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Meat Space for the Caliphate: They’ve come undone…

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand

Warning: This video is extremely graphic

Watch These ISIS Suicide Bombers Fake Their Surrender, Then Blow Themselves To Bits [VIDEO]

Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in Syria. Source: YouTube screenshot

Two ISIS suicide bombers blow themselves up in Syria. Source: YouTube screenshot via

Two Islamic State suicide bombers faked a surrender at a Kurdish forces checkpoint in Syria before detonating themselves, and it was all caught on tape.

The video shows two men approaching the checkpoint in an apparent surrender near the city of Tabqa. They refused to raise their shirts for security purposes, forcing the Kurdish forces to fire on them shortly before they detonated their explosives.

The exact date of the encounter isn unclear, but the video’s description said it occurred “a few days before Tabqa was liberated” on May 12.

ISIS terrorists are well-known for their use of suicide bombers, though suicide attacks have become more frequent recently as coalition forces continue to roll back the so-called caliphate. In some areas, the group has used waves of suicide bombers in an attempt to hold on to what little territory it still controls.

[Byline Russ Reed]

25 May 2017

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“When all else fails, reach back hundreds of years and spout a selective history of racism.”

After the Confederates, who’s next?

Pat Buchanan: Today’s icon-smashers ‘could never build a country’

On Sept. 1, 1864, Union forces under Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, victorious at Jonesborough, burned Atlanta and began the March to the Sea where Sherman’s troops looted and pillaged farms and towns all along the 300-mile road to Savannah.

Captured in the Confederate defeat at Jonesborough was William Martin Buchanan of Okolona, Mississippi, who was transferred by rail to the Union POW stockade at Camp Douglas, Illinois.

By the standards of modernity, my great-grandfather, fighting to prevent the torching of Georgia’s capital, was engaged in a criminal and immoral cause. And “Uncle Billy” Sherman was a liberator.

Under President Grant, Sherman took command of the Union army and ordered Gen. Philip Sheridan, who had burned the Shenandoah Valley to starve Virginia into submission, to corral the Plains Indians on reservations.

It is in dispute as to whether Sheridan said, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” There is no dispute as to the contempt Sheridan had for the Indians, killing their buffalo to deprive them of food.

Today, great statues stand in the nation’s capital, along with a Sherman and a Sheridan circle, to honor these most ruthless of generals in that bloodiest of wars that cost 620,000 American lives.

Yet, across the South and even in border states like Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri, one may find statues of Confederate soldiers in town squares to honor the valor and sacrifices of the Southern men and boys who fought and fell in the Lost Cause.

When the Spanish-American War broke out, President McKinley, who as a teenage soldier had fought against “Stonewall” Jackson in the Shenandoah and been at Antietam, bloodiest single-day battle of the Civil War, removed his hat and stood for the singing of “Dixie,” as Southern volunteers and former Confederate soldiers paraded through Atlanta to fight for their united country. My grandfather was in that army.

For a century, Americans lived comfortably with the honoring, North and South, of the men who fought on both sides.

But today’s America is not the magnanimous country we grew up in.

Since the ’60s, there has arisen an ideology that holds that the Confederacy was the moral equivalent of Nazi Germany and those who fought under its battle flag should be regarded as traitors or worse.

Thus, in New Orleans, statues of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America, and Gen. Robert E. Lee were just pulled down. And a drive is underway to take down the statue of Andrew Jackson, hero of the Battle of New Orleans and president of the United States, which stands in Jackson Square.

Why? Old Hickory was a slave owner and Indian fighter who used his presidential power to transfer the Indians of Georgia out to the Oklahoma Territory in a tragedy known as the Trail of Tears.

But if Jackson, and James K. Polk, who added the Southwest and California to the United States after the Mexican-American War, were slave owners, so, too, were four of our first five presidents.

The list includes the father of our country, George Washington, the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, and the author of our Constitution, James Madison.

Not only are the likenesses of Washington and Jefferson carved on Mount Rushmore, the two Virginians are honored with two of the most magnificent monuments and memorials in Washington, D.C.

Behind this remorseless drive to blast the greatest names from America’s past off public buildings and to tear down their statues and monuments is an egalitarian extremism rooted in envy and hate.

Among its core convictions is that spreading Christianity was a cover story for rapacious Europeans who, after discovering America, came in masses to dispossess and exterminate native peoples. “The white race,” wrote Susan Sontag, “is the cancer of human history.”

Today, the men we were taught to revere as the great captains, explorers, missionaries and nation-builders are seen by many as part of a racist, imperialist, genocidal enterprise, wicked men who betrayed and eradicated the peace-loving natives who had welcomed them.

What they blindly refuse to see is that while its sins are scarlet, as are those of all civilizations, it is the achievements of the West that are unrivaled. The West ended slavery. Christianity and the West gave birth to the idea of inalienable human rights.

As scholar Charles Murray has written, 97 percent of the world’s most significant figures and 97 percent of the world’s greatest achievements in the arts, architecture, literature, astronomy, biology, earth sciences, physics, medicine, mathematics and technology came from the West.

What is disheartening is not that there are haters of our civilization out there, but that there seem to be fewer defenders.

Of these icon-smashers it may be said: Like ISIS and Boko Haram, they can tear down statues, but these people could never build a country.

What happens, one wonders, when these Philistines discover that the seated figure in the statue, right in front of D.C.’s Union Station, is the High Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Christopher Columbus?

Happy Memorial Day!

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Unfortunately, many “conservatives” have joined hands with leftist radicals in cheering the destruction of monuments to the Confederacy or the removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20. They do this either because they’ve assimilated Leftist preaching about how “slavery was America’s original sin,” or, even more stupidly, because Confederates were Democrats (even though the Democrats and Republicans of 150 years ago weren’t defined by the issues that define them today).

What conservatives who side with BlackLivesMatter thugs in defaming Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis don’t realize or admit is that this isn’t really about the Confederacy or about slavery at all. It’s an attack on American history, on white people, and on western culture. Confederates just happen to be an easy and convenient early target. The radical Left wants to tear down monuments to Washington and Jefferson, but for the time being they’ll have to settle for easier targets like memorials to Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis. And as a bonus, they even get some stupid conservative Republicans to take their side, in much the same way as the multicultural Left has joined hands on immigration with the cheap labor “right.” —ek_hornbeck

Reports from The Mexican-American “Borderland”

Mexico’s Drug War Diary

¡Bienvenido! — The US-Mexico Borderland —-

When I first checked out Borderland Beat. It is an arcane website, something reminiscent of about 2005. I paused, sneering at the ugly beige tone of its homepage, no interactive menu obeys the whims of my hovering mouse, poor enough.

Then I read some of the posts, Borderland Beat is something of a pinboard or a newspaper scrapbook, anonymous writers contribute the content, excerpts from a drug war which rages on in Mexico.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s violent hive. Photo Credit- Scazon (Flickr)

That anonymity is what makes Borderland Beat so arresting, its contributors are talking about the kingpins of Mexico’s multi-billion dollar drug industry.

These are men who don’t have limits, murder is not a consideration for them but a gut reaction. Exposing them online without the barrier of anonymity could mean death for the writers, death has been doled out to thousands in the region for far less.

The evidence is splattered all over the walls of the website, you could pick a page at random and you’ll see some post with a *WARNING EXTREME FOOTAGE*. That post could feature pictures of a gang member shot to bits, or a school teacher with her head cut off or a whole excruciating video of a poor soul being beaten to death with baseball bats in a torture room.

Like the crack cocaine pedalled by these gangs, the effect of Borderland Beat is scarily addictive. The blunt depiction of graphic violence draws you in but you’re eventually hooked by the stories.

They tell the tale of Mexico’s slow death. Border cities like Juarez were the first to go, thousands die there now each year directly as a result of the gang violence, some hope exists there now. They tell the tale of the brave who try to sever the limbs of the gangs, that seems an impossibility though.

Right now the tireless resistor of the Cartels, Doctor Mireles lies in a hospital with heart arrhythmia, under the current corrupt administration he is being refused treatment. That corruption is endemic, it’s what makes the situation so frustrating from an outsider’s point of view and so demoralising from that of the Mexicans. Mireles spoke about the lack of treatment last week- [Update: Released]

for some time I have denounced that the authorities have  harassed me in many ways and now the coronary blockage  is from the lack of adequate professional attention that I need due to the cardiac problem that I suffer.

The media have largely failed also, and those who have tried were swatted away. In 1996 Gary Webb published a series of articles, “Dark Alliance”, criticising the CIA for their role in the drug crisis with Mexico. He was immediately labelled a fraud and was vilified by all mainstream American media outlets, culminating in Webb’s own suicide.

Borderland Beat rises above this, it feels like something more than news, it is a diary. The contributors cannot be attacked because they are many and they are largely anonymous, or because they do not fear it.

While the stories of mass grave discoveries and corrupt officials are endless, the fact that the locals continue to publish en masse documentation of their collapsed country and the bandits who rule it offers some respite. These people are defying the torturers, they just need an audience.

25 May 2017
Mexico’s drug war diary:
[Byline Conor Fay]

Real and Potential Adverse Effects from an Open Border Syndrome:

Map: Cartels and Subgroups operating in Mexico

Map of Mexican Cartels areas of influence or conflict. DEA-DOJ Drug Threat Assessment 2015

Nuclear/Environmental Hazard – Elevated Emergency Declared (Unusually High Radionuclide Contamination): Hanford Nuclear Reservation, WA, USA

Nuclear Event on Friday, 19 May 2017

North America – USA | State of Washington, Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Location: 46°38’51.0″N 119°35’55.0″W

Emergency at US Nuclear Site: “Unusually high” radiation levels reported — Worker: “Everybody’s freaked, shocked, surprised” — Governor: “Alarming incident” — TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

KING, May 19, 2017 (emphasis added): Another Hanford emergency: signs of another leaking tank… The U.S. Department of Energy is scrambling to deal with the second emergency at the nuclear site in 10 days’ time. Signs have emerged that a massive underground double shell nuclear waste holding tank may be leaking… Now it has been holding hot, boiling radioactive and chemically contaminated waste for 41 years. KING 5 has learned that a… radiation specialist on the crew detected higher than expected readings… Detection equipment was then used to check for contamination that might have become airborne… They found radioactive material on one worker in three spots… “Everybody was freaked, shocked, surprised,” said a veteran worker and KING 5 Hanford source who is in direct contact with crew members… Thursday night’s incident means this could be the second double shell tank to fail. “We are of course concerned it might be a leak,” a Washington state Department of Ecology spokesperson said… The AZ 101 contamination event comes just 10 days after a tunnel collapse at Hanford that caused a site wide emergency… That event could have spewed radioactive particles across the site and beyond… “Today’s alarming incident at Hanford elevates the urgency of the federal government to prioritize and fund all critical cleanup at this aging nuclear reservation,” [Governor Jay] Inslee said in a statement…

KING Transcript: “For the second time in less than two weeks there’s been a major incident at the Hanford nuclear site. Tonight, new evidence of a possible new leak at a massive underground nuclear waste tank…. This is the second major event at Hanford in 10 days time… Yet another sign that the old weapons plant is falling apart.”

CNN, May 20, 2017: Maia Bellon, director of the Washington Department of Ecology [wrote] “We’re calling for an immediate investigation by US Department of Energy into contamination & potential leak”…

Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2017: U.S. Department of Energy officials said unusually high contamination was discovered when a robotic device used to measure the thickness of tanks containing radioactive waste was being maneuvered by a contractor.

Watch broadcasts here: KING | NBC

Source: ENENews, May 22nd, 2017 at 7:24 am ET

Related Hanford Site Events

ALERT: Officials warn of more collapses at US nuclear site — “High spikes” in radiation levels recorded — Expert: Plutonium could go airborne — Major concern over radioactive releases — Gov’t delays revealing data to public (VIDEOS) May 18, 2017

Emergency at US nuclear site after collapse — TV: “Fears of radioactive contamination” — Expert: “Could lead to considerable radiological release” — Multiple states activating Emergency Operations Center — Pilots told to avoid flying over area (VIDEOS) May 09, 2017

TV: Alarm over “Catastrophic Leak” at US nuclear site — “Emergency response underway” — Surge in radioactive leakage after “essentially blowing a hole” in massive tank containing “deadliest substance on earth” — Former Worker: “I was very shocked to hear it breached that significantly” (VIDEOS) April 20, 2016

TV: Leaking tank at U.S. nuclear site may be in far worse condition than previously known — Workers shocked by new findings #Hanford June 21, 2013

Governor alarmed about leak at most contaminated nuclear site in U.S. — “You couldn’t find a more perfect radioactive storm” (VIDEO) February 16, 2013

Emergency at U.S. Nuclear Site: Gov’t activated alert, workers ordered to ‘take-cover’ — Several hospitalized — Ex-employee: “Stuff goes on all the time we don’t know about, it’s scary” — Governor: No ‘immediate’ health hazard (VIDEO) #Hanford August 23, 2013

Nuclear Event – Emergency Alert | Fire: Ascó I Nuclear Plant, Catalonia, Spain

“Emergency Alert”: Fire breaks out at nuclear plant — Officials take action “to avoid a nuclear disaster” — Large amount of smoke reported — Government activates emergency plan

Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

Central Nuclear d’Ascó (Tarragona, Catalunya), Ascó Nuclear Power Plant. Image: Willtron via Wikimedia Commons.

Europe – Spain | Catalonia, Ascó I Nuclear Power Station
Location: 41°12’00.0″N 0°34’10.0″E
Present Operational Age: ~35 years
Damage Level: Unknown
Affect: Unknown

Nuclear Event in Spain on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

thinkSPAIN, May 23, 2017: Early-hours alert over Ascó I nuclear plant fire — AN ‘EMERGENCY alert’ affecting the nuclear plant in Ascó (Tarragona province) at 02.12 this morning (Tuesday) after a fire broke out has been called off, authorities have announced. Management at the Ascó I reactor contacted the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) in accordance with usual procedures in the event of a fire which continues for longer than 10 minutes. The plant shut down its combustible fuel recharging and discharging to avoid a nuclear disaster after the blaze started due to water dripping onto the standard electricity supply bar switches during recharging in the turbine building, the CSN says. Normal electricity supply was lost and a diesel generator put into action… An emergency alert at Mode 1, or ‘reduced risk’ level, was issued, but was withdrawn at exactly 03.31 and replaced with an ‘emergency pre-alert’ due to the continued absence of an external electricity supply.

Republica, May 23, 2017 (Google translation): Ascó central activates emergency alert for fire… This morning, the owner of the Ascó I nuclear power station had notified the CSN of an emergency alert according to the requirements established in its Internal Emergency Plan (PEI), following the criterion of fire notification of more than 10 minutes. The short-circuit due to falling water on the switches of a normal power supply bar during recharging work on the turbine building has caused a lot of smoke which, at first, has led to the supposition that a fire had been caused, without risk of Radioactive emission. The levels of ambient radiation collected continuously at stations in the monitoring network have been checked, with no variation of normal levels observed. The CSN has activated the emergency response of its Emergency Response Organization (ORE) in mode 1 (reduced activation) and has followed the evolution of the situation from the Emergency Room (SALEM) in continuous communication with the Resident Inspection, with The installation and with the Subdelegation of Government in Tarragona… As a result of the incident, the normal power supply has been lost and the emergency diesel generator has been put into operation correctly… At 03:03 hours the emergency alert has been declassified, continuing in a pre-alert situation due to no external power supply until the power supply caused by the water fall. As a consequence of the accident, the Government Subdelegation in Tarragona has activated this morning of the Plan of Emergency of Nuclear of Tarragona (PENTA) in situation 0 after a prealerta and has been summoned to all the operative groups of the PENTA. The subdelegate of the Government in Tarragona, Jordi Sierra, has been in permanent contact with the delegate of the Government in Catalonia, Enric Millo, the CSN and the Generalitat.

Published: May 25th, 2017 at 3:08 pm ET

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What the hell is this, coprophagia? Oh, never mind.

Black Lives Matter to Receive Peace Award

Even George Orwell would have found this unreal:

Black Lives Matter is set to receive a “peace award” to highlight the group’s work to bring about change in a non-violent way, a foundation announced Monday.

The Sydney Peace Foundation will give the award to the movement’s founders Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza in November, reports the Guardian.

Each year the organization tries to honor people who are “leading global voices that promote peace, justice and nonviolence,” the foundation explained.

The slogans “War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Ignorance Is Strength” have been replaced. Now we have “Strife Is Peace; Anarchy Is Justice; Violence Is Nonviolence.”

Black Lives Matter is well known for chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? Now!” It has sparked numerous riots. Its inflammatory rhetoric has led directly to the murder of police officers, most infamously in Dallas and Baton Rouge. In Oakland, BLM protestors vandalized a police station. BLM is widely regarded as a domestic terrorist group.

The purpose of Black Lives Matter is to disrupt peace. No homegrown entity in the USA is more conspicuously undeserving of a peace prize. That’s why pious liberals see fit to give it one.

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Sadly, you can’t make this kind of crap up.  Even the hazmat sanitation teams won’t touch the truckloads of coprolite left over from the Obama administration.

Biological Health Hazard – Fatal Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF): Baja California, Mexico

Published Date: 2017-05-25 13:20:45
Subject: PRO/EDR> Rocky Mountain spotted fever – Mexico: (BC) fatalities
Archive Number: 20170525.5061586

Date: Wed 24 May 2017
Source: La Voz de la Frontera [in Spanish, machine trans., edited]

The Baja California State Health Secretariat has confirmed 3 new deaths from rickettsiosis. They are a girl of 1 year and 4 months, resident of Nuevo León in Mexicali, a young girl of 16, and a man of 59, both originating from Ensenada. Guillermo Trejo Dozal, head of the unit, also reported the case of another 55-year-old man living in Nuevo León, who remains at the General Hospital of Mexicali, where he is stable. With these, there are now 6 deaths due to rickettsiosis and 12 confirmed cases — 8 in Mexicali, 1 in Tijuana, 2 in Ensenada, and another in Vicente Guerrero.

Staff of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health reported that preventive actions are being carried out in the community of Nuevo León where conditions of risk due to the presence of ticks have been located. Trejo Dozal said that the health sector has sufficient supply of medicines to treat the disease, which manifests with fever, headache, muscle pain, and general malaise. In advanced cases, diffuse abdominal pain, as well as red spots on the skin may occur.

Among the recommendations made by the health sector to prevent the spread of the disease are: keep the yards free of garbage, weeds, and debris; fumigate the home with appropriate insecticides; vaccinate, bathe, and treat pets; and go to the doctor in case of presenting any of the symptoms mentioned above.

The Secretary of Health warned that the increase in temperatures increases the proliferation of ticks, which is why it is essential to take preventive measures into account.

[Byline: Ericka Gallego]

Communicated by:

[The Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) rickettsia, _Rickettsia rickettsii_, is the cause of this illness, which is also referred to as febre maculosa, São Paulo exanthematic typhus, Minas Gerais exanthematic typhus, and Brazilian spotted fever. The organism, which is tickborne, is distributed through much of the USA, including the Rocky Mountains, and also in parts of southern Canada and Central and South America. It is vital to diagnose this rickettsial infection promptly to minimize morbidity and mortality.

When the female tick harboring the organism attaches to a passing human, she usually starts low on the body after transferring from grassy vegetation or even directly or indirectly from a dog. After crawling around on clothes seeking an appropriate cutaneous site (wearing white clothes makes a wandering tick easier to spot), she attaches and begins to feed. If not already partially fed, after attaching, it generally takes 24 hours to activate and transmit the rickettsial organism. For this reason, daily or twice daily tick checks with removal will minimize disease transmission. Ticks that attach in hairy areas such as the scalp or beard may be more difficult to find.

The incubation period of the disease is about a week after the tick exposure, long after the tick has detached. The presenting illness is generally nonspecific, with fever, muscle pains, and headache (but the headache is usually described as quite severe). The rash begins on day 3 of illness, initially maculopapular (a flat rash with small raised bumps) at the wrists and ankles before becoming petechial and purpuric (small and larger red or purple spots caused by bleeding under the skin), involving the palms and soles as well as spreading proximally to the trunk. Purpurae usually are not seen before the 6th day of illness. The mortality is indeed quite low if treatment (usually a tetracycline) is begun during the 1st 2 days of the rash or before.

Empiric treatment for this infection should always be started in people with compatible symptoms inhabiting endemic areas during the spring and summer, even if no tick bite is known.

A picture of the rash in the source URL above appears to be that of varicella not RMSF. The early rash of this disease can be seen at – Mod.LL

Maps of Mexico can be seen at and – Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]

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