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Headlines for Obama’s 235th Week in Office




Obama and Your Privacy

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

Planned Parenthood Will Run Federal Data Hub With Private Patient Info

Obama and Israel

Kerry Flubs, Calls Palestinian Authority a ‘Country’

Obama Voter Fraud

Holder Wants Texas to Clear Voting Changes With the U.S.

Holder vows to force Texas into pre-clearance despite Supreme Court ruling on VRA

AG Eric Holder: Justice Department targeting Texas redistricting in voting-rights fight

Justice Department to challenge states’ voting rights laws


 Benghazi hero fought alongside fallen SEALs, still recovering at Walter Reed

Key Benghazi witness found Testifying to Congress today behind closed doors: Marine Col. George Bristol

Evidence Mounts: Mursi and Benghazi


Obama’s Misery Index Approaches Carter Years

Mortgage delinquencies take a sharp turn up

Obama: Reporters tell me my ideas are ‘great’

Two Americans Added to Food Stamp Rolls for Every Job Created


Wisconsin Grocery Store Forced to Cut Hours Due to Obamacare

CVS Plans to Help Customers Sign Up for Obamacare

Obama to Hire Thousands of Community Organizers at $20-$48 Per Hour to Help w/Obamacare Enrollment

Obama and the IRS

IRS: $9 Million Travel Costs Not Excessive

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama: Ho Chi Minh Was Inspired by Our Founders

Scandal Watch: Senior DHS Official and Top Obama Nominee Under Investigation

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama to host Cabinet members for Friday retreat at Camp David: Last time was in 2010

Obama talks universal preschool again, experts sigh

Race relations have plummeted since Obama took office, according to poll

Obama and The IRS

Coons denies knowledge of or involvement with O’Donnell tax breach Delaware Democrat says additional investigations don’t appear necessary

Obama and Agenda 21

Darrell Issa: Energy Department Whistleblowers Gagged Whistleblowers; warned against cooperating with congressional investigators

Obama and the U.S. Military

Navy Using Video Game ‘Avatars’ to Combat Sexual Assault; Sailors to Act Out ‘Scripted Scenarios’

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

US Officials Attack ‘far from authoritative’ Leaked Drone Report

Community Organizer to the World

WH Spokesman: ‘The President Has Spent an Inordinate Amount of Time … Negotiating’

Commander-In-Chief Compare And Contrast: Obama places “Typical Middle Class Types” behind him as he speaks of the economic plight of the middle class

Queen Michelle

Flashback: Anthony Weiner’s wife joins him on the campaign trail in a dress that Michelle Obama wore in the first couple’s iconic victory hug photo



Fox News: David Ubben Is the Benghazi Survivor Recovering at Walter Reed

Frank Wolf Demands Answers on Benghazi Attacks

Obama Ethics, Year 5

DHS nominee under investigation for allegedly helping Hillary Clinton’s brother

Obama judicial nominee: abortion necessary to save women from ‘conscription’ into motherhood

The White House on Wednesday condemned a Republican congressman’s assertion that many immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as kids are actually running drugs.

President Alinsky Threatens Americans with Rising ‘Social Tensions’


The depressing reality of ‘the recovery’: Americans aren’t getting jobs. They’re retiring….-Report: Drop In Unemployment Rate ‘Almost 100 Percent Due To Decline In Labor Force Participation Rate’

Sen. Richard Shelby: Obama had nothing to do with Airbus

Barack Obama flops in Knox: the president’s speech was a train-wreck

Lights, camera, economy: Obama uses rhetoric of class warfare in jobs speech

Carney: Obama focused on economy not ‘phony scandals

1,646 days in, Obama says the economy remains his top concern again

Mortgage Purchase Applications Drop 2.07%, Average Mortgage Size Drops

Obama ‘Pivots’ for 19th Time

GM stock must nearly triple for taxpayers to break even

Obama and Your Privacy

U.S. officials warn Russia against giving refuge to Edward Snowden

NTSB calls for wireless technology to let all vehicles ‘talk’ to each other

NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails


‘Obamacare’ National Marketing Campaign To Cost Nearly $700 Million

Obama’s New York Model: How the state destroyed its insurance market using ObamaCare rules

Defunding Obamacare already sees success… ‘For heaven’s sakes, don’t spend another dime on this disaster!’

CBS News poll finds more Americans than ever want Obamacare repealed

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Robert Mugabe Slams Barack Obama for Supporting Gay Rights in Africa

Coming soon: America’s own Islamic ‘no-go’ zones Expert on terror training camps says expansion plans in works

Obama DEA Agents Raiding Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Across Washington State

DEA Seize Cell Phones And Laptops Of Employees Of Raided Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Turns Down Boy Scouts’ Offer To Speak At Jamboree

Obama and Egypt

US shipment of F-16s to post-Morsi Egypt hits delay

Joltin’ Joe Biden

Biden: I May Have Relatives In India

Obama and The IRS

Lew: Political appointee not involved in IRS tea party targeting

New IRS scandal: Private jet-hopping executives spend $8.5 MILLION in travel expenses

Questions raised about IRS executive travel

Insulating Obama From His Corrupt IRS

When will Jeffrey Zients return from South Africa?

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to La Raza: Hispanic kids more obese – less active

Obamacare: First lady encourages Hispanics to enroll in health insurance

Michelle Obama visits Sterling Farms grocery store in Marrero after healthy food speech in New Orleans

Obama and Agenda 21

Energy Department nominee struggled with financial management at NASA

Obama and the U.S. Military

Obama: Defense Veto Unless Vets Pay More For Health Care

Congress to probe lethal SEAL crash


Obama Ethics, Year 5

Report: Weiner’s sext pal is field organizer for pro-Obama group [Surprise, Surprise]

Homeland Security official probed: Alejandro Mayorkas

Ex-Justice Department official: Agency tainted by ‘racial favoritism’


White House: Spending cuts ‘diminished the sense of the greatness of America’

Obama: Economy is ‘back to where we were’

Obama´s Preview: ‘It Will Be a Pretty Good Speech’

Pressure mounts on Obama as he REFUSES to pay his interns (while campaigning to raise the minimum wage)

Huh? FHFA Purchase Only House Price Index Rises 0.7% In May, Richmond Fed Prints at -11

Obama and  The IRS

Records of snooping into Christine O’Donnell tax records disappear

O’Donnell: IRS ‘Set Up A Back Door’ for Political Opponents to Access Tax Records

Where Is Jeffrey Zients? Obama staffer at center of IRS targeting scandal has still not returned from an overseas exile


Shutdown looms over ObamaCare

Organizing for America plans to celebrate Obama’s birthday by promoting Obamacare

Without changes, California’s health care costs expected to soar: The average California family will be forced to spend a third of its annual income

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama: ‘I’ve Got a Little Over 1,200 Days Left in Office’

Al Qaeda on the Rise? After Al Qaeda claims responsibility for largest ever Iraqi jailbreak, has it emerged from 12 years of war with the west stronger than ever?

Suicide Bombers Break Out 500 Senior Al Qaeda Prisoners from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Jail

No confidence: Obama plummets in the eyes of Americans

Community Organizer to the World

Taiwanese Cartoon: Shows Obama Rolling Bailout Request Into Joint, Smoking It.

Obama and Israel, Year 5

Obama “Pushed Boycott of Jerusalem, Biblical Territories”

Washington, D.C.: Court: Americans Born in Jerusalem Cannot Label ‘Israel’ as Birthplace

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Hurt Locker: No proof U.S. life-saving anti-IED program ever implemented in Afghanistan

 Experts: Sequester Cuts Will Devastate U.S. Military Furloughs hitting employees hard, while U.S. verging on inability to fight two-front war

Chuck Hagel warns: Troops are ‘close to the breaking point’

Gays in, Bibles out in the new American military


Lawmaker: Benghazi details provided at pricey conference, but not given to Congress

Carter Ham: “Fragile” Libyan Gov’t is Why Benghazi Attackers are Free

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Denies Being ‘Treat Hater’ in Nutrition Campaign


Obama Ethics, Year 5

Obama Gives Senate One Day to Vet NLRB Nominees; Nuclear option deal provided little time to perform background checks

DOJ helped bogus “student group” target George Zimmerman and the Sanford police chief

 Obama Co-Sponsored Legislation Strengthening Illinois “Stand Your Ground” Law

Obama deploying drones around U.S.; Contracts show units to be used to enforce regulations

Inspector general of Homeland Security eyed in fund mismanagement and nepotism


Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo meets with president: ‘We all need Obamacare’

Celebs attend W.H. meeting on Obamacare

Doctors are skeptical and confused about Obamacare, survey finds

Fast Food CEO: Hard to See How ObamaCare Can Work

Community Organizer to the World

HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama shines new light on gun debate

Let them eat…. kale

Obama Spends Millions on Martha’s Vineyard Vacation  

Obama and Your Privacy

Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA Community organizers will use a Federal Data Hub to sign up people for subsidies — and even ballots.

Obama and  The IRS

Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before writing new targeting criteria

IRS fears Disclosure Above All Else, Offer Made in Court Confirms


US home resales’ surprise drop snaps streak of gains

Obama to Begin Series of Economic Addresses

President Obama’s brand new campaign ad wants you to believe he’s engaged on the economy

Should we be concerned about Jack Lew quietly raising debt ceiling $51 billion without a vote?

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Pentagon Signs $31K Contract for Oil Portrait of Leon Panetta

Pentagon Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner Keynoted by Keith Ellison

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Gen. Dempsey: Syria no-fly zone could cost US $1B per month

Mattis: U.S. flubbed response to Iranian bombing attempt

Obama and Israel, Year 5

Palestinians say no peace talks without ’67 borders agreement


Benghazi Scandal – “It Was Clear Pretty Quickly” – General: Benghazi Was No Demonstration

Aftermath of Benghazi: New details emerge of horrific attack that killed U.S. ambassador as support for Al-Qaeda grows in war-ravaged Libya


Obama and Israel, Year 5

‘Secret Obama plan’ forfeits Temple Mount to Palestinians

Obama Ethics, Year 5

Former DOJ official: Civil rights unit sent to mediate anti-Zimmerman protests has history of advocacy

Obama: Longtime journalist Helen Thomas a ‘true pioneer’

Obama and Agenda 21

Senator Barbara Boxer´s Own Experts Contradict Obama On Global Warming

Obama and  The IRS

IRS watchdog to investigate Christine O’Donnell claim

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Gingrich: Gangs Have Increased By 40 Percent Since Obama Was Elected

Math Behind Leak Crackdown: 153 Cases, 4 Years, 0 Indictments


 Former general: Knew early that Benghazi was terrorist attack


Detroit and Chicago Lead US in Population Loss

Boehner Sets Schieffer Straight on the Sequester; Schieffer subtly uses Obama admin talking point, calls sequester a ‘creation of Congress’

Onondaga County spent federal stimulus on two $4,000 trash cans, wants 300 more

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Navy chief on surge capability: ‘We’re not where we need to be’

To troops and furloughed Defense civilians, Hagel offers empathy but no hope for budget help

 Formerly Incarcerated Veteran  Describes Year-Long “Psychiatric Evaluations”  


Obama tries to regain ObamaCare edge after mandate delay setback


Obama and Israel, Year 5

Kerry to Palestinian President: ‘You Should Look Happy’

Israel: PA dropped preconditions; Palestinians say talks based on pre-67 lines


Move Over NSA, Here Comes the Obamacare Big Brother Database

Judge grants exemption for Hobby Lobby in ObamaCare challenge

Obama and Your Privacy

Biden calls Brazil’s Rousseff over NSA spying tensions

Secret court OKs continued US phone surveillance

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Military Will Not Rescind Reprimand for Airman Opposed to Gay Marriage


Jay Carney Says Amnesty Will ‘Increase Wages’, Media Laughs at Him (Video)

Biden: Feds Might Bail Out Detroit

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

U.S. Intelligence Official Says Syrian War Could Last for Years

Obama vs the 2nd Amendament

Obama, Holder powerless to end states’ ‘stand your ground’ legislation

Community Organizer to the World

The Obama Administration’s Race-Baiting Campaign

Obama and the IRS

DOJ Declines to Prosecute Officials Involved in Tax Record Scandal

Trey Gowdy: Claiming the White House wasn’t involved in IRS scandal is BALDERDASH

IRS Chief Counsel Visited White House Several Times Between 2010 and 2012



Congress will hear from Africa special forces commander on Benghazi attack

Pentagon does about-face on key Benghazi witness, makes Marine colonel available to talk

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Addresses Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman Verdict and Race … But Did He Make the Racial Divide in Case Worse?  

Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin

Obama: ‘Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago’ 

Obama and the IRS

Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O’Donnell as target

IRS Leaked Christine O’Donnell’s Info the Day She Announced Her Senate Candidacy

IRS official testifies that political appointee´s office involved in Tea Party screening

Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal A higher office is implicated.  


Mich. Judge Will Keep Obama Informed, Says Detroit Bankruptcy ‘Not Honoring’ President

Obama Orders Agencies to Recruit Volunteers

Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail out Detroit ‘Over My Dead Body’


WellPoint’s Anthem Blue Cross spurns Calif. small-business exchange

HHS Admits: You Might Not Be Able to Keep Your Doctor Under Obamacare

In Indiana, Individual Health Insurance to Cost 72% More Due to Obamacare

Obama vs Your Privacy

Tech companies call on Obama for government surveillance transparency report  

Obama Ethics, Year 5

“Barry Soetoro” Has Registered to Vote at White House Address

Justice Department looking to employ experienced attorneys… for free

Former Navy SEAL Tells of Forced Incarceration under Obama Regime in 2009  

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama ponders canceling Moscow talks with Putin 

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