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International Charity Fraud: “What difference does it really make?” Has it happened here too?


A rhetorical question with obvious answers …

A Deep Dive into How the Clinton Foundation Operates Illegally and in Haiti

Understanding illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation requires grasping state, federal, and foreign laws that bar public charities from being run for private gain, and that govern solicitations using the mail, telephones, and digital media.
Remember, as you evaluate the available public record that Clinton Foundation trustees have never submitted the financial records of this web of public charities to an independent, properly certified audit, performed by fully informed and empowered accounting firms.
In addition to providing new overview perspectives on the Clinton Foundation charity fraud network, this update offers extensive background information concerning ways in which the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family, and affiliates have operated in Haiti–a nation that lies on the epicenter of natural and manmade disasters.
What possesses powerful, wealthy, and educated persons to prey upon the most desperately poor humans on earth, while simultaneously trying to take credit for “philanthropy”?
And why have so many people failed to carry our their solemn duties overseeing charities, for so long?
Expect an increased flow of detailed disclosures centering upon Exhibits 1 through 40 through this website, and continued reaction to breaking developments via my twitter account (@CharlesOrtel).

A revamped 500 bed $82 million General Hospital was planned and was supposed to be finished by now. However several “multinational bureaucratic snarls” from financial backers — France, the United States and Haiti has slowed the work dramatically and workers are still putting up the basic frame.

And in addition to the construction problems, the General Hospital’s employees are currently on strike.


Public hospitals all over Haiti are dirty and dangerous and have been known for years as places where people go to die. Aside from a few patients here and there, the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince is all but abandoned now. I am sure people are choosing to die properly in their own homes.
— John Carroll, MD,

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