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Geo-Space Environment | 2017-03-28

Big sunspot AR2644 has multiple dark cores as large as Earth and a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors latent energy for strong M-class explosions. So far the smaller sunspot, AR2645, is the more active of the two, producing C-flares at a 5x greater rate. 

Sunspot number: 49

Solar wind
speed: 711.5 km/sec
density: 9.2 protons/cm3
more data: ACE, DSCOVR
Updated: Today at 0844 UT

The Radio Sun
10.7 cm flux: 83 sfu
explanation | more data
Updated 28 Mar 2017

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: C3
0456 UT Mar28
24-hr: C3
0456 UT Mar28
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at: 0800 UT

Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 5 storm
24-hr max: Kp= 6
explanation | more data

Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal: 4.7 nT
Bz: -2.6 nT south
more data: ACE, DSCOVR
Updated: Today at 0844 UT

G2 Warning Extended

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 04:06 UTC

SWPC forecasters have extended the G2 Geomagnetic Storm Warning to 8:00 AM EDT tomorrow (28/1200 UTC) as coronal hole high speed stream effects continue to influence Earth.

The G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm warning has been extended to 27 March at 2100 UTC (5:00 pm ET) and the G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm warning has been extended to 28 March at 0300 UTC (27 March 11:00 pm ET) as coronal hole high speed stream effects continue.

G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storm Levels Observed

Monday, March 27, 2017 10:55 UTC

G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm levels were observed at 10:24 UTC on 27 March 2017 (06:24 AM ET) due to coronal hole high speed stream activity.

SWPC Forecasters have issued a G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm watch for 27 March and a G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm watch for 28 and 29 March due to the anticipated impact of a recurrent, negative-polarity coronal hole. This coronal hole feature produced G2 (Moderate) storm conditions during its last rotation and is expected to impact the Earth’s magnetosphere in a similar manner. Stay tuned for updates as we respond to these geomagnetic storm influences.

Nuclear/Environmental Event – (heavy water leak): Ongoing Problems at Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant, Gujarat, India

“Massive leak” at nuclear plant after reactors contract “small pox” — Stunning Discovery: Contagion has spread all over critical structures — Multiple large cracks found — Experts befuddled… Literally a plot similar to a movie thriller ~ Source:

Scientists baffled after Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant in Gujarat Contracts ‘small pox’

Ahmedabad: No power from Kakrapar plant for at least a year

There’s A Mysterious Leak In This Nuclear Reactor And Nobody Knows Why?

Country India
Coordinates 21°14’19.0″N 73°21’00.0″E
Status Out of service for 1 year[1]
Construction began 1984
Commission date 6 May 1993
Operator(s) Nuclear power Corporation of India Ltd
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PHWR
Power generation
Units operational 2 × 220 MW
Units under const. 2 × 700 MW
Nameplate capacity 440 MW
Annual gross output 3.72 Billion Unit (10.2 Million units per day)
Nuclear power Corporation of India Ltd

Previous Events

1998 KAPS-1 was switched off because of a leakage in the cooling loop for 66 days.

10 March 2004 the (at the time of) supply for the control rods were irreparably damaged during maintenance work. In response, poisons were added to the system and the reactor was shut off.

On 22 August 2006 it was reported by village inhabitants the area around the power station had been penetrated. A search by the police did not result in any findings.

On 11 March 2016, KAPS-1 automatically shut down due to a leak of heavy coolant water, leaving both reactors non-operational.[4] [5] The leak was plugged ten days later. As of February 2017 both reactors are still shut down, with KAPS-1 awaiting replacement of its coolant channel.[1]

From Wikipedia – Kakrapar Atomic Power Station

More of those things that make you say Hmm

The Refugee Act of 1980 does permit a state to withdraw from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, but here is the catch: Back in 1984 Congress passed an amendment to the act that was then completely abused by the bureaucrats in the federal government who did not want to stop sending refugees to those states. They came up with a program (created through regulations with no backing in the law) to pass the responsibility off to non-profit groups. […]

Read more at  No statutory authority underpinning refugee program in so-called Wilson-Fish states — Refugee Resettlement Watch

50 Shades of Magical Marxism, or is that the collapse of Utopian Democratic Socialism we hear?

Even escaping Cubanos agree

Hugo’s revolution is now a first-rate humanitarian crisis

There are two types of humanitarian crisis.

The first one is a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or bad hurricane.  Most countries generally survive these crises with decent leadership and some help from the outside.

The second type is what happens to a country that flirts with socialism, as we read recently in Forbes:

The economic horror in Venezuela continues to unfold – the Bolivarian socialists have achieved the entirely remarkable feat of making Cubans flee the country in search of a better life. Seriously,

Cubans, from a poverty stricken socialist dictatorship are now leaving an oil rich nation in search of a better life. It takes a serious level of economic mismanagement to achieve that. That serious level being exactly the one thing that Venezuela has lots of, of course.

So much so that Nicolas Maduro has just appealed to the United Nations to come and organise the supply of medicines for the country. This being something that normal places can manage on their own and usually rather well too.

The cause of all of this is that Maduro, and his predecessor Chavez, decided that the way to run an economy was to do everything that the textbooks say you shouldn’t do to an economy:

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has asked for help from the United Nations to boost supplies of medicine.

Mr Maduro said the UN had the expertise to normalise the supply and distribution of drugs in the country.

Venezuela’s Medical Federation said recently that hospitals had less than 5% of the medicines they needed.

The president blames the problems on an economic war against his government and the sharp fall in oil prices.

There is indeed an economic war going on here. And it’s one being waged by the Bolivarian socialists against the Venezuelan population. The tactic is simply to destroy the price system and thus the market. Given that non-market economies do not work this ensures the destruction of Venezuela’s economy.

What a mess.  You can read about it or exchange Facebook messages with someone living in Venezuela.  Of course, your friend in Venezuela will often go dark on you.  This is because the lights go out and come back on at random.

What a sorry state of affairs down in Venezuela.

[ Byline Silvio Canto, Jr.]

27 March 2017
American Thinker

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It’s America, so?

Get back, get back, Get back to where you once belonged. ~ Paul McCartney, John Lennon ~

Muslims Furious After What Americans Just Did to Them in Montana

[When are Muslims not furious about something?]

(Angry Patriot) – America is finally starting to fight back against the Muslim invasion, even if it is only one state at a time.

Montana is spearheading legislation to keep Sharia Law from being implemented within its borders, this time FOR GOOD. Senate Bill 97, which was proposed by Sen. Keith Regier, prohibits state courts from using foreign laws, just advanced in the House with a 56-44 vote. (via Billings Gazette).

It is truly astonishing how the Democrats have such little respect for our founding fathers, that they were able to muster up 44 votes to ensure the savage ideals of Sharia Law remaining an option for U.S judges to force on the American people.

The fact that even “moderate” Muslims view Sharia Law as being superior to our American common law system is not only disturbing, but also nightmarish. Liberals can’t even concede to the notion that foreign laws should not be used in the American court system, ever!

Democrats are still hanging on to the idea laws such as Senate Bill 97 are “anti-Muslim,” but that is far from the case. Sharia is beyond extreme — just ask any woman who has been disfigured “legally” by her spouse because she merely glanced at another man.

The fact is these migrants have no respect for our way of life, period. They are blatantly trying to turn America into an extension of the Middle East, and We the People will not allow that to happen.

Putting the Islamic religion aside for a second, how arrogant does one have to be to literally get “upset” that a country who accepts them with open arms will not just willingly accept them imposing THEIR ridiculous laws on our people?

As a self-proclaimed patriot and staunch supporter of the Constitution, I had to take a moment of solitude to reflect on the men and women who risk their lives every day to uphold the rights we as Americans often take for granted, and I will NOT let the left use the same old guilt-trip tactics to coerce my feelings and try to convince me Sharia Law is anything but barbaric, third world, utter nonsense.

You know your position is garbage when you are forced to use and exploit the whole “think about the children” argument — as Democrat Rep. Laurie Bishop so clearly demonstrated. “Let’s not forget the roots of this bill,” she said. “Let’s not forget that our children are watching.”

Yes, I agree, Ms. Bishop: our children ARE watching — and the last thing I want them to see is someone getting stoned to death in the local park because they decided to draw a cartoon which had a slight resemblance to Islam’s prophet.

A final vote on the new legislation will take place on Tuesday, and will then head to the governor’s desk for his signature or veto.

For the sake of judicial precedent and the preservation of American rights we have fought to uphold, let’s pray Governor Steve Bullock makes the right decision and that we can all view Montana as a leader in taking a stand on what is fundamentally right.

If the bill passes and it is signed into law, Montana will be setting the example every state in our republic needs to follow.

Angry Patriot
26 March 2017

For the moment. In America, Islamic Theocracy and foreign laws do not apply.

Just a reminder:

All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. ~ U.S. Constitution – Article 6

Omar Ahmad, the founder of the Council for American Islamic Relations, the Hamas-affiliated Muslim Brotherhood front group is quoted as saying that Islam is not just another religion in the USA but to be the dominant religion and the Quran the Constitution.

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It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. ~Sun Tzu

“Whoomp! (There it is)”….

New World Odor

New World Odor: Puppet Master Soros shown w/political puppet

Political traitor

The Smirk of Political Treachery. When the devil’s in the details

Defining RINO

Secrets of defining a RINO turncoat

Grand Collusion

Grand Collusion

Redefining treachery

Redefining treachery

Corrupt Politician Poster Boi

Brainwashed & Rinsed | America’s Corrupt Politician Poster Boi

“Whoomp! (There it is)”….

There are no coincidences.

How it works…

The daily source of news for many rational and common-sense Americans no longer comes from the US mainstream media sources. We are now living in a matrix where those in the media are political activists and strive at any cost to create a false reality to meet their leadership’s propaganda goals. ~ Alan Caruba

On June 16th 1858, Abraham Lincoln addresses the Illinois Republican Convention in Springfield, Illinois. He warns that the nation faces a crisis that could destroy the Union. Speaking to more than 1,000 delegates in an ominous tone, Lincoln paraphrased a passage from the New Testament: “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” He declared that only the Republic had the power to end slavery. While the Democratic states relied on an economy and lifestyle dependent upon the cheap labor provided by Citizen-slaves and immigrants, the Republic opposed this type of slavery on moral grounds. The Republican states also considered industrialization and manufacturing the key to America’s economic future, not farming and expanding the government plantation.

Lincoln wasn’t the only one able to recognize the destructive nature.

When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers ‘just men who will rule in the fear of God.’ The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty. If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for the selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.”   — Noah Webster

Divide and Conquer Strategy

Paraphrasing Lincoln — You initiated a policy to tolerate the Marxist-Alinsky radicals and let them rant; not only has it not ceased but was constantly augmented by decades of infiltration and indoctrination. Now you have two Americas. In my opinion, it will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed.  A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half statist and half free; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad,”  –George Orwell, 1984

“Mass delusion is an important tool of oppressors because they can’t survive free expression.”

Burning down the House.

Burning down the House. When white people riot, continents burn. Let’s hope we do not have to find out whether this is true…again.

Interesting Free Speech and Constitutional Stuff to consider:

They “believe in belief” — they themselves don’t always even believe, but want others to believe (or be put to death).

Related – ‘Social Justice’: Agree, or Get Punched!

Nothing is free: You will have to abandon the Establishment you belong to, the party you support and the cheap veneer of self-congratulatory fake-progressivism you project.

You will have to throw yourself on the gears of the strip mining, protecting-the-privileged autocratic war machine you have supported by your silence and your rationalizations.

“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus — and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you’re free the machine will be prevented from working at all!”  ~ excerpt from Mario Savio’s famous extemporaneous speech during Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement

Role reversal much?

Setting Precedence

Former “attorney general” of California, now Democratic Senator, Kamala Harris says she won’t be voting to confirm Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch because he bases his decisions on the law instead of feelings.


For an Officer of the Court to make such an absurd comment is a scandal. Don’t expect the propagandists to use their First Amendment Constitutional rights to accurately report it.

[Edited excerpt] See — Kamala Harris leaves no doubt that she has the stupidest reason for voting against Gorsuch nomination

What exactly is it about American capitalism that makes it able to precipitate Marxist cultural results with such dispatch? The truth is that such a transformation occurs not in the real world, but only in the minds of politicians with status insecurities that render them unfit to lead.

The truth is that assimilation and integrationism to true American values has become an perpetual failure. The minority coalition will settle for nothing less than victory and dominance. It promises nothing but disruption, division and conflict.

Not to lose hope, there is amongst the ‘Godless Marxist’ insanity daily bombarding and attempting to seduce Liberty as it ceaselessly tries to breach Freedom’s gate; many, having sound minds, which still believe, and have faith that…

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” – Winston Churchill