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When you see the mobs, know that the mobs have controllers…

The Red in the Streets of Chicago

Date: 11 March 2016
Source: stopshouting.blogspot [edited]

The raging 40 yard dumpster fire that is Chicago and the almost Trump speech has cleared the decks of all other news items.  Many Americans who might see the events and maybe even read about them here (less likely every year that the Dept of Education works at it) may not have the reference points of the Cold War and actual experience with Commies.

Let me lay a few things out for you here regarding Commies… they are relentless.  They employ a range of tactics that Americans, inculcated with “football”, “basketball” and “golf” have no concept of.  Consider if you will that the national sports of Russia include Chess and Fencing, while ours appears to be a combination of taking “selfies” and the child’s’ game of “checkers”.

For a bracing look at Communist tactics, go read THIS.  I follow with this summary:

1)  Rigid enforcement and promulgation of party “line” in all things.
2)  Generation of “pressure Groups”.
3)  Contact and generation of “missionary” elements.
4)  Discrediting “bourgeois reformation”.

The activists, agitators and “community organizers” are part of the Communist Vanguardists.  They build up cadre of core members that will weather any political storm, like will surely follow Trump’s November final victory.  While the common communist tactical meme of “the worse, the better” can be seen in history… understand that Chicago tonight was a classic case of it – organized, planned, premeditated mayhem in hopes of damaging the Trump campaign.  The tactic is used to generate over-reaction and a follow on concession by The Powers That Be.  That it did not happen tonight is a puzzle that will play out for years.

The mass, angry mob will make a comeback after a long hiatus.  Consider this event to be a dress rehearsal, the foot soldiers of Communism have not a lot to lose, so they have a built in incentive and competitive advantage in being less restrained with the ultra-violence.  The spectacle may emerge during this troubled time of Police allowing angry mobs not just space to destroy, but space to kill “the other” by orders of the Department of (In) Justice.  Crazy sounding, but who would have thought we’d be where we are now on the continuum of societal insanity?

If Trump loses in November, expect the Communist core elements to go into over drive.  Show trials, lawfare, “SWAT-ing”, parallel construction and all that.  If he wins (and he likely will), what choice does he have domestically but to do unto others before they do unto him (and those who elected him)?  Given the invective and pent up rage of the progressive lemming horde, 2 things could happen… ok, 3 things.

1) A political compromise is reached and we all live happily ever after in a Utopian world
2) The Country comes apart, slowly at first as regional differences and even state level differences become more pronounced and then it will go logarithmic in final death throes
3)  Through sheer coercion, the nation state is held together for a while, maybe a few more decades, before choice 2 happens.


Read full article @ stopshouting.blogspot


The guy with the shovel? That is the Lumpenproletariat. The Unicorn is the FedGov. Re: Dependency theory

See Also

Tax Records Show George Soros Funded the Ferguson Riots With 33 Million

Soros… used his other groups to fund scholarly works blaming conservatives for the actions as well as decimating that same information through his bought and paid for media campaigns of and Think Progress.  He also feeds that information to like minded news organizations like PMSDNC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the New York Times.

During the Ferguson riots, Soros hired buses to take activists from his various organizations into Ferguson to try to keep and expand the ongoing riots.  Soros funded groups making the trip include but not limited to Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation.

Just sayin’

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