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LOOK: The Latest PARTY DRUG Is Being PULLED From The Shelves At HOME DEPOT

May 10, 2016
Mail Online

Okay, your HIGH is really screwin’ up my LAWN!!!

People are IDIOTS and will ingest ANYTHING to catch a BUZZ — the latest — FLOWER SEEDS?!

That’s right, people are CHEWING the seeds of:

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Sleepy Grass
Blue Morning Glory

Because they’re LEGAL, and apparently, mimic the high of LSD.

This week, police issued a WARNING to parents after a number of TEENAGERS were hospitalized — with extreme PSYCHOTIC reactions — after chewing seeds meant to grow climbing vines, long grass, and flowers.

It’s gotten so rampant, HOME DEPOT stores have begun PULLING the seeds from the shelves.

The seeds contain LSA (lysergic acid amide), a HALLUCINOGEN similar to LSD.

And while purchasing the seeds is legal — EXTRACTING the LSA — is ILLEGAL.

When swallowed, chewed, licked or crushed into tea — they affect a person’s hearing, vision, and sense of time — often making them feel extreme euphoria and extreme fatigue. 

And like LSD, they can also induce psychotic episodes, flashbacks, overwhelming PARANOIA, and vomiting.

Police are mainly finding the seeds on MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL campuses.

 According to a police officer:

We as human beings have a tendency to come up with different ways to become impaired, or however you want to describe it.

Here we have a natural product that’s intended for ornamental purposes, and somehow, someone figured out that it could cause a hallucinogenic effect.

Parents should know if their children are into planting flowers or not, so if they see these things in the household, the radar should be on, the red flag should go up.

Wrong WEED, idiots.


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