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Commander Obama’s Pussification of the Military: Where Skill and Combat readiness is irrelevant and Focus is on what’s important, like combating global warming, embracing diversity and hurt feelings.


“Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.” – Lord Farquaad.

US Crews Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition


A recent competition hosted in part by the U.S. Army and designed to test core tank crew skills saw European crews take the top honors, while crews from the U.S. Army failed to place. The results raise the question of whether the Army—after more than a decade of focusing on guerrilla warfare—has devoted adequate training to address “big war” skills.


The competition involved tank crews conducting both offensive and defensive operations, and both mounted and dismounted activities. Crews fired ten main gun rounds from various positions. In one event, crews had to correctly identify 25 friendly and unfriendly (read: Russian) vehicles while traveling a course. Other events involved operating in the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack, dealing with improvised explosive devices, and medical emergencies.


This isn’t the first time U.S. Army tankers have found themselves in an embarrassing situation. North Carolina National Guard tankers beat their Regular Army counterparts—and crews from the U.S. Marine Corps and Canadian Army—at the U.S. Army’s 2016 Sullivan Cup. A tank crew consisting of an insurance adjuster, Pepsi truck driver, college student, and aspiring police officer beat fifteen other reserve and active duty tank crews to place first.


The results in both competitions echo recent comments made by Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley and published in last Sunday’s New York Times. Milley stated, “Today, a major in the Army knows nothing but fighting terrorists and guerrillas, because he came into the Army after 9/11. But as we get into the higher-end threats, our skills have atrophied over 15 years.”

Source: Washington Post

[Byline Kyle Mizokami]  May 17, 2016


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