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Forcible mind rape – So what if it is the student that must suffer?


“One of the most essential tasks of education for mental freedom is to prepare the child for mature adulthood by teaching it to see the essentials and by teaching it to think for itself.”

What happens when incompetency is promoted and indoctrination is the rule?

What happens when teacher inefficiency and ineptitude causes some schools to shutter their doors, but allows these same individuals to continue their destructive mentality, practices, and habits in the ruination of other school systems?

Is it a plague upon those forced to support such an outrageous condition, or is it the new norm that is required to further indoctrinate a new generation in the same type of ignorant, but  obedient drones?

After all, incompetency proves to breed incompetency, and ideological ignorance perpetuates that same ignorance.  Certainly, this has become not only an observable, but a historically proven fact, at least to the mind that is still able to think freely.

In many primary schools, students are taught in an atmosphere of compulsive regimentation and are imprinted with a sense of dependency and awe of authority, which lasts throughout their lives. They never really learn to think for themselves. The scholastic fact-factories, the schools, keep many pupils too busy performing tasks, to think; they may instead educate them into progressive immaturity. As long as people can quote one another and the available “expert” opinions, they are considered well informed and intellectual. Many schools emphasize what could be called an agenda-driven quotation mania, making the ability to quote it, the epitome of all wisdom. Nonetheless anyone with an apparently unanswerable logic, anyone who can back up their position with authoritative statements and quotations, can have a strong impact on such a mind, for it can readily be caught and conditioned by emotionally attractive pseudo-intellectual currents. In fact, in the process of brainwashing the inquisitor makes use of the feeling of confusion their victim gets when they are shown that their facts do not fit and that there are flaws in their concepts. The person who does not know the tricks of argument will break down sooner.


Think for a moment of the child especially sensitive to the boredom of some of our contemporary public schools. They become a conformist, full of good marks and no original thoughts, or rebellious, and ripe for stigmatizing and the child guidance clinic and reeducation centers of today and possibly for the totalitarian state of tomorrow.

Beware the Thought Police, they fully intend to make every falsehood a truth.

Still we are encouraged to ponder, what actually makes people kill?  Or, what part educational indoctrination, or the lack thereof  plays in the already insane society we have designed? Perhaps it is simply one that teaches its young to hate, infiltrate, invade, terrorize, subvert, attack, murder, conquer, and subjugate.


FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform On “Anti-government” Students – Constitutionalists figure prominently on the target list

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