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Religious Psychosis – Mass delusion


Papa Francisco in Mexico: A visit to hell

“It smells of sulfur.”  This is probably what crossed the Pope’s mind when he stepped off the plane in Mexico City. Almost in unison, dozens, perhaps hundreds of angels and archangels flew silently above him fleeing the ceremonies and protocols turned into a spectacle. If there was anywhere in the world to hear the “Earth’s cry and the poor’s cry”—which Pope Francisco claimed to be the main challenges for the Church to address—together, it would be in Mexico. Inexorably, he is confronted with this in the political, economic, and church elite who have turned the country into hell. Here are statistics of the tragedy: 164,000 killed, 27,000 disappeared, dozens of journalists threatened or eliminated, 9 million young people without jobs or school.

For this reason, the Pope’s reception by political-economic and church elite was more than significant as he seeks renovation, decency and a return to the social gospel as a means to rid the Catholic church of its crisis.

The well-known devils, disguised demons, impeccably dressed and perfumed Lucifers waited for him.

The cabinet members of the federal government filed before the Pope, so that he clearly saw a mosaic of sinners: satraps, power drunks, merchant accomplices, abettors, criminals, corrupt, traitors to their ideals, landowners, utter egoists, as well as arrogant and immoral governors.

No less was the case with the leaders of the Mexican Church, where there are many hidden enemies to the Holy Father’s renovation. In the spectacle, even the first “breech of protocol” was an organized meeting with a group of Televisa singers arranged by the President’s wife [Angélica Rivera, aka “La Gaviota”, “The Seagull”, soap opera star]

Another issue is the exploitation of Mexican labor. This is where the large parasites, arrogant and sumptuous magnates, named [CarlosSlim, [AlbertoBailleres, [RicardoSalinas, [Emilio]Azcárraga, [all multi-billionaires] etc., that can never “go through the eye of the needle,” [Jesus, Matt. 19:24] and whose emporiums are supported by neoliberal governments through the infamous Minimum (or negligible?) Wage Commission [current daily minimum wage is US$4. Various jobs pay some multiple of this.].

In Mexico, not all poor people are excluded or marginalized souls; rather they are a workforce that is promptly exploited by national and multinational companies. Most are workers and their respective families exploited in favor of most of the unions, true institutions at the service of the employer [“company unions“], led by very old, corrupt leaders. The depreciation of wages up to 70 percent, confirms this other dimension of hell [since peso devaluation in the 1980s].

We will see if the Pope in his homily in Morelia [capital of Michoacán], a land taken by criminals in collusion with the federal, state, and municipal governments, recognizes the unjustified situation of the Costa and Tierra Caliente [Pacific Coast and Hot Country regions, centers of organized crime] of Michoacán, and especially the 383 political prisoners led by Dr. José Manuel Mireles.

If he is consistent, his words should touch the issue of self-defense, which is a legitimate mechanism for citizens to protect their lives against State immobility and collusion. This would also highlight the Guerrero community police and the symbolic case of Nestora Salgado,  as well as those cases of dozens of political prisoners in that state and in Puebla, Veracruz, Quintana Roo and Morelos.

And, naturally, the 43 [disappeared Ayotzinapa students]!

[The Pope did not mention any of this in Morelia.]

[Byline Borderland Beat Reporter Lucio ]

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