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Nuclear Event – Hot Shutdown: Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Mississippi


Technological Hazard –  Nuclear Event

North America – USA | State of Mississippi, Claiborne County, Port Gibson, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
Location: 32°00’24.0″N 91°02’54.0″W
Present Operational Age: ~30 years

Nuclear Event in USA on Tuesday, 29 March, 2016 at 11:23 [CDT]


“A Reactor Scram occurred at 1123 CDT on 03/29/2016 from 35% CTP [core thermal power]. The cause of the Scram appears to be a Turbine Generator trip. The station’s procedures, ’05-S-01-EP-2 RPV [Reactor Pressure Vessel] Control, 05-1-02-I-1 Reactor Scram ONEP [Off Normal Event Procedure] and 05-1-02-l-2 Turbine Generator Trip ONEP,’ were entered to mitigate the transient with all systems responding as designed. No loss of offsite or ESF [engineered safety feature] power occurred. No ECCS [emergency core cooling systems] initiation signals were reached and no ESF or Diesel Generator initiations occurred. All control rods fully inserted. MSIVs [main steam isolation valves] remained open, no SRVs [safety relief valves] lifted, and no containment isolation signals were generated.

“Currently, reactor water level is being maintained by the Condensate and Feedwater System in normal band and reactor pressure and temperature are being maintained by the Reactor Water Cleanup System. The main condenser is available. There are no challenges to Primary or Secondary Containment at this time.

“The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector.”

Source: NRC Event Number:  51827

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