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Retro Exploitation and Plunder


It is amazing that even in the 21st Century, the Carpetbagger mentality continues to devolve and interfere with freedom and self-government.  “Progress and Change,” yeah right… for whom?

“We see it right here in Mississippi — just two weeks ago -– how swiftly progress can (be) hurtle(d) backward,” Obama said. “How easy it is to single out a (small) group and marginalize them because of who they are or who they love.” (or what they believe.)

We are consumed with the anger and vitriol that are bubbling up, with folks shouting at each other, using hateful and divisive language.”

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A Recasting of Our Currency to Promote a ‘New’ History

Now, think about it for a moment.

It is not until one experiences politics that they suddenly realize the immense amounts of dung that exists in the world.

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