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On Display, America’s Third-World Despotism


No this is not Venezuela, but the government is doing its best to emulate it.  Yes, the goal is the same, to reduces self-dependency and eliminate rival stabilizing influences… The Marxist Government Machine the people so blindly elected runs on desperation. By now this should be apparent.

Yet, no one wants to admit or believe that the heinous threat ready to devour them is real, even amongst many of those on the right and conservative. In this fundamental transformation of deteriorating freedom and liberties, everyone is either a lost cause already or in such a traumatic shock of what is happening that an almost overwhelming stupor of denial has taken hold of the country. Sadly, many ignored and did not want to see the initial red flags and warning signs that were so obvious from the very beginning.

It is essential to socialism that the Obama government must attempt to control any means of production, directly or indirectly. The reason for this is that the source of their corrupt power comes from rationing everything of value. Anything produced,  otherwise,  or available in abundance, can be used as an “alternative currency”, and undermine the Obama regime’s absolute abuse  of government power. This is not something new and occurs frequently in third world socialist and communist countries.

The present LDS operation is a major target both because it has the ability to produce and distribute at large scale, in ways outside of the corrupt government’s overly bureaucratic management and control and provide sufficient amounts of food for people the government prefers to “punish” and does not want fed.  The Administration fears that the canneries, while doing so in such quantities, can undermine and expose government imposed artificial shortages used to control and manipulate the population…

Is Obama Targeting LDS Canneries?

Federalist Press ^ | June 14, 2013

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon) has a network of food canning and distribution centers around the nation, where volunteer church members donate time to can food grown on the church’s farms and orchards or purchased from other sources. The purpose of this network of canneries is to provide food to those who have been caught in disasters or just caught short by an ever-declining national economy. Millions of pounds of food are prepared for distribution annually in the LDS canneries.

Recently, we have heard rumblings that the federal government has been paying very close attention to the church’s cannery network and that the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration have been imposing increasingly burdensome regulations and requirements on the LDS canneries. Despite the cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment at these ‘clean-room’ quality facilities, federal agencies have been hitting the LDS church with improvised fines for “violations” they find during surprise inspections. Reports of an FBI “raid” at one facility where agents demanded a list of the names of the cannery’s patrons was especially troublesome…

…Why is the federal government going after the LDS Church? There are a number of reasons that come to mind. Obama’s nemesis in the general election was a prominent member of the LDS Church. Members of the church tend to vote in a conservative block. The LDS Church teaches the worship of God and His Son Jesus Christ, independence, morality, education, and family and traditional values–all things that are abhorrent to the current administration, which has proven its willingness to abuse its authority to go after those with whom it disagrees (Romney supporters, patriotic groups, conservatives, Christians, etc.).



Like many Marxist/Socialist dictatorships they usually go after anyone who is stockpiling anything, and demonize them calling it “hoarding”. So as things begin to deteriorate, rule of law also deteriorates, and forced control begins; the goal being for everyone in the country to be dependent upon the regime for their sole survival. Already, Charity and other hospitals are in queue to be shut down and replaced by inferior government controlled healthcare. Commercial food distribution networks, back yard farms, and people selling on the side of the road, similarly. All this meeting the perverse game plan for government intrusion, control and the destruction of freedom.

Much reference has been made to the Ayn Randian and Orwellian scenarios, similarities and atmosphere that is being played out during this regime’s term. Perchance one can not recognize there is good reason. Still there are those now “proud” of their country, there is now no doubt who they are.

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