquakes in Nevada and Eastern California – USGS
View Recent Earthquakes List  – PNSN
Earthquake Track
Nevada Seismological Laboratory