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Virology Education


Twenty-five lectures in virology

Have you always wanted to better understand viruses, but did not know where to start? I have the solution for you – my undergraduate virology course. The 2016 version has just ended, and all the lectures are available as videos, either on YouTube or here at virology blog (where you can also find lecture slides and study questions).

It will take some time for you to watch all the videos – each is about 70 minutes long – but the effort will be worth it. In the end you will know more virology than most of the world. With new viruses emerging annually, don’t you want to understand how they work? Go ahead, dive in.

Lecture 1: What is a virus?
Lecture 2: The infectious cycle
Lecture 3: Genomes and genetics
Lecture 4: Structure
Lecture 5: Attachment and entry
Lecture 6: RNA directed RNA synthesis
Lecture 7: Transcription and RNA processing
Lecture 8: DNA replication
Lecture 9: Reverse transcription and integration
Lecture 10: Translation
Lecture 11: Assembly
Lecture 12: Infection basics
Lecture 13: Intrinsic and innate defenses
Lecture 14: Adaptive immunity
Lecture 15: Mechanisms of pathogenesis
Lecture 16: Acute infections
Lecture 17: Persistent infections
Lecture 18: Transformation and oncogenesis
Lecture 19: Vaccines
Lecture 20: Antivirals
Lecture 21: Evolution
Lecture 22: Emerging viruses
Lecture 23: Unusual infectious agents
Lecture 24: HIV and AIDS
Lecture 25: Viral gene therapy

flu virus - Generic influenza virion

Generic influenza virion Image/CDC

Viruses have a way of taking over the headlines from time to time–in 2009 it was H1N1 influenza. A couple of years ago, Ebola dominated the airwaves and today, it is difficult to turn on the news or read a news source with something about Zika virus.

Virology, or the study of viruses, is a challenging, but oh so interesting topic and there is a virology professor of more than three decades that has published his 25 lecture undergraduate course on his blog for you to immerse yourself into… and it doesn’t cost a penny!

Columbia University Virology professor, Vincent Racaniello, PhD, published the video series on his website Virology Blog —Check it out!

The lectures, each about 70 minutes in length, cover everything from the basics to the genetics and structure to infections, vaccines and the always interesting emerging viruses.

As “Earth’s virology professor”, Racaniello is a Professor of Microbiology & Immunology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. He has worked on influenza viruses, his lab was one of the premier places for work on the polio virus and now Zika and enterovirus are under the lab umbrella.

[Byline Robert Herriman]
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