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The Post Apocalyptic Transformation of America — Beyond Obamadome


Barack Obama pledged to radically transform America when he took office.

The Post apocalyptic transformation of America

ObamApocalypse: The Post apocalyptic transformation of America — From a rendition on

Thanks to that process to Fundamentally Transform America — America may soon consist of Six nation-states:

  1. The Democratic Peoples Utopia of Calmeximarxistan
  2. The Northwestern Cannabis Territory
  3. The Free Republic of Texas and The Confederate States of America
  4. The Eastern Union of Socialist Welfare States
  5. The Barrens of Minnesodisu and Michiganistan
  6. The Islamic City State of New Yorkistan

Each of these nations are a fraction of the population they are now, due to the radioactive blanketing after the fission- and fusion-nuclear device war. Mostly, people are moving around in tattered clothing collecting radioactive tin cans and bartering what they have scrounged.

Obama Town — From a rendition on

Reference Article: The Global Map, 2017

See also: Humans Could Be In The Middle Of A Huge Evolutionary Transition

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