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Animal Disease Outbreak – H7N3 (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus): Mexico


Published Date: 2016-04-13 17:34:43
Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (31): Mexico, poultry, HPAI H7N3
Archive Number: 20160413.4157717

Date: Tue 12 Apr 2016
Source: The Poultry Site [edited]

A total of 19 outbreaks of H7N3 highly pathogenic avian influenza have been discovered in Mexico. 3 of the outbreaks occurred on backyard premises, and the rest occurred on farms, in Veracruz, Puebla, and Jalisco [states].

Tests confirmed infection on some initially suspected premises, some of which had already been depopulated, and active surveillance found further infected farms. Some of the infected farms did not show any clinical signs, while others showed high mortality.

One of the outbreaks affected captive-reared wild birds — 25 Indian peafowl, which all died.

The rest of the outbreaks killed around 14 000 birds and approximately another 145 000 were destroyed to prevent the outbreak from spreading.

An epidemiological investigation into the outbreaks is ongoing. Movement controls, disinfection, quarantines, and zoning have all been enacted to control the spread of the disease.

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[Avian influenza viruses are divided by subtypes, based on 2 proteins found in the viruses: a hemagglutinin, or “H” protein, and a neuraminidase, or “N” protein. There are 16 H types and 9 N types yielding a total of 144 possible combinations.

The H5 and H7 subtypes are of particular concern, given the ability of these 2 H-types to mutate from low pathogenic to highly pathogenic strains. These 2 H-types have been known to cause serious disease and mortality in domestic poultry (

Avian influenza can and does affect people and clearly has been in Mexico for several years, so one would expect them to have a very active surveillance program.

Portions of this comment were borrowed from fellow moderator CRD. – Mod.TG

On 9 Mar 2015, Mexico reported an event of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) where serotype H7N3 was identified. To date 25 outbreaks have been reported. In the last follow up report no. 2, sent to the OIE on 8 Apr 2016, the 19 outbreaks indicated above were notified. See report at The event summary and an updated map are available at, – Mod.CRD

Maps of Mexico can be seen at and – Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]

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