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“Are you better off than you were four years ago? “


Report: Obama administration installs ‘new regulation every two hours and 24 minutes’

May 31, 2016

The United States federal government loves a few things: war, taxes and regulations. For the last few decades, Washington, whether it’s controlled by Republicans or Democrats, has expanded the tax code and the book of regulations. But it has really amplified under the current regime.

According to a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the federal government has implemented more than 2,000 regulations in the last week. These regulations cover nearly every single issue, from energy standards to nutrition labeling, from avocadoe imports to cable TV disclosure requirements. It’s part of an effort by the Obama administration to get in as many new regulations as possible before the president leaves office.

 Ostensibly, the report notes, federal agencies completed 70 new regulations in just one week.

Year-to-date, the government has added 1,344 final rules to the Federal Register. The trend suggests White House officials could complete more than 3,200 regulations this year, which is equal to roughly 83,000 pages.

“That’s the equivalent of a new regulation every two hours and 24 minutes,” CEI’s Ryan Young wrote in a blog post. “Last week, 2,013 new pages were added to the Federal Register, after 2,065 pages the previous week.”

In April, a Mercatus Center study discovered that federal, state and municipal regulations have cost the U.S. economy $4 trillion.

[Byline Andrew Moran]


When those in the elected US government positions set their own salaries and exempt themselves from the laws they pass for the rest and also pass laws that ingratiate themselves and only apply to them, can one honestly believe this type of government will avoid civilian backlash or that it will last? This is obviously why those in DC want to disarm the civilian population but their mantra of lies is disarming US civilians will curb gun violence. How much more?

“The permanent lie becomes the only safe form of existence, in the same way as betrayal. Every wag of the tongue can be overheard by someone, every facial expression observed by someone. Therefore every word, if it does not have to be a direct lie, is nonetheless obliged not to contradict the general, common lie. There exists a collection of ready-made phrases, of labels, a selection of ready-made lies.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the pervasiveness of lies in the socialist society

Executive Delusion

The Economy Is Better Off Now Than When I Started” – Obama Delivers Remarks On The State Of The Economy

June 1, 2016

No fiction peddling will be allowed at Obama’s speech taking place in Elkhart right now, where the president is delivering his well-oiled sermon on how “the economy is better off now than at the start” of his presidency…. Just ignore the facts.

See for yourself ….

Executive delusion

“The Economy Is Better Off Now Than When I Started” – Obama Delivers Remarks On The State Of The Economy. Zero Hedge

Watch live below.

[Byline Tyler Durden] – Zero Hedge

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