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Gun Free Zones – Control Is what it Is.


Social experiments used on malleable individuals will change the course of societies, physical, mental torture and abuse is the means used in a systematic manner on many subjects, including children. It is a means to create an army of “Manchurian Candidates,” programmed to perform various acts such as assassinations, suicide, mass homicide and other covert missions. What better way to “control” the mind in order to perform these sinister purposes?

America: “Are you an assassin?” Obama: “I’m a jihadist.”  America: “You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by CAIR, to collect a bill.”

Control is what it is.

Madness is walking around unable to defend yourself in a world of psychopathic government control freaks, which look at us as cash cows for slaughter by collateral damage, and by societal/religious fanatics wanting to murder us because we disagree with their insanity.  (MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Gay Nightclub Massacre: “Core Issue” Is “How Easy It Is To Get A Gun”)

The truth of the matter has again been revealed, what we continue to see is yet another act of war noticeable to all except the Muslim sympathizers residing in the White House, along with it’s administration, and the sociopaths within congress that fully enable it. (NYT’s ‘Gun Control That Works’ Just another Disarmament Zealot Wish List Attack on RKBA )

Every president in my lifetime has made it a big deal to arm the rebels and send weapons to the oppressed in every third world shithole on the planet. When assholes are shooting at us, our leaders want to restrict our access to guns and ban them out right. As well as bring more of these assholes into our country unvetted and without proper controls. Washington D.C. whose side are you on?  —Delta 21

Truthfully, “Power is a weed that grows in the vacant lot of an abandoned mind.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Criminal fantasy prefers to accuse other people.

The Romans accused the Christians of drinking the blood of slaughtered children at their ritual suppers. Confessions were extorted under torture. In the Middle Ages the same ritual murder was projected onto the Jews, and in Russia the ritual murder myth persisted until the Revolution of 1917. The Chinese, too, accused Christian missionaries of fabricating magic ointments out of children’s organs. (As for the Islamist, the answer is obviously apparent.) Repeatedly we find that unconscious primitive habits are projected onto scapegoats in various parts of the world. Projection of one’s own criminality takes place everywhere, as though the accusation partly satisfies personal bloodthirsty longings. –A.M. Meerloo M.D.



Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama than the Four Previous Presidents Combined?

(Truthstream Media) No one is looking at the data. If they did, they would realize something is really, really, really wrong here.

No, there haven’t always been so many mass shootings. It hasn’t always been this way. Mass shootings have skyrocketed in this country just in the last seven years under Obama.

Look here at the difference between all other presidents and Barack Obama.

While the 2nd Amendment continues to be attacked each and every time another mass shooting occurs, just realize something: these events were never this “routine” until Obama became president.


(July 16, 2015Barack Obama sent a celebratory message to Muslims around the world on the White House Twitter account nearly two hours before his first tweet on the subject of four dead Marines killed by an Islamic gunman.


“A U.S. official says the gunman in the shootings in Chattanooga, Tennessee (killing four Marines) has been identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez,” according to the Associated Press.

CNN has also reported the shooter killed at the scene as being identified by the FBI as Islamist Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24.

The incident is being investigated by the FBI terrorism task force.


[ reported on the threat three days ago.
(June 9, 2016) ISIS Muslim terrorists released a statement on their plan to attack Florida, and even put out a list with the names of people in Florida that they plan on killing.]

Florida officials invite Muslim cleric to address media “to preempt a possible backlash against the Muslim community”

And Imam Muhammad Musri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida warned against “sensationalizing” the story. Immediately the mainstream media and government and law enforcement officials have as their top priority of protecting Islam from criticism or scrutiny. Their kneejerk response to every jihad massacre is to regard Muslims as its victims, rather than scrutinize the motivating ideology of the killers. Instead of making sure no one thinks ill of Islam, they should be asking what it is about Islam that makes these jihad massacres keep happening.

(Excerpt)


VIDEO: Imam at Orlando Mosque April 2016 ALL GAYS MUST DIE

Why wasn’t this imam asked to speak at today’s taqiyya press conferences post-gay massacre in Orlando?

And while Muslims in the US generically condemn “terror,” where are they teaching against the Islamic texts and teachings that inspire the slaughter?


Obama’s Statement on the Occasion of Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem” …a greeting to other Muslims during this period.

Once again America’s President fellates radical Islam and sodomizes the nation as people watch.

The fact is, this mass murderer was Muslim, “But don’t jump to conclusions that it has any relation to Islam…

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