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Reciprocation “Aquí está su señal”– Jobs in Mexico (Race privilege and Sovereignty)


Mexico: Surprising Jobs Off-Limits to Foreigners

Coming from another country, these laws may seem a little unusual but you have to respect the fact that Mexico is looking out for its own people (and its Sovereignty).

"Here's your sign."

“Aquí está su señal”

Mexico has gone above and beyond to protect their citizens in the job market. There are several jobs, by law, that only a Mexican citizen can hold, and in some cases, that person has to be a natural born Mexican. Obviously many political positions have this requirement (e.g. president); however, Mexico has extended this to some jobs you would not expect.

I have compiled a list of the ones that surprised me the most. Most of these were taken from the Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo). If you can read Spanish and would like to read the law the 236 page law in its entirety, here is the link: Ley Federal del Trabajo (LFT) PDF

Some of the occupations also include a link to the licensing requirements in PDF format.

(Excerpt)

[Byline Qroo Paul]

Meanwhile in America, Census: Illegal immigration up 57% in less than two years.
DOJ Moves to Shield Immigration Records of Illegals Improperly Granted Exec. Amnesty


A fee to go into Mexico? Pilot program underway
Mexican president hails Obama’s decisions on immigration
Obama calls immigration action legal, not amnesty
ICE readies 2,400 beds for new spring surge of illegal immigrants through Texas
Mexico Travel Warning


Besides flooding the labor market with cheap labor which reduces job opportunities for American citizens in a diminishing base. Highly infectious communicable diseases are also pouring through this uncontrolled border creating serious public health problems.

This destructive utopian Mexican open border approach of even considering granting those who enter the US illegally through it. Entitlement to all benefits beyond those of what we give to our citizens destroys the value of an American citizenship. It is being promoted by the name callers mostly in socialist circles such as the democrat party as well some republicans who use such terms as nativist promoting racial division .

What we should be doing is taking a very very hard look at our relationship with Mexico along with trade and its myriad mistreatment of Americans as 3rd class citizens and its claims on American territory . There is no doubt there are hundreds of complaints, if not thousands, from American citizens who have retired there. Along with travelers running to American consulates about conditions that are going unreported because of this Mexican policy

While we are expected to allow Mexican citizens enter to our country illegally and offer them preferential treatment over our citizens allowing them to purchase land in their own name and and even voting privileges which they cannot do if they choose to retire in Mexico.

The leading Republican candidates and that includes Trump may mention some of this but thus far have refused to identify the problem let alone properly redress it by suggesting or implementing reciprocity.

Since the Mexicans are permitting foreigners transit through their country for illegal entry into ours. Any person entering illegally through that open border whether a bona fide citizen of Mexico or not should be treated as if they were a Mexican and tossed back to Mexico and let Mexico deal with them. Illegals should be offered the same rights as Americans. No property ownership and voting rights let alone access to the multitude of costly programs comm9ng out of US taxpayer pockets.

If reciprocity were implemented there would be no need to worry about who will pay for walls or border fences. Illegals would leave on their own accord . And the value of being an American citizen restored.

Posted elsewhere (31 May 2016)


Don’t expect America’s mainstream media to report on this story. Because they wouldn’t want it to make them look  sleazy or something, would they?

adjective: sleazy; comparative adjective: sleazier; superlative adjective: sleaziest
(of a person or situation) sordid, corrupt, or immoral.
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