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Hidden in plain sight …


Shadow Structures

Posted on 1 April 2016
Excerpt from Stop Shouting!

Shadow government

Shadow government

A shadow government goes through the motions, year after year.  It builds credibility.  It runs homeschool cooperatives.  It helps take care of the elderly.  It runs low cost clinics. It trains its young men and women in the ways of hybrid warfare, of guerrilla warfare.  It abjures the credentialism of the external world in favor of its own rationale and value system.  In the contemporary era, it would also run maker shops, tool libraries and the like.

No matter who “wins” in November, a shadow government structure is necessary for what will in the out years be called the Continuation War, which will be a continuation of America’s 1st Civil War… which is what the original Revolutionary War was.  I say this because more Americans fought each other than British fought the Insurrectionists.  There is no voting our way out of this.  The only solution is to build upon the revolution, one social structure at a time.  Yes, some neighborhoods will have knitting circles, others will have “not a rifle club” structures.  In the end, what matters is social, ethnic and cultural homogeneity.  Nothing else is sustainable in the long term.


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