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Uncontrolled spread of Nuclear waste material: Hanford Nuclear Reservation, USA


Gov’t: “Alarming” release of radioactivity from US nuclear site — AP: “Uncontrolled spread of contamination” — Official: Contains “high levels of radioactive isotopes” (VIDEO)

Hanford Nuclear Site

More Tank Leaks Identified at Hanford Nuclear Site. Hanford Leaks Pose Long-Term Threat to Communities, Environment. Photo from US Dept of Energy

Published: February 24th, 2016 at 8:31 am ET

Tri-City Herald, Feb 21, 2016 (emphasis added): The Environmental Protection Agency has called the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford “alarming” after a Nov. 17 windstorm. Surveys six miles north of Richland after the winds subsided found specks of contamination… The waste came from research and uranium fuel fabrication work… [W]inds were worse than usual… and Hanford officials knew they were going to have issues… “Washington Closure Hanford went out and started surveying to understand how far the contamination had spread,” said Stacy Charboneau, manager of the DOE Richland Operations Office… The waste had high levels of radioactive isotopes that grout does not bind well, said Dennis Faulk, EPA Hanford program manager.

AP, Feb 22, 2016: Radiation blown onto highway at Hanford ‘alarming’ to EPA – [EPA] says the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford after a Nov. 17 windstorm is alarming. The winds pushed specks of contamination beyond Route 4, the public highway… EPA in a letter says the uncontrolled spread of contamination “is a matter that is alarming to EPA and requires further investigation and discussion.” It has given the Energy Department until the third week of April to prepare a report on its loss of control of radioactive material.

AP, Feb 22, 2016: [EPA] says the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford after a Nov. 17 windstorm is alarming… [The site] made plutonium for nuclear weapons [and] had problems with previous contamination spread from the 618-10 Burial Ground as early as summer 2014… The waste came from research and uranium fuel fabrication

KREM transcript, Feb 22, 2016: November’s wind storm spread radioactive waste from Hanford past a nearby highway. The EPA calls the situation alarming — they say small specks of debris spread past Route 4… [The EPA] has given the Energy Department until the third week of April to prepare a report on the radioactive material that spread.

Watch KREM’s broadcast here

Some Random Fukushima Notes

Fatality Studies:

Ultimately, the US will pay a heavy toll from the effects of the radioactive plume and fallout. Conservative estimates range around 1.3 million American fatalities by the year 2030. Evidence from Chernobyl fallout indicates latent cancers did not manifest in significant numbers until 5 – 10 years after the event.

From the initial Sherman/Mangano study: the estimate of 13,983 deaths was later revised to 22,000.

From the Bobby1 fatality index study: Conservative estimate shows over 1.3 million American fatalities from Fukushima fallout.


EPA busted for‘rigging’ the RADNET monitoring equipment to report lower levels of radiation. Meanwhile, US nuclear power plants that detected fallout from Fukushima forwarded the data up the chain of command into a password protected database accessible only by the ‘Federal Family’.  See Alexander Higgins Blog – Fukushima


Seek and Destroy: NRC Spends Millions to Search for Negative Press

The strategy is simple. The NRC wants to know who is writing or speaking out against nuclear power and they want to know the moment an article or video is published. When a report of media offenders becomes available, a ‘Cyber Situational Awareness Team’ springs into action. This is Big Brother at his best, clamping down on free speech and spreading disinformation through blogs and social networking sites like Facebook. Once the negative media is located, and this appears to be nearly instantaneous, the NRC begins an all-out information war to counter the effects of that particular piece. In many cases, a simple phone call will do to have an article removed or edited. Remember, these folks have corporate connections everywhere; writers have bosses and bosses work for owners. When the corporate owner of your newspaper calls and demands that you remove and anti-nuclear article, you better believe that article get’s pulled (or edited) 99.9% of the time. Now I ask my fellow Americans, why is it that the nuclear power industry must act in this way? If nuclear power is clean and wholesome, as they insist it is, then why must the NRC spend millions in an effort to find and attack information that portrays them in a negative light? Shouldn’t the NRC ask themselves, why is there so much media speaking out against nuclear power? And where are the countless activists speaking/writing out against solar power? Do solar power companies spend millions searching the press for articles that speak poorly of solar power?
—  , Something Wicked This Way Comes The Story Of Plume Gate The Worlds Largest Provable Cover Up,  171

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