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Limited Headspace


Headspace as a WordPress blog was begun in March of 2006.

It was created as a self-commentary journal and reference source mostly out of the desire to post ubiquitous facts, opinions, edited commentaries, articles, and various types of satire outside of the somewhat immature nature, agenda driven censorship, and “hurt feelings” that tend to generate and drive other social media outlets.

However, beginning in January of 2016, a number of posts began being redacted and outright removed from view, without explanation. Interestingly, many of these posted items met with conditions, following external bias patterns of specific and targeted groups subject matter, these also being referenced within the context of the “About this blog”  description.

Most all of the information posted on this blog, is available in the public domain and freely available on the internet, and is usually attributed to their sources, when and where available. Edits and commentary on these items are certainly not meant to meet stringent academic criteria, and thus to be used dishonestly,  “stolen” or to infringe upon any “intellectual” or otherwise property. Neither is it meant to be capitalized on, in anyway or form. Thus the nature of the posts, or reposts as noted in this blog’s description should not be considered as plagiarization. Unless of course petty and frivolous reasoning is applied.

Nevertheless, the influence and results of such actions of censorship tend to speak for themselves (or not), as they always have.

… Used as a verb, headspace refers to the interference created between this part of the chamber and the feature of the cartridge that achieves the correct positioning. Different cartridges have their datum lines in different positions in relation to the cartridge.  From Wikipedia Headspace (firearms)


  1. the unfilled space left above the contents in a sealed container.
  2. a person’s state of mind or mindset.

Also see:  headspace

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