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Remember these … Where are they now?


CD V-700 Survey Meter

CD V-700 family from the Model 1 to the Model 6B

CD V-700 family from the Model 1 to the Model 6B. Image:

Top row, Left to Right, Model 1 Nuclear Measurements GS-3CD, Model 2 Victoreen Vico 661, Model 3 International Pump and Machine Works IP-700, Model 3 Chatham CH-700, Model 4 Universal Atomics, Model 5 Anton Electronic Labs.
Bottom row, Left to Right, Model 6 Anton Electronic Labs, Model 6 Victoreen Inst. Co., Model 6A Victoreen Inst. Co., Model 6B Victoreen Inst. Co., Model 6B Lionel Electronic Labs, Model 6B Electro-Neutronics Inc.

CD V-700 Description From Radiological Defense Planning & Operations Guide SM-11.23.2 Revised March 1967

CD-V700 radiation survey meter is a sensitive low-range instrument that can be used to measure gamma radiation and detect beta radiation. It is recommended for (1) monitoring of personnel, food and water when used in a shielded facility or an area of low radiation background, and (2) follow-up monitoring or areas for human habitation and food production. The instrument is also used in training programs where low radiation dose rates are encountered.

Operationally this instrument consists of a radiation detector, a regulated high voltage supply, electronic circuitry for pulse shaping and metering, and an indicating meter and headphone for audible detection of radiation. Ranges of this instrument are 0-0.5, 0-5, 0-50, milliroentgens/hour. When properly calibrated, the response of this instrument is within the range of plus or minus 15 percent of the true gamma radiation dose rate from Cobalt 60 or Cesium 137 radioactive sources.

YouTube Video Of A CD V-700.

More Information at The Civil Defense Museum

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