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“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”


How many things do we accept without asking why? How much information do we blindly accept?

Suppose we have a house and strangers kept coming into it, eating all our food, destroying our furniture, ransacking our property and accosting our family and friends, and once they are there, they just won’t leave. To get them to leave, we have to make an effort. We have to shout and maybe physically remove them.

In the same way, the information we so blindly accept in essence is dogma. It takes up valuable space in our minds and poisons us mentally. What kind of reality do we think is being created by such dogma?

The point is, when we accept anything without questioning it, it can become a reality to us. What kind of reality are we creating when our mind is in error about something? The notion of political correctness and social justice work this same way. If we choose to use a warped measure, will not we and our environment also become warped?  Is the compass we are using to guide us in the right direction broken? Are we being ridiculed and thrown into shackles of impudence for pointing out that our vessel is about to crash into the rocks or our vehicle is heading over a cliff?  Yet we keep on sailing or traveling on in error, does that trouble us at all?  Think about it and examine your own mind rather than letting someone or something else do it for you.

What if emancipating ourselves from such mental slavery meant that we have the power to change things before we have become totally enslaved or destroyed ourselves? Would we have the courage and strength to do it?

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