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When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

President Trump Cancels Obama/Kerry CIA Program Arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria…

Reports surface today that President Trump has cancelled the 2012/2013 covert CIA program giving weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.  [Washington Post Link]

Various news organizations frame the issue as cancelling the program to “arm the moderate opposition to Bashir Assad”.  However, those news reports are entirely false.

We know the Obama administration was arming ISIS as part of the larger Syria strategy because Secretary of State John Kerry went on record admitting the Obama Syrian strategy was actually to arm ISIS and extremist Islamic groups (al-Nusra) against Assad.

We also know Secretary Kerry was being truthful in that media-hidden, albeit recorded, admission because CTH specifically tracked and investigated the CIA weapons shipments as an accidential outcome of the finalized Benghazi Briefing material in 2013/2014.

The Washington Post might be claiming today that President Trump is discontinuing a covert CIA plan that armed “moderates”.  But we know, if Trump is actually canceling this program, the actual recipients of the covert weapons plan were ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra in Syria – By their own damned admissions.

There simply is no doubt of that truth.   The Washington Post is lying, and despite their earnest efforts we can actually prove their framework is a substantive and factual falsehood.    Here’s some of the proof, including Kerry’s recorded admission:

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19 July 2017
The Last Refuge

Something to Consider about Subterfuge:

House Intel Committee member Adam Schiff recently told ABC News Sunday: “Indeed, it would be negligent for us not to investigate the Russian connection……if a foreign government…has something that they can hang over the head of our president that can influence U.S. policy, it is very much in our national security interest to know it.”

However, as House Intel Committee members continue business trying to undermine and debunk Trump, they turned a blind eye to their low-level contractors that just happened to be Pakistani Muslim spies working in Congressional offices, and whom were given full access to US government computers containing intelligence involving the safety and security of all Americans.

These Pakistani Muslims worked exclusively for Democrats. They were given exclusive access to numerous agencies centering on Americans’ safety and security as they siphon off highly classified security intelligence. ….they then absconded, with blessings and visas gratuitously bestowed on them by subversive Obama/Muslim sycophants in the State Department and unsurprisingly while they were under criminal investigation.

This has certainly influenced U.S. policy, and “it is very much in our national security interest to know it.”

So, how negligent is that?

The House Intelligence Committee oversees all or part of the following executive branch departments and agencies:

• Office of the Director of National Intelligence

• Central Intelligence Agency

• Defense Intelligence Agency

• Department of Defense

• Department of Energy

• Department of Homeland Security

• Department of Justice

• Department of State

• Department of Treasury

• Drug Enforcement Administration

• Federal Bureau of Investigation

• National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

• National Reconnaissance Office

• National Security Agency

• Office of Naval Intelligence

• Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

• United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

• United States Coast Guard Intelligence

• Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

National Priorities or political distractions?

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is looking into President Trump’s business transactions as part of the ongoing probe into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russians who sought to influence the 2016 election, according to a Thursday report by Bloomberg.

Think about it.

Radiation/Environmental Hazard – Material Event, Lost/Stolen Chemical Agent Detector: U.S. Department of Navy, Washington, D. C.

North America – USA | Washington, D. C., U.S. Department of Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Emergency Class: NON EMERGENCY
10 CFR Section:
20.2201(a)(1)(ii) – LOST/STOLEN LNM>10X

Nuclear Event in USA on Wednesday, 05 July 2017, [EDT].


This material event contains a “Less than Cat 3 ” level of radioactive material.

The following report was received via email:

“During routine maintenance and inventory of the equipment one of the devices could not be accounted for during the evolution. An extensive internal investigation was conducted by the local command and thorough search for the missing device was conducted and ultimately concluded the device was not located and determined lost. The device was declared lost 5 July 2017.

“Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane reported the lost chemical agent detector containing a 10 millicurie Nickel-63 (Ni-63) source. As the quantity exceeds 10 times the quantity listed in 10 CFR 20 Appendix C, a telephone notification is required to the NRC within 30 days per 10CFR20.2201. A follow up written report will be submitted within 30 days after this initial notification.

“The device, Serial Number 09-4326, contains one foil-sealed source of Ni-63 and does not to exceed 10 milliCuries. The source is Eckert and Ziegler Isotope Products Laboratories Model NER-004. The Ni-63 source is encapsulated in a 304 steel cup with 1 millimeter wall thickness. The source cup is fitted into a ceramic enclosure of 10 millimeter wall thickness. The Ni-63 source is sealed in a detection chamber located inside the housing of the detector. The device has two radioactive material labels to warn personnel of the radioactive source inside the device. One label is on the outside of the device and the other is on the detector housing on the inside of the instrument.


Sources that are “Less than IAEA Category 3 sources,” are either sources that are very unlikely to cause permanent injury to individuals or contain a very small amount of radioactive material that would not cause any permanent injury. Some of these sources, such as moisture density gauges or thickness gauges that are Category 4, the amount of unshielded radioactive material, if not safely managed or securely protected, could possibly – although it is unlikely – temporarily injure someone who handled it or were otherwise in contact with it, or who were close to it for a period of many weeks. For additional information go to

Source: NRC  Event Number:  52847

Nuclear Event – Automatic Reactor Trip: (Unusual Event) Waterford Unit 3, Killona, LA

North America – USA | State of Louisiana, Killona, Waterford Unit 3 Nuclear Power Station
Location: 29°59’43.0″N 90°28’16.0″W
Present Operational Age: ~32 years
Emergency Class: UNUSUAL EVENT
10 CFR Section:
50.72(a) (1) (i) – EMERGENCY DECLARED
50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) – RPS ACTUATION – CRITICAL
50.72(b)(3)(v)(A) – POT UNABLE TO SAFE SD

Nuclear Event in USA on Monday, 17 July 2017, 16:17 [CDT].


During a rain and lightning storm, plant operators observed arcing from the main transformer bus duct and notified the control room. The decision was made to trip the main generator which resulted in an automatic reactor trip. The plant entered EAL SU.1 as a result of the loss of offsite power for greater than fifteen minutes. Plant safety busses are being supplied by both emergency diesel generators while the licensee inspects the electrical system to determine any damage prior to bringing offsite power back into the facility. Offsite power is available to the facility. No offsite assistance was requested by the licensee.

During the trip, all rods inserted into the core. Decay heat is being removed via the atmospheric dump valves with emergency feedwater supplying the steam generators. The main steam isolation valves were manually closed to protect the main condenser. There were no safeties or relief valves that actuated during the plant transient. There is no known primary-to-secondary leakage. Reactor cooling is via natural circulation. All safety equipment is available for the safe shutdown of the plant.

The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the local Parish emergency management agencies.

Notified DHS SWO, FEMA, DHS NICC, FEMA National Watch Center (email) and Nuclear SSA (email).


This notification is also made under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D).

“This is a non-emergency notification from Waterford 3.

“On July 17, 2017 at 1606 CDT, the reactor automatically tripped due to a loss of Forced Circulation, which was the result of Loss of Offsite Power (LOOP) to the electrical (safety and non-safety) buses. Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ trains of Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs) started as designed to reenergize the ‘A’ and ‘B’ safety buses. The LOOP caused a loss of feedwater pumps, resulting in an automatic actuation of the Emergency Feedwater (EFW) system.

“Prior to the reactor trip, at 1600 CDT, personnel noticed the isophase bus duct to main transformer ‘B’ glowing orange due to an unknown reason. Due to this, the main turbine was manually tripped at 1606 CDT. Following the turbine trip, the electrical (safety and non-safety) buses did not transfer to the startup transformers as expected due to an unknown reason.

“The plant entered the Emergency Operating Procedure for LOOP/Loss of Forced Circulation Recovery.

“At 1617 CDT, an Unusual Event was declared due to Initiating Condition (IC) SU1 – Loss of all offsite AC power to safety buses [greater than] 15 minutes.

“All safety systems responded as expected.

“The plant is currently in mode 3 and stable with the EDGs supplying both safety buses and with EFW feeding and maintaining both steam generators. Offsite power is in the process of being restored.”

The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the local Parish emergency management agencies.


The licensee terminated the Notification of Unusual Event at 2056 CDT. The basis for terminating was that offsite power was restored to the safety busses.

The licensee has notified Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, St. John and St. Charles Parishes, Louisiana Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness, and will be notifying the NRC Resident Inspector.

Notified IRD (Stapleton), NRR (King), R4DO (Hipschman), DHS SWO, FEMA, DHS NICC, FEMA National Watch Center (email) and Nuclear SSA (email).


This update is being reported under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(B).

“During the event discussed in EN# 52863, at 1642 CDT [on July 17, 2017], Condensate Storage Pool (CSP) level lowered to less than 92% resulting in entry to Technical Specification (TS) Level in the CSP was lowered due to feeding from both Steam Generators with EFW. Normal makeup to the CSP was temporarily unavailable due to the LOOP. Filling the CSP commenced at 1815 CDT [on July 17, 2017], and TS was exited on July 18, 2017 at 0039 CDT.”

The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector. Notified R4DO (Hipschman).

Source: NRC  Event Number:  52863

Nuclear Hazards – Fuel rod corrosion and Plant Shutdown due to Incompatible Renewable Power fluctuations | Brokdorf Nuclear Power Plant, Germany

German nuclear damage shows atomic and renewable power are unhappy bedfellows

A Germany nuclear plant was damaged because its operators increased and decreased its output to respond to energy grid fluctuations. The incident supports the theory that nuclear and renewable energy generation are incompatible. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

The Brokdorf nuclear power station, located in northern Germany, was taken offline in February after maintenance showed its reactor’s fuel rods had begun to unexpectedly oxidize.

A regional nuclear supervisory body has now ruled that the plant can be booted back up but only in “safe mode”, according to Schleswig-Holstein’s energy transition minister.

State Minister for Energy Robert Habeck (Greens) added that the power plant’s output should not be increased or decreased at short notice to adapt to the supply of renewable energies on the electricity grid. The minister warned that “atomic energy is not a bridging technology”.

A 2011 study by Greenpeace also concluded that renewables and nuclear are not compatible and that fuel rod damage is a possible consequence.

Kiel’s nuclear supervisory authority explained that the corrosion of Brokdorf’s fuel rods was a result of the reactor’s capacity being increased from 1,440 MW to 1,480 MW in 2006.

The investigation also concluded that the decision to run the plant as a load-following power station, where output was tailored to grid fluctuations, contributed to the damage.

“According to our findings, this stress has contributed to the unexpected oxidization of the upper parts of some of the fuel rods,” Habeck explained.

The practice of quickly increasing or decreasing electricity generation to compensate for excessive or reduced renewable output has been particularly prevalent since 2015.

In 2015, the cost of switching off wind turbines in the northern German region, when electricity networks had reached their capacity, was particularly high.

The damage at Brokdorf was discovered in February when the plant was shut down for an inspection. Oxidization that exceeded safety levels was recorded on ten fuel rods across three fuel elements. However, evidence of increased corrosion has been present since 2011, according to Habeck’s ministry.

Brokdorf’s period of inactivity has cost plant owner EON more than €100 million, according to reports by Bloomberg.

The shutdown came at a delicate time for the company, which at the beginning of this month transferred €24 billion to the German government, as part of an agreed contribution to decommissioning costs for the country’s nuclear plants.

Operating company PreussenElektra has a soft spot for Brokdorf, which was brought online in 1986, and its website boasts that up to 90% of Schleswig-Holstein’s electricity demands can be met by the nuclear plant. Brokdorf is due to be decommissioned in 2021 as part of Germany’s divorce from atom smashing.

The operator’s own investigation suggested that the material sheathing the fuel rods could have contributed to the oxidization problem. But the supervisory body’s report dismissed these findings.

The German Greens’ nuclear policy spokesperson, Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, warned that Berlin’s environment ministry should share the findings from Brokdorf with the Swiss nuclear authority.

Switzerland’s Leibstadt facility is located on the German border and reportedly has the same problems as its northern German cousin. Kotting-Uhl accused Bern of “closing its eyes and leaving Leibstadt on, even though the problems are not solved”.

The German lawmaker insisted that the Swiss power plant is temporarily switched off “until complete clarity prevails”.

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster prompted Germany to announce it will phase out nuclear power by 2022. Berlin has so far shut down eight of its 17 reactors.

As a result, Germany has moved to secure its energy security by prioritizing capacity mechanisms, in order to take advantage of its large-scale renewable generation capabilities.

However, in April 2017, the European Commission started an investigation into whether Berlin’s plans to set up an electricity capacity reserve comply with EU state aid rules.

[Byline Dagmar Dehmer | Der Tagesspiegel | translated by Sam Morgan]

19 July 2017
EURACTIV Network (edited)

“Follow the Yellow Cake Road !”

Fukushima’s Nuclear Terraforming: It’s only 770,000 tons of highly radioactive water, what could possibly go wrong?

Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste “will be dumped into sea” — Top Official: “The decision has already been made” — “The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean” — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation

Record radiation detected at Fukushima nuclear plant — Multiple locations register highest levels ever measured — “Radioactive materials in groundwater toward the ocean”

Published: 16 July 2017 via

Fukushima’s Nuclear cataclysm continues its progress.

Transport of Fukushima Radioactivity to North America, John N. Smith et al. Radioactivity in North Pacific (2016)

Welcome to a wonderland where “Clean” Nuclear Power is continuing to successfully generate adverse global effects on the environment and its inhabitants. You’ve just crossed over into the Hazard Zone.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant – April 2011, Unit 3 (Right) Unit 4 (Left)

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant – April 2011, Unit 3 (Right) Unit 4 (Left)

Experts: Lethal Levels Of “Off-Scale” Radiation At Fukushima Infer Millions Dying (May 29, 2014)

Alternative News…

Elderly 80 year old U.S. Senator has frontal lobotomy and is now diagnosed with a highly malignant, aggressive, cancerous glioblastoma (which is nothing to laugh about). He is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation as he presently remains in office. Meanwhile others wait in line and America’s legislative process virtually shuts down and is at a stand still. Key senatorial cohort claims that he is dying to get back. Need we ask ‘Why‘?

Breaking: Reasons elude concerns as to why Muslims are not being treated the same as The Branch Davidians were.

Muslims with badges and guns – What do you expect?

Don’t you get it?

There a those that want to increase their own wealth, and usurp all of our freedoms. Many of them have already been elected other are planning to be.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~ African Proverb.

Case in point:

The paradigm of “Sanctuary cities established throughout the United States discourage even the most basic law enforcement initiatives within their boundaries against (migrant) predatory criminals,” they are, “Encouraged by Congress and a disinterested mainstream news media, these havens deny the American public their constitutional right to national security and (recklessly endanger) public safety while providing relative safety for dangerous foreign criminals.

The enemy has clearly stated their intent and mission to the rest of the world…

Beware the sensationalism.

But consider, if the House Resolution 257 is passed, it opens the door for hate crime to be redefined to include public speech such as arguments that our politically correct culture deems offensive. Bear in mind, a resolution has no force of law.

However, the Resolution itself was drafted by two terror-linked groups called “EMGAGE” (formerly EMERGE) and the radical Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).  Recently, the Department of Homeland Security decided that MPAC was not worthy of receiving federal grant money that former President Obama had planned, given their terror links.

For some reason, the Resolution was sponsored by four Republicans (and the predictable laundry list of democrats), in hopes to silence Americans speaking openly about the threats and clear and present dangers that all citizen’s face as a nation. Tragically, the Senate proposal, introduced by far-left Marxist Kamala Harris, and in collusion with others, has already passed.  S.Res. 118: A resolution condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.

Consider, over the years, EMERGE has held a number of events at terror-linked mosques, like: Masjid Al-Qassam (Islamic Community of Tampa), founded by Palestinian Jihadist leader Sami al-Arian, and  Masjid Darul Uloom (based in Pembroke Pines, Florida), where “Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla studied and the al-Qaeda Global Operations Chief Adnan el-Shukrijumah was a prayer leader!

EMERGE has also sponsored anti-Semitic speeches made by various Muslim terrorists, such as Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, who is an anti-American professor and the Imam Ali Chair of Shia studies at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. He has also openly  called for the destruction of Israel.

(Edited excerpt)

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412 Michigan Muslims Arrested In Fed’s ‘LARGEST BUST IN U.S. HISTORY’ After Uncovering Deadly Hidden Secret

House Rejects Amendment to Study Link Between Islamic Doctrine and Terrorism

Because a resolution condemning hate speech, which itself is hate speech is exactly what we needed, or something. Besides, Criminalization of “Pigmentphopia,” “Chromosomaphobia” and  “Islamophobia” has been a long standing goal of the Organizations of Islamic Cooperation, Colored People and the Gender Confused.

Wake up America!

Accept the fact that you are in a war… know and name the enemy… and that  “At no point in history has any government ever wanted its people to be defenseless for any good reason.”