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Transgendercide – It’s not a mental health issue?


(Update) Transgender youth: Study reveals high rates of suicide and cutting

In a new study, 30 percent of transgender youth report a history of at least one suicide attempt, and nearly 42 percent report a history of self-injury, such as cutting.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center study also discovered a higher frequency of suicide attempts among transgender youth who are dissatisfied with their weight.

“Our study provides further evidence for the at-risk nature of transgender youth and emphasizes that mental health providers and physicians working with this population need to be aware of these challenges,” says Claire Peterson, PhD, a psychologist at Cincinnati Children’s and lead author of the study. “Dissatisfaction with one’s appearance and the drive to look different from one’s sex assigned at birth is central to gender dysphoria – the feeling that your gender identity is different from that at birth.”

More patients transitioning from female to male reported a history of suicide attempts and self-injury than those transitioning from male to female.

The study is published in Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, the journal of the American Association of Suicidology.

The researchers analyzed data from the medical records of 96 transgender patients, ages 12 to 22, with gender dysphoria visiting the Transgender Health Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s. The clinic has served nearly 500 patients since it opened in 2013.

Fifty-eight percent had at least one additional psychiatric diagnosis in addition to gender dysphoria. Nearly 63 percent indicated a history of bullying, 23.1 percent a history of school suspension or expulsion, 19.3 percent involvement in physical fights and 17.1 percent repeating a grade in school.

The Cincinnati Children’s researchers hope that additional studies will shed more light on the relations among weight concerns, eating disorders, self-injury and suicidal behaviors.

Cincinnati Children’s started its Transgender Health Clinic to provide an accepting atmosphere and services for patients up to 24 years of age.

31 August 2016
Outbreak News Today

Queer NewsUSA Today (edited):

Transgender people face alarmingly high risk of suicide


Suicide attempts are alarmingly common among transgender individuals; 41% try to kill themselves at some point in their lives, compared with 4.6% of the general public. The numbers come from a study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute, which analyzed results from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. Researchers are preparing to launch another version of the online survey on Wednesday

More than a dozen other surveys of transgender people worldwide since 2001 have found similarly high rates, and the problem has grown more visible since (Bruce) Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out (public debut) raised awareness about transgender (mental) health issues overall.


Mental health experts say turning the tide will take more research, including random-sampling surveys in addition to the “convenience sampling” that depends on people deciding to participate, plus studies examining how many people who die from suicide are transgender.  All research into this area is relatively new… “There are a lot of holes in our understanding.” (Odious Parapraxis)

Excerpt: Full Article by Laura Ungar, via USAToday

Generally speaking, chromosomes don’t lie, nor do genes.

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White House Boasts Historic First Transgender Staff Member


Self-loathing Freedman-Gurspan previously was a policy adviser for the National Center for Transgender Equality’s racial and economic justice initiative.

Political Correctness:

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Over-socializing self-hate

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