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Today’s world bears dramatic proof of thought as a reaction to the occurrences of the day.

“Very superstitious, writings on the wall... When you believe in things you don’t understand – Then you suffer.”

“Ignorance fears all things, falling, terror-stricken before the passing wind.
Superstition stands as the monument to ignorance, and before it kneel all who realize their own weakness; who see in all things the strength they do not possess; who give to sticks and stones the power to bruise them; who change the beauties of Nature into the dwelling place of ghouls and ogres…”

A Demon Ate the Sun: How Solar Eclipses Inspired Superstition

The first and only total solar eclipse of 2016 will roll across the sky this week. Total solar eclipses — when the moon’s shadow blocks the sun entirely — are spectacular events, highly anticipated by astronomers, astrophotographers and casual spectators alike.

But it wasn’t always that way.

The gradual darkening of the sun was once cause for alarm, linked to evil auguries or the activity of the gods. Throughout history, cultures around the world sought to provide context and explanation for eclipses, and like the eclipses themselves, the legends attached to the events were dramatic. [Sun Shots: Amazing Eclipse Images]

Left in the dark

This week’s total solar eclipse will be visible from Indonesia and from the North Pacific Ocean early on Wednesday (March 9) local time, (late Tuesday, March 8, EST). During the celestial event, the sun is expected to be completely obscured for 4 minutes and 9.5 seconds.

Total solar eclipses occur when the moon’s umbral shadow, the innermost and darkest part, is cast over the sun at a specific point during the moon’s orbit: when it is close enough to Earth that the shadow completely obscures the sun’s light. Witnessed firsthand, the effect is unsettling: The sky is gradually overcome by a creeping darkness that is jarringly out of sync with the familiar rhythms of day and night.

And for many ancient peoples, that meant one thing — trouble, said Edwin C. Krupp, astronomer and director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

The word “eclipse” is derived from the Greek term “ekleipsis,” meaning “an abandonment,” Krupp wrote in his book, “Beyond the Blue Horizon: Myths and Legends of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets” (Oxford University Press, 1992). And during an eclipse, when the sun “abandoned” people to the darkness, many responded with terror and anticipation of disaster.

Krupp detailed a 16th-century account of Aztecs in central Mexico written by a Spanish missionary named Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, who described people reacting to an eclipse with “a tumult and disorder.”

“There was shouting everywhere. People of light complexion were slain [as sacrifices],” de Sahagún wrote, according to Krupp, adding, “It was thus said: ‘If the eclipse of the sun is complete, it will be dark forever! The demons of darkness will come down. They will eat men.'” [The Surprising Origins of 9 Common Superstitions]

Krupp also relayed an account from ancient Mesopotamia, in which it was said that an eclipse heralded that “an all-powerful king would die,” and that “a flood will come and Ramman [the storm and weather god] will diminish the crops of the land.”

And in Australia, eclipses were viewed negatively by many — but not all — Aboriginal groups, “frequently associating them with bad omens, evil magic, disease, blood and death,” said a study published in July 2011 in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage. Medicine men and community elders would try to counteract an eclipse’s evil portents by chanting, singing, and throwing sacred or magical objects toward the sun, the authors explained.

Swallowing the sun

Many cultures attributed the sun’s partial or total disappearance to hungry demons or gods with runaway appetites. Krupp detailed Mayan glyphs that hinted at a giant serpent swallowing the sun during an eclipse. Chinese and Armenian tales referred to dragons, while Hungarians claimed a giant bird was the culprit. The Buryats, an indigenous group in southern Siberia, blamed a giant bear, and the Shan people in what is now Vietnam described the sun-swallower as an evil spirit that took the form of a toad. [The 7 Most Famous Solar Eclipses in History]

For the Vikings, eclipses were caused by a sky wolf, whose name, Skoll, meant “repulsion.” People would attempt to retrieve the temporarily stolen sun by making as much noise as possible, so as to scare the wolf into abandoning his meal, according to the 13th-century Icelandic author Snorri Sturluson, who wrote the book “Tales from Norse Mythology” (University of California Press, 2001).

And some of these sun-eaters took even more monstrous forms, Krupp recounted. Yugoslavians linked solar eclipses to a type of werewolf called the vukodlak, while western Siberia’s Tatars told of a vampire that tried to swallow the sun and failed after burning his tongue. In Korea, the king of the “Land of Darkness” tasked his Fire Dogs with stealing the sun to brighten his gloomy domain.

In the ancient Indian poem “Mahabharata,” the head of the demon Rahu — decapitated by the god Vishnu for drinking an immortality potion — pursued the sun that betrayed him, seeking to swallow it. But even when Rahu succeeded, it was only a matter of time before the sun re-appeared, passing through the demon’s severed throat, Krupp explained.

Cosmic coupling

Other stories about eclipses assign a role to the moon in the sun’s disappearance, according to Jarita Holbrook, a physics professor at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and editor of the book “African Cultural Astronomy” (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, 2008).

“Mesoamerica and parts of Africa describe the sun and moon fighting during eclipses. Then there is the marriage of sun and moon among some of the North Americans. The marriage of sun and moon is often an act of creation in myths,” Holbrook told Live Science in an email.

Holbrook explained that during the unfamiliar darkness of a solar eclipse, certain planets and stars could become visible, fueling myths that a cosmic coupling of sun and moon resulted in “births” of other objects in the sky.

“During the totality of a total solar eclipse, these bright points of light appear, only to disappear as totality ends,” Holbrook said. “I can see how our ancient ancestors conceived of total solar eclipses as both a marriage and [a union] with the creation of stellar children.”

[Byline Mindy Weisberger]

07 March 2016, (edited)

“The cultural acquisition of the individual is easily paralyzed by terror and fear when character falters.”

Overemphasis on logic weakens the human links to reality. Life is not clearly logical and simply determined, for such logic prevails only in the rule-ridden world of the invertebrates. One cannot fully subscribe to the superstition of logical thought. Ideas spring forth illogically. Idle play, sleep, and other partially aware states are fertile soil in which ideas germinate. The determination to think logically is not sufficient for production of all thought; the mind also requires the motive power of passion to produce. People oppose logic when they cannot profit from it, hence a scrupulous application of laws of logic is no adequate guide for the solution of life’s problems. Logic only assists in the avoidance of major errors. Kant defined comprehension as the solution of a problem to that extent to which it is adequate for our purposes. The logic of the moron is brought forth as unconsciously as the clear systematic thinking of Hegelian philosophy.

“Lack of understanding causes darkened knowledge “

When Antifa was so popular the last time …

As referenced in previous entries, so much so, that in fact, it has become somewhat of a mantra containing a timely and valuable truth:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ ~ George Santayana.

Even the most causal observation reveals there is always a script that leftists follow to get a country to destroy itself and about half the time they may even succeed.

For instance, during the Spanish Civil War, the leftists were unsuccessful but in the process they came very close to destroying the entire country. Most noticeably is the leftist conduct as being seen in the recent political upheaval occurring within the U.S. and ceaselessly propagated by a leftist media to proliferate their socialist/communist agendas and actions.  One salient point is the demand for a general strike calling it the ‘resistance’, which closely resembles the 1933 general strike in Spain after the Left lost power during that years election. In America, it has had at least eight years of uninhibited incubation under Obama and his administration.

With their utmost assistance in subversion and insurrection, the country descends into a general level of violence such as we are now seeing, and following the script, the Marxist/Alinskyite organizers will push themselves forward to allegedly stop the violence, and become the ‘heroes of the day’ in spite of the fact they started the whole destructive thing in the first place.

The Spanish Civil War : Documentary on the Brutal Reality of Spain’s most Violent War

This is an informative extended documentary series, and is well worth taking the time to view, pay close attention to, and learning from. Not only is this work a historical-based example of Social experimentation and its results; It proves without a doubt, the absolute outcomes and effects which much of the ideology being programmed, indoctrinated and embedded into modern American society, will result.

Can the results of the evolution of a Kafkaesque society resulting from this civil war be any different? Can they be? Rhetorically, the answer is likely yes, and probably it is to be much more dire with the new facets and increased ability for utilizing and further implementing modern technological abuse, oppression and destruction through psychic-driven propaganda methods. As an example, in such a hypothetical aftermath, observe what Spain has become today, how it changed, and how it has remain the same. Perhaps it is a far truer reflection of how America’s own potential for its now evolving Cacotopian future may be; more so than one might really want to admit.

This documentary is highly recommended for its realistic and graphic educational experience of the effects of opposing ideologies on society. If one listens objectively and closely to the many stories being told, and observe the effects, outcomes and inevitable results manifested by all of those ideologies, it is certain to add to one’s learning.

But also don’t forget, as always, to consider the source.

See Also

Orwell’s first hand account in his work,  “A Homage To Catalonia”.

Orwell’s work touches on human interest, history and national polity, and it is well worth the read. His prose and commentary provides a first person account of modern revolutionary warfare in a conflict that was, but wasn’t, providing an experiential rather than armchair perspective of those political conditions that are its prime-movers. This is a historical work, the account may lead the reader up to today’s present, often manipulated micro-political climate, and surprisingly may reveal it has recently been evolving in America and elsewhere. There is absolutely some interesting, if not very familiar, political scenarios which can be fully gleaned from it.

In the book, Orwell explains in great detail the differences between the different kinds of leftist groups fighting for the Republican side. He clearly describes what happens after the Communists began to seize control and wipe out their competitors, including the anarchists and all the quasi-socialists.

Echoing the demands of a particular anti-American partisan party, here is a somewhat familiar sounding excerpt:

By May 1937 things had reached a point at which some kind of violent outbreak could be regarded as inevitable. The immediate cause of friction was the Government’s order to surrender all private weapons, coinciding with the decision to build up a heavily-armed ‘non-political’ police-force from which trade union members were to be excluded. The meaning of this was obvious to everyone; and it was also obvious that the next move would be the taking over of some of the key industries controlled by the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (C.N.T.) In addition there was a certain amount of resentment among the working classes because of the growing contrast of wealth and poverty and a general vague feeling that the revolution had been sabotaged.


The Man Who Punctured Communism’s Lies about the Spanish Civil War

A few examples of Cacotopian environments…

California Bill: 1 Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender PronounA new bill being considered by the California State Senate would punish people who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse “to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns” in a public health, retirement or housing institution.

Atlanta Judge Suspended For Commenting On Anti-Fa… An Atlanta judge received a suspension from his job after posting his thoughts about confederate monuments and so called “anti-fascist” protesters on social media

Leftist “Antifa” protesters stormed a county government building in Minnesota, seized and burned the county flag – then replaced it with an Antifa flag – on Monday.

It’s horrible that Democrats embrace them, but horrible and ridiculous when GOP embrace or try to excuse Antifa when to Antifa, they are all Nazis and should be destroyed.

Biological Hazard – Mass Die-off Marine fauna, Leopard shark (epizootic parasite susp. ): San Francisco Bay, California

Brain-eating parasite likely responsible for massive leopard shark die-offs in Bay Area

(SFGATE) It enters by the nostrils, wiggles upwards through olfactory pathways and plants itself in the brain. Once invaded, victims can’t be treated and will most certainly die.

The parasite is called Miamiensis avidus, and it’s the pathogen most likely responsible for this year’s mass die-offs of several Bay Area fish species.

Mark Okihiro, senior fish pathologist at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, has been studying the ill-fated fishes for months now, and he recently estimated over 1,000 leopard sharks and 200-500 bat rays have washed ashore in Bay Area waters. After necropsies, Okihiro discovered the creatures’ brains were ravished by an unknown invader.

Okihiro originally attributed the deaths to a fungal pathogen, but the mystery deepened as dead fish continued to litter beaches. Many of these corpses showed almost no signs of death by fungal invasion, although earlier samples had.

The pathologist doubled back on his research efforts, recalling an epizootic of Miamiensis that he’d seen at a white seabass hatchery. The infection he saw decimate the hatchery’s juvenile seabass population turned out to be the same pathogen likely killing leopard sharks.

Okihiro’s findings read like gruesome science fiction: The shark corpses, some of which were partially mummified upon discovery, showed “severe necrotizing and inflammatory lesions in the olfactory bulbs and lobes of the brain.” Lining the creatures’ brains and noses were traces of protozoa, single-celled organisms that often exhibit animal-like behaviors.

After blazing through the Bay Area leopard shark population, the protozoa appear to have moved on. According to Okihiro’s statement, shark deaths in the San Francisco Bay have dwindled as of late July, so much so that he deemed the epizootic shark strandings largely over – for now.

This year’s leopard shark epizootic is a case of repeated history. In 2006 and 2011, scientists also witnessed mass die-offs resultant of fast-spreading pathogens, said Okihiro. These years coincided with wet winters, which drowned the bay in freshwater runoff and lowered ambient water salinity. When spring arrived, and leopard sharks began aggregating by the hundreds for mating and pupping season, the pathogen spread with a vengeance.

[Byline Michelle Robertson]

16 August 2017

Symbolism: Smells like death – considering the circumstances, this should come as no surprise …

Rare trio of stinky corpse flowers to bloom at Washington garden

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A botanic garden on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol is expecting a stinky first in coming days as a trio of so-called corpse flowers is due to open and release an odor likened to the smell of rotting flesh.

The event would mark the first time that three of the giant plants, also known as titan arums, have bloomed close to the same time at a North American institution, U.S. Botanic Garden spokesman Ray Mims said on Wednesday.

The biggest plant has surged to about 7 feet (2.13 meters) in height and is forecast to open between Thursday and Tuesday. The Botanic Garden, at the foot of Capitol Hill, will be open until 10 p.m. once the flower blooms to handle crowds.

“When you’re above it, you need a gas mask. This is really one of the rock stars of the plant kingdom,” said Todd Brethauer, a volunteer who carries a jar with a sample of the odor to give garden visitors a whiff.

The stench from the opened corpse flower, or Amorphophallus titanum, has been called a combination of rotting flesh, smelly socks, garlic and dirty diapers. It is a great draw for pollinating carrion beetles and flies.

Corpse flower blooms, once rare, have become more prolific, with seven occurring this summer in the United States. The increase resulted from the greater number of flowers in U.S. institutions, including 15 or 16 plants at Washington’s Botanic Garden, Mims said.

The reek’s main ingredient, dimethyl trisulfide, is known for its high potency and is added to normally odorless natural gas to give it a distinctive smell.

“People think flowers are pretty, they smell good. A lot don’t,” said Jim Adams, the Garden’s horticultural manager.

The interior temperature on a fully blooming flower reaches 115 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius), heat that helps spread the smell, Adams said. Simultaneous blooms are very rare since blooms occur only when individual plants have accumulated enough energy in their underground storage organs.

The plant is the world’s largest unbranched inflorescence, or cluster of multiple flowers that looks like a single one. It is native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and the three at the Botanic Garden were raised at one of its facilities.

The enormous spadix, or central spike, on the biggest of the three plants riveted passersby on Wednesday with its ashy maroon color and the glossy green leaf sheathing the base.

“It looks prehistoric … like something out of a movie,” said Julie Spack, 30, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, before she snapped a selfie with it.

 Reporting by Ian Simpson; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Sandra Maler

17 August 2017

Meanwhile …. The price of Rat meat goes up in Thailand

Yes, we live in interesting times … Like it or not.

“I do not create; I merely pass on the wisdom of those who have gone before.” –Confucius

Why is it that functional illiteracy is now such an important aspect pursued by modern educational institutions? Can it be without it useful idiots and educated morons would all but become extinct?

Literacy is defined as the ability to understand, evaluate, use, and engage with written texts to participate in society, achieve one’s goals, and develop one’s knowledge and potential (OECD, 2013, p. 59).”  — Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Notice how different views are never accepted outside of an Alternate Liberal Universe?

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” —Voltaire

Here is a story with a message, educate yourself:

Prometheus was one of the Titans, a gigantic race, who inhabited the earth before the creation of man. To him and his brother Epimetheus was committed the office of making man, and providing him and all other animals with the faculties necessary for their preservation. Epimetheus undertook to do this, and Prometheus was to overlook his work, when it was done. Epimetheus accordingly proceeded to bestow upon the different animals the various gifts of courage, strength, swiftness, sagacity; wings to one, claws to another, a shelly covering to a third, etc. But when man came to be provided for, who was to be superior to all other animals, Epimetheus had been so prodigal of his resources that he had nothing left to bestow upon him. In his perplexity he resorted to his brother Prometheus, who, with the aid of Minerva, went up to heaven, and lighted his torch at the chariot of the sun. and brought down fire to man. With this gift man was more than a match for all other animals. It enabled him to make weapons wherewith to subdue them; tools with which to cultivate the earth; to warm his dwelling, so as to be comparatively independent of climate; and finally to introduce the arts and to coin money, the means of trade and commerce. […]  (This also provided the means for man to annihilate himself and the world that was created for all the creatures.  For this, Prometheus was blamed, chained and bound to a rock and tortured for all eternity).

Edited excerpt – Thomas Bulfinch, 1855. CHAPTER II. Prometheus And Pandora. via Sacred-texts

To paraphrase Aristotle, as soon as a skeptic against truth opens their mouth, they contradict themselves and lose any right to be taken seriously.

“Too often we collectively think that we have “come of age”, scoffing at previous eras as unenlightened, less intelligent, sexually immature, and repressed. We confuse technology with wisdom and conclude that because we can split the atom, have been to the moon, and carry incredibly advanced gadgets, that we can simply dismiss the collected wisdom of the ages. Ancient biblical and Church teaching, which has stood the test of time, is dismissed as irrelevant, even scoffed at as merely the teachings of ‘dead white men.’”– Monsignor Charles Pope, Tale of Two Cities (2017).

Reflections of a silver spoon syndrome …

Chelsea Clinton: ‘There’s no compromise with bigotry’

“We must always take sides.”

What we have here is another case of profound birthright idiocy.

Not everyone has to contend with a wealth disability. But most deplorable people know this. Don’t they?

Enough said already.


Wealth Disability is a condition in which wealth becomes an impairment that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these.  Often the cause of profound birthright idiocy.

Birthright Idiocy  is a particular right of possession or privilege one has from birth, especially as an eldest child with extremely moronic behavior.

Deplorable is a derogatory meme from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign speech directed toward opposition supporters who were considered deplorable “because they would not get on their knees and kiss her ass”.