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In The Socialist Utopia of Venezuelan Cloward-Pivenism prevails … “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”


Maduro in crackdown under Venezuela emergency decree


(AFP) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a sweeping crackdown Saturday under a new emergency decree, ordering the seizure of paralyzed factories, the arrest of their owners and military exercises to counter alleged foreign threats.

“We must take all measures to recover productive capacity, which is being paralyzed by the bourgeoisie,”

“Anyone who wants to halt (production) to sabotage the country should get out, and those who do must be handcuffed and sent to the PGV (Venezuelan General Penitentiary).” [Transference?]

Castro did this same thing. Only problem was, afterwards, there was no one left who actually knew how to run the factories….

So, production facilities need money to buy raw material to make inventory… with inflation running at 500 %  this year alone, how is that going to work out?

This crisis provides a living lesson to the rest of the world of how “elections have consequences,” and about the unavoidable evils of utopian collectivist and socialist philosophy.

“Oh, the humanity” or lack thereof:  Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals (this is what free healthcare looks like).

A special note applies here: The Times has closed comments on this article. Because?  Comments about mass starvation and wholesale societal collapse is sometimes sufficient enough to shake others out of their Liberal/Marxist delusions.  Consider, Venezuela was once the richest and most prosperous country in Latin America.  Now, it illustrates what the real economic gains of Communism is really like.


Directive 10-289

It’s purpose was to freeze the economy in place and to stealthily incorporate slavery to the state using supposed altruistic social pressures and buzz words. Directive 10-289 is modeled on actual practices carried out by various communist states around the globe, although rarely were all of these brought into practice in one fell swoop as they are in Atlas Shrugged.

Point One makes it illegal for workers to quit or be fired. All workers, wage earners and employees of any kind whatsoever shall henceforth be attached to their jobs and shall not leave nor be dismissed nor change employment, under penalty of a term in jail. The penalty shall be determined by the Unification Board, such Board to be appointed by the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources. All persons reaching the age of twenty-one shall report to the Unification Board, which shall assign them to where, in its opinion, their services will best serve the interests of the nation.
Point Two forbids business closings. All industrial, commercial, manufacturing and business establishments of any nature whatsoever shall henceforth remain in operation, and the owners of such establishments shall not quit nor leave nor retire, nor close, sell or transfer their business, under penalty of the nationalization of their establishment and of any and all of their property.
Point Three abolishes patents and copyrights.
Point Four prohibits the introduction of “new devices, inventions, products, or goods of any nature whatsoever.” (p.505)
Point Five makes it illegal for firms to expand or contract production relative to the Basic Year.
Point Six enjoins everyone to spend the same amount of money as they spent in the Basic Year.
Point Seven imposes universal price controls.
Point Eight makes the Unification Board (Gov’t) the final arbiter and interpreter of the directive

Atlas Shrugged — Ayn Rand

Government versus Anarchy and Production versus Plunder

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