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The HELM part of it? A rather UN-amazing speculation…


Introduction to HELM

Objects of Consideration

The Objects of Consideration are what HELM is about, HELM works towards its general goals by achieving specific objectives, each of which addresses one of the identified Objects of Consideration

See: Goals and Objectives

Now put this in the Military perspectives of planning, strategy and tactics. Of course don’t forget the policy-of-the-moment and especially the dictatorial edicts.

May be training for an in situ attack and invasion, or perhaps a forced land grab with all the resistance pieces in place  Still wondering how it got this far?


HELM book, 2nd Edition [PDF, 7.2MB]
Harmonised European Land Monitoring (HELM), Panorama of European Land Monitoring [PDF. 3.2MB]
HELM Strategy and Society [PDF, 3.4MB]
HELM Practical Experiences with Bottom Up Land Monitoring Approaches [PDF, 2.8MB]
HELM Aligning National Land Monitoring Activities [PDF, 7.4MB]

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A change is a comin’

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