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Biological Health Hazard – MERS-COv Disease Outbreak : Saudi Arabia (Update – 2016-03-27)


Published Date: 2016-03-27 16:46:22
Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> MERS-CoV (47): Saudi Arabia (QS,HA)
Archive Number: 20160327.4122030

Date: 26-27 March 2016
Source: Saudi MOH [edited]

As of noon today [27 Mar 2016], there have been a total of:
1362 laboratory confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection, including
580 deaths [reported case fatality rate 42.6%],
764 recoveries, and
18 currently active cases including 3 asymptomatic infections.

In the past 48 hours since the last ProMED-mail update, there have been a total of:
2 newly confirmed cases,
1 newly reported fatality,
1 newly reported recovery.

Information on newly confirmed cases (2):
27 Mar 2016

1. A 76 year old Saudi male from Buraidah, non-healthcare worker, currently in a stable condition. Classified as a secondary household contact.

2. A 78 year old Saudi male from Hail, non-healthcare worker, reported as a fatality at the time of confirmation report. Classification still under investigation.

Information on newly reported fatality (1)
27 Mar 2016

The newly confirmed case in a 78 year old Saudi male from Hail (see newly confirmed case No.2 above). History of pre-existing co-morbidities.

Information on newly reported recovery (1)
26 Mar 2016

A 21 year old expat male from Alkharj, non-healthcare worker, no history of co-morbidities. [reported as a newly confirmed case on 19 Mar 2016, when he was noted to be in a stable condition. Classified as a primary case with a history of contact with camels in the 14 days preceding onset of symptoms.

communicated by:

[Transmission of the MERS-CoV is continuing in Saudi Arabia, with 79 newly confirmed infections reported since 1 Jan 2016. Since the 1st of the year [2016], there have been 32 cases of MERS-CoV infection reported from Buraidah, including one individual originally reported from Hail, but later attributed to the ongoing nosocomial transmission. In Hail, there have been 5 cases reported since the beginning of the year, including the individual who was later reported to be associated with the ongoing outbreak in Buraidah. Of these 5 cases, 4 were reported to be in a critical condition at the time of initial report, and the 5th, today’s [27 Mar 2016] reported case, was reported as a fatality at the time of initial report.

The Saudi MOH website has now added a column on the website to identify those individuals where contact with camels is unknown at the time of investigation. It would be of interest to know how many of the previously reported primary cases classified as no contact with camels had unknown camel contact histories at the time of initial confirmation report.

Maps showing the locations of the newly reported cases, deaths and recoveries can be found at the source URL.

The HealthMap/ProMED map of Saudi Arabia can be found at – Mod.MPP]

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