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The realities of civilian disarmament


Bodies Found of 12 Africans Allegedly Murdered by UN “Peacekeepers”


No doubt UN do-gooders are chewing their bottom lips but otherwise doing nothing whatsoever about this:

Aid workers have unearthed the remains of 12 people who they say were murdered by international peacekeepers in the Central African Republic in 2014.

The troops, from the Republic of Congo, were part of a peacekeeping mission — first under the auspices of the African Union, then the United Nations — aimed at ending a civil war that left thousands dead beginning in late 2012. Human Rights Watch had previously reported on the role Congolese peacekeepers played in “enforced disappearances,” but the Congolese government “has taken no action toward credible investigations or justice for these crimes,” according to a new report by the group released Tuesday.

Now, new evidence has emerged in what appears to be one of the most egregious cases of peacekeeper abuse in the history of the mission in the Central African Republic. The African Union peacekeeping mission was absorbed by the United Nations not long after the incident occurred.

The new Human Rights Watch report says that a local aid group exhumed the remains of a dozen people in February of this year and that “clothing and other distinctive items identified the victims as members of a group of at least 12 people the Congolese peacekeepers arrested on March 24, 2014.”

Peacekeepers had previously claimed that those people had escaped from detention after the arrests — and denied any role in their deaths.

Imagine if the malevolent idiots who run our government and are largely responsible for financing the UN manage to collapse the US economy with their massive deficit spending. UN troops will inflict their atrocities on Americans. But only if they disarm us first.

United Nations gun control statue

United Nations gun control statue. Image:

They won’t be bending the barrels on their own guns.
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Meanwhile in South Africa:

The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: …”

Obama Diverts $500M From Zika Response To U.N. Climate Fund

… the Senate last year granted Obama the authority to pay for a response to Zika, but his administration chose instead to allocate those funds toward the U.N.’s Green Climate Fund.

Warns: Manhattan Will Be ‘Underwater’ If We Don’t Act On Climate Change

Coincidentally, ‘elections have consequences.’

DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think ‘Anyone Should Have a Gun’

A member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee said at a planning event Wednesday that she does not believe anyone in the United States should own a gun.

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