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Nuclear Event – Potential Uncontrolled Radiation Release: Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2, New York


North America – USA | State of New York,  Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 2
Location: 43°31’15.0″N 76°24’25.0″W
Present Operational Age: ~30 years

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station

Image: Daniel Christensen, A post card of the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station …

Nuclear Event in USA on Thuesday, 07 April, 2016 at 17:30 [EDT].


“Nine Mile Point Unit 2 (NMP2) experienced a momentary loss of Secondary Containment due to both Reactor Building (RB) airlock doors being opened at the same time.

“At 1730 [EDT] on 04/07/16, both RB airlock doors were opened simultaneously for less than 5 seconds. This resulted in Secondary Containment being declared Inoperable (TS Secondary Containment was restored to Operable when the doors were closed.

“The event is reportable in accordance with 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(C), ‘Any event or condition that at the time of discovery could have prevented the fulfillment of the safety function of structures or systems that are needed to control the release of radioactive material.’

“The condition has been entered into the station’s corrective action program and the NRC Resident Inspector has been notified.”

There is no interlock on these doors, just lights to verify the opposite door is open or shut. An Operator was entering secondary containment as another Operator was leaving.

Source: NRC  Event Number: 51856

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