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Meanwhile, In a place where citizen disarmament is the rule …


More Than 60 Shot in Chicago Memorial Day Weekend Violence

At least 62 people had been shot across the city since Friday afternoon, including six who were killed

May 29, 2016


(NBC5Chicago) Chicago has been pulled into headlines nationwide this weekend as police struggle to curtail the city’s growing reputation for violence. Escalante said he is confident the department can get things under control, but others are skeptical.


“The police cannot stop the killings in the Chicagoland area and it’s not their fault,” community activist Tio Hardiman told NBC 5. “The community needs to organize in high numbers and work with these guys on street corners in an aggressive way.”

As the city wraps up the fifth month of 2016, the Chicago Tribune reports there have already been more than 1,400 shooting victims so far this year.

 For more information, see the following sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-TimesHomicide Watch Chicago, DNAInfo Chicago, NBC5 Chicago, Chicago Tribune’s Shooting Tracker & Homicide Tracker, City of Chicago Data Portal and CPD CLEARMAP.
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