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Multiple 6 + Magnitude Seismic Events near Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Recent Earthquakes Near Vancouver Island, Canada

Seismic EventsVancouver Island, Canada Region

The Cascadia subduction zone

The Cascadia Subduction Zone

This seismic series occurred at the Sovanco Fracture Zone near the area of The Cascadia Subduction Zone adjacent to Vancouver Island, Canada, Province of British Columbia (population 3,415,527). The maximum altitude nearby is ~1828m .

6.6M earthquake near Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Mw 6.6 Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Epicenter- Regional View

M 6.6 – VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION – 2018-10-22 05:39:40 UTC.  Epicenter- Regional View.  References for tectonic plate boundaries: Coffin, M.F., Gahagan, L.M., and Lawver, L.A., 1998, Present-day Plate Boundary Digital Data Compilation. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 174, pp. 5.

M 6.6 – 218km SW of Port Hardy, Canada

M 6.6 in Canada on 22 Oct 2018 05:39 UTC

Event Map: 6.5 (Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Event Map: 6.6(Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region, 129.77°W 49.04°N, on 2018-10-22 05:39:40.8 UTC. This is a product of the GEOFON Extended Virtual Network (GEVN) and credit belongs to all involved institutions.

470 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 22:39:40.1 2018-10-21
466 km W of Port Angeles, United States / pop: 19,100 / local time: 22:39:40.1 2018-10-21
268 km W of Tofino, Canada / pop: 1,700 / local time: 22:39:40.1 2018-10-21

6.8M earthquake near Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Mw 6.8 Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Epicenter- Regional View.

M 6.8 – VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION – 2018-10-22 06:16:28 UTC. Epicenter- Regional View. References for tectonic plate boundaries: Coffin, M.F., Gahagan, L.M., and Lawver, L.A., 1998, Present-day Plate Boundary Digital Data Compilation. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 174, pp. 5.

M 6.8 – 197km SW of Port Hardy, Canada

M 6.8 in Canada on 22 Oct 2018 06:16 UTC

Event Map: 6.8 (Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Event Map: 6.8 (Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region, 129.47°W 49.24°N. on 2018-10-22 06:16:28 UTC. This is a product of the GEOFON Extended Virtual Network (GEVN) and credit belongs to all involved institutions.

Additional information about this event

449 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 23:16:28.7 2018-10-21
247 km W of Tofino, Canada / pop: 1,700 / local time: 23:16:28.7 2018-10-21

6.5M earthquake near Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Mw 6.5 Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Epicenter- Regional View

M 6.5 – VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION – 2018-10-22 06:22:47 UTC. Epicenter- Regional View. References for tectonic plate boundaries: Coffin, M.F., Gahagan, L.M., and Lawver, L.A., 1998, Present-day Plate Boundary Digital Data Compilation. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 174, pp. 5.

M 6.5 – 223km SW of Port Hardy, Canada

M 6.5 in Canada on 22 Oct 2018 06:22 UTC

Event Map: 6.5 (Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region

Event Map: 6.5 (Mw) Vancouver Island, Canada Region, 130.02°W  49.12°N. on 2018-10-22 06:22:48 UTC. This is a product of the GEOFON Extended Virtual Network (GEVN) and credit belongs to all involved institutions.

485 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 23:22:47.9 2018-10-21
283 km W of Tofino, Canada / pop: 1,700 / local time: 23:22:47.9 2018-10-21

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Biological Epidemic Hazard – Malaria Outbreak: Venezuela (Public Health Crisis, Nationalized medical infrastructure breakdown)

Published Date: 2018-10-20 12:49:00
Subject: PRO/EDR> Malaria – Venezuela: national epidemic
Archive Number: 20181020.6101954

Date: Tue 16 Oct 2018
Source: Caraota Digital [in Spanish, trans., edited]

The president of the Medical Federation of Venezuela, Douglas Leon Natera, reported Monday [15 Oct 2018] on the significant increase in cases of malaria in the country during 2018, due to the increase in medication shortages and lack of supplies. “More than 650 000 cases of malaria have been reported [nationally as of 15 Oct 2018, which is compounded by] the fact that national hospitals have received only 6% of their needed supplies to be operational,” he said in a press release.

He also warned that “alarms are also activated” for an imminent epidemic of hepatitis and measles, a situation that occurs while most medical centers in the country continue to demand decent salaries and respect for the salary tables established in their collective contracts. “We have already completed 3 months of the professional strike, and the salary tables announced by the government so far have not been met; only doctors with more than 30 years of service are receiving 200 more bolivars [USD 20] in their monthly salary,” he complained.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Venezuela is the country that has reported the highest increase in malaria cases in the world, according to the EFE News Agency. Officially in 2016, there were 245 000 cases and one death, whereas WHO estimated that the number of infected individuals approached at least 300 000 with 280 deaths.

However, for 2017, the WHO indicated that at least 406 000 cases were reported, a figure that is difficult to verify given that the epidemiological system of the country is precarious, but accounts for the significant increase, which is not expected to decline in 2018.

[Byline: Luis Alfredo Ledezma]

Communicated by:

[Venezuela has experienced a huge increase in malaria cases since 2012, probably starting in Bolivar state. Lack of drugs for treatment and insufficient funding for the national control programme are the main reasons. – Mod.EP

HealthMap/ProMED map:

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Malaria – Venezuela (03): national epidemic 20161217.4703706
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Malaria – Venezuela (03) 20151105.3768336
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Malaria – Venezuela: (ZU) ex Colombia (LG) 20110824.2573
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Malaria – Venezuela: (AM), Yanomami 20101105.4013
Malaria – Venezuela (02): (BO) 20101022.3839
Malaria – Venezuela: (BO) 20100606.1882

A ProMED-mail post
ProMED-mail is a program of the International Society for Infectious Diseases


Warning – Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel: CDC warns against non-essential travel to Venezuela: Outbreaks, breakdown of the medical infrastructure

Adequate health care is currently not available through the public health system in Venezuela.

infectious diseases increasing, and several large outbreaks are occurring:

During the past year, over 1,000 confirmed cases of measles, including more 50 deaths, have been reported in 9 states.

In the past 2 years, over 1,600 suspected cases of diphtheria, including over 140 deaths, have been reported in 22 states.

In 2017, over 400,000 cases of malaria were reported.

Additionally, there are shortages of food, water, electricity, medicine, and medical supplies. This situation has contributed to an increasing humanitarian crisis affecting much of the country.

For these reasons, the US government has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens. Refer to The Department of State Travel Advisory for Venezuela for more information.

Latest Travel Alerts
Venezuela – Level 3: Reconsider Travel
Reconsider travel to Venezuela due to crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens. Some areas have increased risk. via U.S. Citizen Services

Short-term Memories, Sudden Mass Migrations and An Invasion Circus … History repeats itself … with another “October Surprise”

Setting a precedent: U.S. Constitution Article IV, Section 4.

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies...

Weaponized migration – Adverse possession: “the occupation of land to which another person has title with the intention of possessing it as one’s own.”

See:  The Texas Ordinance of Secession (February 2, 1861)

Just a reminder: Many U.S. Citizens seem to be unaware that States can enter into war if invaded. US Constitution, Article I, Section 10, Paragraph 3.

Invasion Hazard

A convoy of third-world barbarians are before the gate, law breakers who violently ignore both our laws and our sovereignty.

The Fabian Socialistas’ psychological approach is always best when used in combination with “children”.  Ah, the innocents – the poor children, always the victims under the disguise of illegal asylum-seeking migration.

Here we go again…

Its time people began to see the very real horrors and consequences of burying our collective heads in the sand, we think it will simply go away or that it will not come on us, that it wont come here, but it is coming,

Too many want to sit and see no pain, but if enough don’t wake up soon on their own, they’ll be jolted awake when it arrives on their doorstep and with none to help. – Ayn Rand

No word at present if this new group of special interest aliens will also be provided false identities, driver’s licenses, passports, voting rights, lollipops and welfare checks …

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand



Listen–Pat Buchanan: Migrant Caravan Is Trump’s Chance to Stop ‘Third World Invasion of the West’
Currently, the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants every year, with more than 70 percent coming to the country through the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens are allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

The mass illegal and legal importation of mostly low-skilled foreign workers is a boon to big business and Wall Street, but results in decades of poor job growth, stagnant wages, and increased public costs for working and middle-class Americans.


RGV Texas Border Patrol Chief Begs For Help Before Caravan Hits as Over 12,000 Illegals Caught in Last Three Weeks in Rio Grande Valley; 700 Caught Saturday
Thousands of illegal aliens are swarming the Texas border this month in advance of the migrant caravan marching through Mexico, prompting Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr., the Customs and Border Patrol Sector Chief of the Rio Grande Valley, to beg for help dealing with the onslaught of illegal aliens, gang members and drug cartel smugglers. Just on Saturday over 700 illegal aliens were caught, with over 12,000 caught in the past three weeks. In addition, safe houses have been busted and drug smugglers intercepted by the overstretched CBP in the Rio Grande Valley.


Growing Invasion Force Overwhelms Mexican Authorities – Approximately 10,000 Now Traveling through Mexico to U.S. Southern Border….
The heavily financed horde of Central American migrants has overwhelmed the token resistance from Mexican military and advanced north toward the Southern U.S. border.  As described by the Associated Press today: “growing army of migrants resumes march toward US.”  This is a well financed, well organized, left-wing political operation strategically timed to reach the U.S. border and coincide with the 2018 mid-term election.


Caravan migrant army attacks Mexican cops, provisions itself robbing Mexican markets
The reality is, people who leave their homes often have very good reasons for leaving and those reasons are not always pretty ones. Criminals often are the first people to leave home for a fresh start, and they’re actually a vanguard of sorts in mass migrations.


Why caravan migrants wave Honduran flags and burn tires in front of U.S. embassy
Waving the flag of the country they’re desperate not to be sent back to, and burning tires in front of the Tegucigalpa-located embassy of the nation they’re supposedly desperate to live in, the Honduras caravan migrants, their organizers and their supporters don’t exactly come off as big fans of the United States.


The Real Future of a Post Migrant America
The Future of Post Migrant America

A Post Migrant Future – Where the third-world world goes, a societal collapse will follow.

Remember this?

DOJ Report: Nearly Half of Fed Crimes Near Mexican Border

Sheila Jackson Lee (believes): The Border Children Need Lollipops, Not Deportation 

Border Patrol Agent: New (Convoy of) Illegals Will Depend on Welfare

Minnesota Governor to Constituents: If You Don’t Like Massive Importation of Somalis, Then Leave the State

US (Taxpayers) spending $252 a day per child to care for young illegal immigrants, fourth military base now housing site

In 2014, it cost working Americans $252/day X  52, 193 unaccompanied aliens = $ 13,152,636/day estimate. $92,068,452/week estimate, $368,273,808/mo. estimate. and more are on the way.

That is $ 1, 764/wk/person.or $ 7,056/mo/person. How much is your pay check?

The Hijrah Into Europe :  where “Refugees” colonize a continent.

“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite” (”Every nation gets the government it deserves”) —Joseph de Maistre, 1857

Rather than improving their lot in their native homelands, the recent convoy of marching marauding morons, useful fools and idiots, are mindlessly begging for it, even though they’ll be least likely to survive it.

Here’s the bottom line and reality of the situation that must be clearly understood… The will to stop any invasion and expel an enemy horde, requires deadly force if needed… And so, History again may repeat itself.

Consider this scenario:

As the invasion force gets closer to the United States, social democrats and Marxist provocateurs and subversive agents from the USA and other nations will join forces with this ideocratic ‘open borders’ caravan. They will be there to support the chaos, instigate anarchy and as usual, make the group seem larger. Their extremist goal is classical and meant to cause trouble and to push the mob into a confrontation and possible clash at the US international border, while hoping to overwhelm the border police and any protective wall. If the border police are forced to use deadly force against the riotous and destructive foreign invasive crowd, the cameras and leftist media will certainly be embedded there to propagandize and record the events according to their own skewed reporting and political bias. Whatever the Border Control’s plan, and the eventual outcome, this is ultimately becoming an asymmetric warfare scenario that will likely be dealt with accordingly.

For obvious reasons, Asymmetric warfare does not merely pose military challenges but can also threaten to erode the core values of a ‘liberal’ infused democracy, as that type of government seeks only limited protection of its citizens against any real form of terrorist attack. This says noting of how an actual Republic will respond or must handle escalating levels of subversion and insurrection in order to protect its citizens and its infrastructure against not only ideological terrorism, but actual physical destruction, and attack.

Perhaps might be prudent to educate oneself and study books about how Rome and other over-reaching cultures and civilizations failed, rather than depending on a liberal public education system that chooses to revise and alter the facts of history and teach them as being otherwise inert.

Something else to consider:

Honduras Trade, Exports and Imports

(from 2009): “The country’s current account balance has declined from -$1.977 billion in 2008 to -$247 billion in 2009 due to the global financial crisis and the consequent decline in trade… The increase in the country’s current account deficit for 2008 is attributable to a sharp increase in global oil prices.”

The World Bank In Guatemala

Overpopulation:  “The World Bank study Poverty Assessment in Guatemala reported that the country reduced its poverty rate from 56 percent to 51 percent between 2000 and 2006. However, official figures indicate that poverty rose to 59.3 percent in 2014. Of all people living in poverty in the country, 52 percent are indigenous…”

With an economy supported by Emigration:

“….World Bank acknowledged that Guatemala maintains one of the best economic performances in Latin America, achieving rates of growth above 3% since 2012 and around 4% in 2015, thanks to prudent macroeconomic management…Economists are in agreement that this stability has in large part been brought about by revenues generated by family members – the direct result of CONSTANT EMIGRATION (emphasis added) …

…The Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) made it known that transfers of money from abroad were in excess of 6.28 billion US dollars at the close of 2015 representing an increase of 13.4 percentage points over 2014 (5.54 billion US dollars).
As a result of this and other factors, Guatemala continues to be the largest economy in Central America…

Guatemala: the paradox of inequality, the cruelty of poverty

Because of lack of Social Progress:

“The World Bank insists that higher economic growth might encourage plans to reduce poverty though it admits that policies in favour of the poor would only produce marginal improvements due to the sizeable and accumulated effects of a lack of social progress. However, the document does point out that if Guatemala grows at 5% annually over the next years and this growth does not come at the expense of the poor the impact on poverty and equality will be significant.
And it adds that with this, levels of poverty will be reduced by one additional percentage point at the end of 2016…”

And so we get, an organized army of mostly ignorant people having no marketable skills other than subsistence farming, which in America has long gone mechanized and automated, or carpentry and craft skills too primitive for Municipal Codes, and no concept of American work ethic and 9-5/365. Most only speak regional dialects, not Spanish. And women with babies with no language skills aren’t going to be working any time soon, or at all without job training and even then at no more than minimum wage subsistence levels. 60% have no basic education because their government doesn’t have a tax base large enough to support the expense. Between American Foreign Aid, investments in manufacturing, and Emigrant Remittances, they may be the largest economy in central America, but there is no country without the US, so they might as well stay in place.

But then again, perhaps this is exactly why they are considered a convoy and mob of useful idiots.

How many uninvited “guest” live in your house?

“Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European.   This is what dictators in the past always wanted, the Hitlers and Stalins.  The collectivity of European elites is doing the same evil as that done by the individuals in the past.” Former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus.

Hungarian border fence

Attention Nancy Pelosi !!! This Hungarian border fence exists in another country. Just sayin’

Now it is happening to the increasingly no so “United” States.

Caravan Puts Trump Legacy on the Line

Original article by Patrick J. Buchanan

Our mainstream media remain consumed with the grisly killing of Washington Post columnist (and Muslim Brotherhood agent) Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and how President Donald Trump will deal with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (even though it was outside of U.S. jurisdiction).

The right-wing Alternative for Deutchland saw its support rise to 10 percent and has become a force in German politics. Some conservatives are urging the CDU to adopt the AfD hardline on illegal immigration.

The message sent by the Bavarian electorate is the message voters across Europe have been sending to their own capitals for years: You are failing in your first duty — defense of the homeland from foreign invasion. Mass migration of unassimilable peoples and cultures from a global South represents an existential threat to our Europe.

As Merkel’s chancellorship approaches its end, French President Emmanuel Macron, her progressive EU partner, has seen his approval fall to below 30 percent.

The U.S.-led NATO alliance may guard the Baltic and Black Sea regions against a Russian invasion from the east. But in Central, Southern and Western Europe, the more feared invaders are the peoples of Africa and the Muslim world, whose numbers are expected to triple or quadruple by this century’s end.

And as their numbers grow, so, too, does their desperation to escape, even at risk of their lives, the poverty, wars and repression of their homelands to cross the Med and fill the empty spaces left by a depopulating Europe.

It also now appears that the U.S. elections, not three weeks away, may be affected by another immigration crisis on the U.S. border.

As of Thursday, a(n) (organized) caravan of 4,000 refugees without visas had crossed from Honduras into Guatemala (while waving their country’s flags and banners) and was heading toward Mexico. By Election Day, it will either have been stopped, (dead) or it will be here. And this caravan is a portent of things to come.

According to The Washington Post, during FY 2018, which ended last month, 107,212 members of (unassimilable illegal) “family units” crossed over into the U.S., “obliterating the previous record of 77,857 set in 2016.”

Citing DHS figures, the Post adds, “Border patrol agents arrested 16,658 (illegal) family members in September alone, the highest one-month total on record and an 80 percent increase from July.”

When Trump, under intense political fire, ended his “zero tolerance” policy of separating refugees from their children, this message went out to Mexico and Central America:

Bring your kids with you when you cross the border. They will have to stay with you, and they cannot be held for more than 20 days. Thus, when they are released, you will be released to await a hearing on your claim of asylum. The odds are excellent that you can vanish into the U.S. population and never be sent back.

Enraged, Trump has threatened to cut off aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala if they do not stop the caravans and has warned Mexico he will use the U.S. military to secure our border.

Unwanted mass migration is the issue of our time, as there is no foreseeable end to it before it alters America irremediably.

As these migrants are almost all poor, not highly skilled, and do not speak English, most will join that segment of our (parasitic) population that pays no income taxes but qualifies for social welfare benefits like food stamps, medical care and free education in our public schools (all while draining the income of tax paying American citizens).

They are thus a net drain upon the resources of a nation that is already, at full employment, running a deficit of $779 billion a year.

These migrants, however, are a (clear and) present (existential threat to the Nation) and (perceived) future benefit to the Democratic (Socialist) Party that built and maintains our mammoth welfare state, and which, in presidential elections, routinely wins 70 to 90 percent of the votes of people whose trace their ancestry to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Not without reason, (the Socialist) Democrats believe that if they can change the composition of the American electorate, they can (not only destroy, but) control America forever.

If Donald Trump was elected on any one issue, it was immigration and his promises to secure the border, build the wall and halt the invasion.

How he deals with the impending crisis of the migrant caravan may affect both the fate of his party in November and his presidency in 2020 (not to mention the Nation at large).

Patrick J. Buchanan (edited)

18 October 2018


Trump Administration May Require Immigrants to Be Able to Support Themselves Financially

The parallels between the immigration debate in the USA and in Europe is striking, as are the politics that define this debate. It is worth looking a bit deeper to understand why the Left is trying to destroy Western life through mass uncontrolled immigration (AKA the ‘Open Border Movement’).


ICE has identified the 20 jurisdictions with the most rejected detainers. The vast majority are in California.

Up to 34 MILLION blank ‘green cards’ and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant ‘amnesty’

Obama DOJ Ordered 500,000 Fugitives Deleted From Background Check Database

Obama is using a Cloward-Piven scheme to collapse immigration system with thousands of children

This is now:

Why do California babies have syphilis in numbers rivaling those of poor nations?

View the interactive sanctuary cities map. (may also be designated as travel risks and no-go zones).

More are coming to demand welfare benefits.
More are coming to be obnoxiously offended with the American lifestyle.
More are coming to commit crimes including rape and mass murder.
More are coming to recreate their Third World environment.
More are coming to undermine and destroy the Nation.

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Cloward-Piven at the border

Sanctuary Cities: What are they? 

Feminicide, When Things Get Real…

Guerrero: 200 Women Assassinated; 160 in Acapulco Alone

(Yes, these things are far more serious than an alleged adolescent feel up.)

Around 200 women have been killed in this 2018 in Guerrero, according to figures from representatives of feminist organizations, of which Acapulco has more than 160 cases.

Although Acapulco, Guerrero, has been one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico for its beaches and nightlife, for women it has become an unsafe place according to the United Nations Organization for Women.

Acapulco will end the year as the most violent city for women in Mexico, as indicated by representatives of organizations and civil associations, despite the fact that the gender alert was declared in 2017 in municipalities of the state, through the National Commission for Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women (Conavim), in Acapulco, Chilpancingo, Zihuatanejo, Iguala, Coyuca de Catalán, Ometepec, Tlapa and Ayutla de los Libres.

Also, although Acapulco has been one of the best tourist destinations in the country, for women it has become an insecure place; On Thursday, female members of the Familias Unidas Civil Association said that it is evident that security strategies, crime prevention and feminicide investigation have failed in Guerrero, for which they demanded that the authorities guarantee peace and restore peace of mind to the citizens.

Of the 200 violent deaths of women in the state, 164 have occurred in Acapulco and 130 have characteristics of having been feminicide. This Monday, after a week gone missing, the young teacher Itzel was found dead in a field located in the La Bocana subdivision.

In addition to the above, this Thursday El Sol de Acapulco reported that in the last week, five women students from various academic units of the UAGro in Acapulco have been victims of attempted kidnapping by unknown men in areas of Avenida Universidad, Solidaridad and Ruiz Cortines, which caused several groups to suspend classes until further notice.

According to what was published by this newspaper, in December of last year, Guerrero was already the first state in Mexico for the number of homicides of women in 1987, 1998, 2006 and 2007 , according to the study “Feminicide Violence in Mexico” elaborated by UN-Women, the National Institute of Women and the National Citizen Observatory of Feminicide (OCNF), ranking second in the country in 2017.

Feminicide Violence in Mexico

Feminicide Violence in Mexico

During the first semester of this year, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Security System (SESNSP) of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), there were 145 murdered women in the state, which is higher than last year where there were 122.

In Acapulco there are now six feminicides and in Chilpancingo five, while in Taxco and Ometepec two were reported; municipalities such as Arcelia, Alpoyeca, Chilapa, Iguala, Ayutla, and in Costa Chica as San Luis Acatlán, Tlacoachistlahuaca and Tlachapa, as in Costa Grande as La Union, Coyuca de Benítez and Petatlán, there is at least one feminicide THIS WEEK.

The age range of the victims killed in this 2018 ranges from adolescents ranging from 16 to 18 years old and women up to 55 years old; in most cases they were violent deaths or intentional homicides.

Nine women already disappeared in Acapulco in October:

A woman was found dead on a plot of land located in the La Bocana neighborhood adjacent to Magallanes, between two Christian centers and one block from the University Avenue near the Costera in Acapulco.

Relatives confirmed that the victim was treated, the 34-year-old girl named Itzel “N” , disappeared a week ago, who had been last seen on University Avenue and according to the social media data, her van was found in a street next to Costera Avenue, in the Magellan district.

In a brief press release, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported that, after locating the body of a woman in said colony, a “feminicide protocol with a gender perspective” would be applied.

The finding was reported at two thirty in the afternoon of Monday, in La Nao Street of said division.

The area was cordoned off by the police agents, and the circulation was closed, while personnel of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the corresponding procedures.

Subsequently, the body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the corresponding legal procedures.

In the afternoon, minutes after finding the woman’s body, in a press release, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the victim’s location, and that they integrated the investigation file, 12030310201018091018, for the crime of homicide in “against who is responsible “.

So far in October of this year, there are now five missing women in the port, three of them teenagers; but according to the website of the State Attorney’s Office where photographs and data of missing persons are placed in 2018, it is indicated that 113 people are missing in Guerrero, of which 34 are women, and in Acapulco there are 30 missing persons, nine are women, that is, 33.9 percent of the total number of people in the state; without counting the previous nine mentioned.

[Byline Carlos Moreno A.]

Translated By Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol (edited)

Feudal Dynamics, Trade and Traditions – A family resemblance

How India favored the kshatriya feudalism to market-based economies of vaishyas

Our Kshatriya established feudalism is uneasy with all things associated with the market.

In Hindi, the word ‘bazaru’ is an insult. Translated as ‘of the market,’ it does not sound so bad. Translated as ‘peddler,’ it captures the derision of feudal society for the market.

Feudal societies are typically agrarian and land (kshetra) based and so controlled by land-owning gentry (kshatriya) often confused with warriors, a role that they initially performed before they realized they could outsource as landowners. The market (bazaar) was the domain of the manufacturing craftsmen, until the middlemen traders and money-lenders (vaishya, vanik) took their place, and pushed the goods-producing artisan lower in the social hierarchy, a notch above the service providers (shudras).

The discomfort with all things associated with the market can be seen in India when holy men warn people not to be bhogi (seek satisfaction of desires), when desire for goods and services and ideas is what creates the market, with the goods provided by the craftsmen, the service by the shudras, and the ideas by the brahmins. Rather than ask for fair wages (dakshina) one was encouraged to do service (seva) without expectations (nishkama).

This feudal tone is evident in the general disdain in India for servants (chakars) and slaves (dasa) shoved to the bottom of the caste pyramid. In popular religion, to provide God, or his middleman, the guru, free service is a sign of deep piety. The concubine, loyal to a single feudal patron, was granted more respect than the prostitute who auctioned her services but was a thorough professional, treating all paying customers equally.

Feudal land-based economies of kshatriyas value Lakshmi as Bhu-devi (tangible land) while market-based economies of vaishyas value Lakshmi as Shree-devi (intangible value). These two economies vie for power to dominate society. In art, the former is represented as a pot of grain, the latter by a pot of gold.

The battle between the Old World of Europe and the New World of America is a battle between kshatriyas and vaniks, with the kings of yore and their Church not supporting the newly emerging bands of industrialists, following the scientific revolution, who needed capital for their business. So they split from the old Church (Catholic), and created their own new church (Protestantism), that did not look down on money-lending, and moved from Europe to America to create a republic that supported free enterprise and did not care much for inherited entitlement. In the new world order created by Americans, professionalism matters more than loyalty, the fickle Shree-devi who needs to be attracted was preferred over Bhu-devi who has to be conquered and controlled.

In India, the feudal orders were legitimized by brahmins, who helped establish new villages especially in the south, and created systems for tax collection for God’s first servant, the king. The market forces were patronised by the monastic Buddhist and Jain orders, who looked down on violence that was integral to war and agricultural activities. Not surprisingly, holy Hindu texts such as Ramayana and Mahabharata refer more to kshatriyas and brahmins, while the Buddhist Jatakas refer more to merchants and traders

Of course things are not so simple. There were many kings who favored Buddhism and Jainism, and in South East Asia, it is Buddhism that prevailed over Brahminism. And many trading communities embraced Brahminism such as the Gujarati Vaishnavas and the Tamil Chettiars.

Overall however, India favored the kshatriya feudalism to market-based economies of vaishyas. Once a country of sea-faring merchants, we outsourced international trade to Arabs, and became inward looking, frogs in the well (kupa-manduka), valuing submission to authority (bhakti) rather than reveling in the quest for bhoga in the bazaar.

[By Devdutt Pattanai]

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14 October 2017

Reposted 17 October 2018

Kshatriya (Devanagari: क्षत्रिय; Gurmukhi: ਖੱਤਰੀ; from Sanskrit kṣatra, “rule, authority”) is one of the four varna (social orders) of the Hindu society. The Sanskrit term kṣatriyaḥ is used in the context of Vedic society wherein members were organized into four classes: kshatriya, brahmin, vaishya and shudra.[1] Traditionally, the kshatriya constituted the ruling and military class. Their role was to protect their interests by fighting in wartime and governing in peacetime. –From Wikipedia

Signs and Wonders or Natural Hazard? Ground Fault or Flaming Methane Discoveries in Cracks and Holes

Eruption of fire from cracks in earth causes panic in Kurnool

Fire erupted from cracks in the earth at Marrikunta Thanda, a hilly area in Owk mandal of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India on Saturday. October 13th.

Kurnool: Panic spread among people in Marrikunta Thanda, a hilly area in Owk mandal of Kurnool district on Saturday as fire errupted from crack that developed on earth.

Cracks in ground were seen up to a depth of about 200 metres and flames were seen spreading from the gaps.

An electric pole was melted due to heat generated in the earth. The news spread in the surrounding villages and people in large numbers flocked to witness the fire from earth at the hamlet.

Owk Tahsildar Sanjeevaiah, rushed to the spot and made inquiries. He later informed the matter to the officials of Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and  Mines and Geology department.

The officials of the departments arrived the spot and trying to find out the reasons for the fire from ground.

It is learnt that, in the past, the ONGC had conducted a survey at Marrikunta Thanda and confirmed the presence of gas reserves.

For the past some days, the district is registering abnormal temperatures.

Due to adverse climatic conditions, heat would have generated and fire might have broken out of earth, the officials felt.

Moreover, deforestation is also responsible for  abnormal temperatures in the district, according to the villagers. With the incident, the villagers of Marrikunta Thanda and Lakshmi Palli are in a grip of fear.

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13 October 2018

Reposted 17 October 2018 – Andhra Pradesh, India



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