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Sticks and stones will break our bones, but pseudoscience corrupts them for ever…


Is any science trustworthy? The Marxists accuse conservatives of being Flat Earthers who are anti-science to dehumanize their view, but the Marxists are actually the ones who do not follow the true science model. Science requires a skepticism of its theories until it becomes a fact beyond doubt which very few things are in the subjective sciences.

We have watched the deterioration of science over the past fifty years in all of the soft sciences which would be anything outside of the technical and engineering sciences. When man is able to manipulate the data it no longer is science and then becomes an agenda or politics driven. This fall of scientific curiosity coincided with the acceptance of evolution and the elimination of creation as a state controlled belief. When evolution became settled science without any real hard evidence it became the model for all scientific theory.

Politics corrupts everything it touches and evolution is now a purely political agenda to promote Marxism. It is designed to take God out of the creation of mankind and make science or random repetitions as the prime force of the universe. Their problem is that outside of the models and square pegs in round holes being hammered into place, the theory has no physical proof to backup the theory. There is no clear fossil record of a transitory species in existence which there should be trillions of random species crossing from one evolution to the other moving towards man and why has man not evolved?

This is the corruption which science accepts and is the foundation for every soft science theory we have accepted as truth. Once the science is settled then it is no longer able to be challenged no matter how much proof counters it. Science continues to become a consensus gathering movement similar to voting for one theory over another becoming less and less scientific proof leading to abominations like Global Warming, Acid Rain, Ice Age, Ozone hole growth, DDT killing birds and other frauds which have been disproved once the agenda has been promoted. These were all modeled in scientific research and then used to promote Marxism to punish capitalism and regulations were passed to eliminate whatever industry they wanted stopped. This is what science has evolved into as a political weapon to promote an academic and political agenda.

Now science through instant communication has become a debating society between people who agree with each other. Since they are 97% liberal socialists who believe Marxism is a fairer system than Capitalism they are going to advance their agenda through their branch of science. This brings into question all sciences and what is the agenda of those promoting it? If you cannot trust science in general how can you accept anything they tell you without looking at the negative effects?

(Excerpt) from Bray Log & Lumber

The media (of any type) are not our friends.

Consider this: Google Tests show that manipulating internet search results can influence opinions in favor of, or away from, a given candidate or subject area. For instance, IN A REAL ELECTION. Google testers did it in an election in India, and influenced all three candidates about the same, but the effect was real. Tests were able to shift more than 20% of the voters overall, and up to 60% in some demographic groups. hose tests were with ONE SHOT at influencing the voters. A sustained campaign could practically guarantee whatever outcome Google wanted, WITH NO EVIDENCE OF ANY MALFEASANCE. 

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