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The Agony of Freedom and Knowing


Why the Free Market Cannot Provide Renewable Energy Without the Government

turbine fail

Government lets you keep on failing. Image:

If “renewable” energy is such a great idea, why hasn’t the free market provided it without subsidies and coercion from the government? After all, capitalism has proven again and again that it can do most anything better than government can.

Here’s the answer:

Lake Land College recently announced plans to tear down broken wind turbines on campus, after the school got $987,697.20 in taxpayer support for wind power.

The turbines were funded by a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, but the turbines lasted for less than four years and were incredibly costly to maintain.

“Since the installation in 2012, the college has spent $240,000 in parts and labor to maintain the turbines,” Kelly Allee, Director of Public Relations at Lake Land College, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The college estimates it would take another $100,000 in repairs to make the turbines function again after one of them was struck by lightning and likely suffered electrical damage last summer. School officials’ original estimates found the turbine[s] would save it $44,000 in electricity annually, far more than the $8,500 they actually generated. Under the original optimistic scenario, the turbines would have to last for 22.5 years just to recoup the costs, not accounting for inflation. If viewed as an investment, the turbines had a return of negative 99.14 percent.

The free market functions efficiently because it is compelled by reality to do what works. Something that produces a negative return of 99.14% does not work; therefore, the free market cannot provide it. But government exists in a realm of sheer moonbattery, where reality does not apply.

[College president Josh] Bullock states that the turbines simply haven’t been able to power the campus’ buildings…

At least a lesson was learned. Or maybe not:

Lake Land plans to replace the two failed turbines with a solar power system paid for by a government grant. “[T]he photovoltaic panels are expected to save the college between $50,000 and $60,000 this year,” Allee told the DCNF.

Yeah. Sure they will.

Students, get used to studying in the dark. Taxpayers, keep those wallets open.

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