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Technological Hazard or Coincidence?


Explosion in USA on Tuesday, 11 February, 2014 at 04:18 (04:18 AM) UTC.

Industrial Explosion
North-America – State of New Hampshire | Peterborough, New Hampshire Ball Bearings 
Location: N 42° 51.016, W 71° 57.919 
Human Fatalities: 0
Injured: 15

An employee at a New Hampshire ball bearings plant where an explosion injured at least 15 people says he heard a bang, felt a rumble and saw snow blown off the plant’s roof. New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc. machine operator Paul Clark says he was outside when he heard the explosion Monday afternoon. He says his girlfriend was inside the plant in Peterborough. He says shelves fell off the walls in the department where his girlfriend works but she wasn’t injured. Company spokeswoman Kathy Gerrity says it’s unclear what caused the explosion. A local hospital spokeswoman says two injured people have been flown to other hospitals for more treatment and the rest have been released. New Hampshire Ball Bearings’ corporate headquarters are in Chatsworth, Calif. It’s a division of Japanese company Minebea. An explosion rocked a small-town ball bearings plant on Monday, sending at least 15 people to the hospital, but a company spokeswoman said none of their injuries appeared to be life-threatening. The blast blew out windows on the building’s ground floor, Peterborough Fire Department spokesman Eric Bowman said. There was no fire, and a hazardous-materials team was investigating. It was unclear what caused the explosion at New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc., company spokeswoman Kathy Gerrity said.

First responders will try to determine the extent of the damage to the facility, and it was unknown when it will be back in operation because it would need to be inspected and deemed safe first, she said. The plant, in the southwest New Hampshire town that was the inspiration for Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town,” manufactures high-tech parts for the aerospace industry and employs 700 people. Gerrity said she wasn’t sure how many people were inside when the explosion happened Monday afternoon but there are usually about 450 working around that time. Bill Brock, owner of the Manhattan East Hair Design shop about a quarter-mile from the plant, said he heard and felt something but didn’t know what it was. Then about 30 ambulances and fire trucks went by. Gov. Maggie Hassan said the state emergency operations center was open to monitor the situation and she was “very encouraged” to hear that all employees had been accounted for. Local hospitals were asked to prepare for patients who may have been exposed to hazardous materials. Two of the 15 people who were treated at Monadnock Community Hospital later were flown to other hospitals, spokeswoman Laura Gingras said, and the rest were released by Monday night. New Hampshire Ball Bearings’ corporate headquarters are in Chatsworth, Calif. It’s a division of Japanese company Minebea.


Headlines: Major explosion at manufacturing plant in Peterborough, NH and  Up to 15 injured in explosion at Peterborough facility

Of note: NHBB manufactures precision bearings used in the aerospace industry, and in the defense industry… Ball bearing plants and factories are listed as strategic targets, even now they are considered tertiary nuclear targets.

Speculation: Politically linked?  Arms Manufacturers Pay This Man to Mock Journalists  It is Loren Thompson’s job to denounce, denigrate, and discredit anyone covering his clients.  Coincidentally Lockheed, one of America’s biggest weapons manufacturers is one of his best clients. Conspiracy theories aside; maybe this incident is just an unfortunate accident or something.

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