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If you lived in an Orwellian environment, would you know it?


In the real world, there are no safe places, nothing is politically correct, and the world just isn’t fair. There are people that wish to take away your freedom and your life, stifle your thoughts and your opinions, and determine what you read, hear, or are.

In fact they police your thoughts so as to determine how the outcome of your actions can be used to their advantage, and out of the blind ignorance that has been instilled in you from your early conditioned educational programming, you willingly, and habitually oblige and obey as if you have no mind of your own.

Your perceptions of liberty and freedom are more often than not, twisted and flawed because you have likely been hypnotized into believing freedom and liberty is only what “they” say it is, at any given moment. In essence you are unable to know what “it” truly is, and if you did, your dissociation will be pointed out and you too would be destined to disappear down the dystopian rabbit hole like all other rational and recognizable truths.

If doubts remain, do this little social experiment for yourself and then, think about it, if you can. Determine afterwards, what are the objective observations that you made.

Here are a few self-directed questions to contemplate:

> How is your personal privacy? Is in being invaded by various levels and forms of surveillance?
> To what extent does the State control your and others daily lives?
> How much bureaucratic influence is there of policies designed stifle, breakdown and eliminate the socioeconomics of the family unit or any other close relationships you may encounter?
> Is their a cult-like following of state leaders and the Party they represent?
> Are you or others strongly encouraged to embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent, and taxed, penalized, or otherwise harassed and punished if you do not?
> Is history being changed in the favor of the State’s agenda and only its interpretation of it?
> What are the latest euphemisms now used to describe some condition, program or other concept?  How has it evolved from its original definition?
> What are now ‘improper thoughts‘ ? Are you being penalized or punished for them?

After such personal inquiry, you may want to ask yourself,  do you know what freedom really is?  How much of it is truly being denied you? Are you being ostracized for exercising it?

How much of what you once valued and believed has and is continuing to disappear down that totalitarian rabbit hole? Are your thoughts yours and do they even belong to you anymore?

Who is Pavlov? Was he correct in his assumptions after all?

Certainly, conspiracy theories, mass hysteria, mass illusion and delusion are some of the tools of the trade. Nevertheless, in the end, it is how the architects and tradesmen will use them that determines how the structure is built. Controlling how it is used however, is another story all together.

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