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Attention seeking terroristic behaviors…


Creating chaos and reeking havoc is one way of gaining attention, albeit a negative one. It is as though terrorists of all species migrate from their safe-spaces to strike out against imaginary enemies, which they have been psychically driven and indoctrinated into believing exist.  Obviously such cult programming is successful to those in the endless herds of weak-minded individuals. However, many faceless foreign counterparts of the  “TedKaczynsk‘s” and “Timothy McVeigh‘s” that are still out there awaiting their triggers to be pulled and directed to designated spaces to destroy, approved or not.

These are “the one’s they have been waiting for,”who are and can be manipulated by ideologies and counter-ideologies, some that may have validated bad experiences with power structures, others programmed, backed and well funded to perpetuate moral evil and death for some particular agenda their masters want to emphasize at the time.

Are these then to be considered social puppets and political marionettes? If so, who is the puppet master manipulating the strings?  Is it one or are they many? Obviously a fine line exists between the differences that separate the “Us” and “Them.” Joined to a sociopolitical-religo-psychological-bio-environmental realm, and residing somewhere amongst the socio-psychotic terrain of the mind.

What would happen if we too were to go underground to attack and murder them? Might we not be punished in the same way?  Think about it.  Could there be some rationale to Nietzsche’s paradoxical statement: “The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

Unfortunately, drawing attention to our actions might cause us also, to be “attention whores” of diverse category, blending into a cold and greedy, modern virtual psycho-social environment we have created for ourselves.

Some will struggle with the dissociated primitivism they face, others simply may not be able to grasp the inevitably that, “Sh*t Happens,” all the time. Amazingly, (at least to some) this seems to be the case whenever the human species goes about marking its ever changing boundaries.  Thing is, if we look were to view things objectively, Natural Law still prevails long after the species becomes extinct.

“The closer you look the more everything looks the same. And in the other direction, the bigger the scale, the more everything looks the same too.” –Leif Haven

Or we can recognize, as Earl Nightingale once said,  “The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts …”  And in that realm it doesn’t have a time dimension.

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