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One for the only in my heart

Two for the one trying to tear them apart

Three for I all tattered and torn

This is the battle for which I was born


Constantly fighting and never will cease

Still existing after I have deceased

The answer to this riddle I will find

Continually searching the depths of my mind

Clearing the cobwebs of space and time


Traveling there and back again

Exhausts the being who tries to pretend

He is able to handle the energy I expend


It is only a shell where I reside

And may have been better had I let it die

But alas, it was up to me

To guide it through its destiny


Through pillar of rock and man made hell

Any with eyes could surely tell

Origins of pleasure and instruments of death

Whose icy touch removes your breath


Satan’s angle for those who might

Drink from the grail at his delight

And lust for his angels of the night

Bidding farewell to all that was right


But the flaming sword does have the power

To conquer all at any hour

The glistening armor of truth survives

Among the hatred and the lies


A shield of love has power to make

The doubt and fears dissipate

May the armor of justice seal my fate

And whose power controls it

Watch over my traits


Accept the gifts that fate will bring

Good or evil or in between

This vessel of flesh once sharp and keen

Wasting away —-the bodily parts I mean

Have been broken and torn

Abused and demeaned


The saddest part there is no doubt

Was to allow it to happen

And then jump out

Only to find I am back again

To steer its course until its end


Note: For what its worth, This was written many years prior to this entry. It followed a non-drug induced out of body experience (OBE) and one of several post-death level events that have been personally experienced.


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