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Comet ISON Due To Hit The Frost Zone Soon, Will It Brighten?

Comet ISON is expected to hit the ‘frost-zone’ in early October.  Will the comet brighten due to this encounter, or remain to show any major outgassing?091713bThe ‘frost-zone’ is a zone just outside Mars’ orbit where comets start outgassing, or become brighter as ice rapidly evaporates into the coma.  This zone is where astronomers can determine if the comet will become a dud or put on a show.  Since this might be Comet ISON’s first visit into the inner solar system,  the comet will be unpredictable.The comet will pass very close to Mars, enabling our satellites and rovers to snap photos of the pass.  These photos should be extremely spectacular to view if the comet undergoes a brightening phase in the ‘frost-zone’.  The world is waiting for this moment and thousands of people are keeping an eye on what ISON will do.  The last bright and long lasting comet was Comet Hale-Bopp, which was a bright object in both the morning and evening skies in 1997.

If Comet ISON can behave correctly, the comet will rival Hale-Bopp, especially toward the closest approach to the Sun during the later portion of this November.  If it survives it could become a daylight comet!  These scenarios are still in play as ISON has yet to show what it will do once it passes the ‘frost-zone’.

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