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Psycholinguistics, Suggestive Association, and Taxpayer Dollars


“It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”   ~ Voltaire

Criminal Restitution

Fear, fright, and intimidation may pass through long incubation periods and have extensive aftereffects on human thinking and the mind. The human brain is heavily burdened, and much time can elapse before the personality again finds the ability to stabilize itself.    ~ A.M. Meerloo M.D.

looter - A justice-involved youth goes shopping.

The Rewards of Looting: A justice-involved youth goes shopping. Image:

Newspeak Dictionary Update: Justice-Involved Youth

As America is fundamentally transformed, updates to the Newspeak dictionary come fast and furious:

The Justice Department announced a plan to throw $1.75 million at young criminals in hopes that they don’t become adult criminals. But you’d never know that given the linguistic fog the DOJ has conjured up.A press release issued earlier this week describes a new $1.75 million grant program as designed “to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing.”Wait, you ask, if these young people are “involved” in the justice system, doesn’t that mean they already have jobs? Like, say, as a trainee in the dispatcher’s office, or a desk clerk in the attorney general’s office, or maybe a janitor at the local courthouse?

There you see the confusion that can result from not keeping your Newspeak dictionary up to date. “Justice-involved youth” has replaced the more precise and therefore disfavored term “young criminal.”

[Byline Dave Blount]

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