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Wisdom learned: “In yielding the rights of others, we may endanger our own.”


The Trees and the Axe

by Aesop

A MAN came into a forest, and made a petition to the Trees to provide him a handle for his axe. The Trees consented to his request, and gave him a young ash-tree. No sooner had the man fitted from it a new handle to his axe, then he began to use it, and quickly felled with his strokes the noblest giants of the forest.

An old oak, lamenting when too late the destruction of his companions, said to a neighboring cedar: The first step has lost us all. If we had not given up the rights of the ash, we might yet have retained our own privileges and have stood for ages.

In yielding the rights of others, we may endanger our own.

The Hen and the Swallow

by Aesop

A HEN finding the eggs of a viper, and carefully keeping them warm, nourished them into life. A Swallow, observing what she had done, said: You silly creature! Why have you hatched these vipers, which, when they shall have grown, will surely inflict injury on all of us, beginning with yourself?

If we nourish evil, it will sooner or later turn upon us.

Aesop’s Fables
Copyright 1881
Translator: unknown
WM. L. Allison, New York

Real life examples:

White House says about a dozen freed Gitmo detainees attacking Americans

The deaths of Americans at the hands of people who had no business seeing the light of day again is the result of a policy created to please the anti-American leftist claques more than to protect the nation from terrorists.

Obama Administration Putting American Lives at Risk

“As we have reported, Government Accountability Office data shows that approximately 250,000 illegal aliens in the United States committed nearly three million crimes. “Roughly 50 percent were arrested at least once for either assault, homicide, robbery, sex crimes or kidnapping,” wrote James Simpson for AIM.”

Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.”There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s that

Assimilation {of Muslims} is a crime against humanity…”

— Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (the leader of NATO’s so-called “moderate” Muslim country):

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