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It’s a crime I tell ya!


Politicians in America are exporting tens of thousands of jobs and entire industries offshore, then they flood the country with tens of millions of illegal aliens.

What did they expect was going to happen when the goal is to release more criminals that cannot even be called criminals and felons any more, because it may hurt their feelings?

Meanwhile as reality sets in, Murder Rates Jump in Many Major U.S. Cities, New Data Shows

Almost 20,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Released In 2015, Responsible For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Crimes, Including Murder And Sexual Assault

FBI Dir: Less Aggressive Policing Because Of ‘Ferguson Effect’, Driving Spike In Murders

Besides, it is  historically obvious, that any system where the government “owns” the “means of production” is one that is imbued with far too much power and micromanages the country to ruin by default.

“One of the major delusions of the neo-feudalistic social system known as Marxist-Leninism is the notion that the authorities have the power to change nature.“

Surely there must also be future reparations made for this natural Apartheid: ‘Death Awaits’: Africa Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century

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  1. Not just illegal ones either. For over a decade immigrants with no historical ties to the Americas have come in and worked on H1B visas and taken professional jobs. Only when it started hitting computer people did anyone notice. But, it was hitting academics and other professionals well before. Once in on H1B if they have a lawyer and write a paper and pay to be in Who’s Who (or something similar) they can stay. Once in they can piggy back their extended family in. But, multi-generational Americans have trouble getting foreign spouses in.

    “During the depths of the Great Recession, employment of computer skilled workers dropped 24,310 workers in 2008 and 2009, while American colleges were graduating 131,296 new bachelor and associates degree holders in computer science. Yet, in those two years, while jobs were shrinking and new graduates were desperately looking for work, the Department of Homeland Security granted more than 130,000 new H1-B visas to do computer work.” Read more:

    “As of 2012, the latest figures available in 2015, the US has a total of 4,726 Title IV-eligible, degree-granting institutions: 3,026 4-year institutions and 1,700 2-year institutions.[1] The US had 21 million students in higher education, roughly 5.7% of the total population.[4] About 13 million of these students were enrolled full-time which was 81,000 students lower than 2010.[4]:table 224”

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