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Blow by blow


Media Circus

Everywhere is freaks and hairies /dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity.

The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Killed Or Maimed In Orlando

Report: Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Cased Other Gay Nightclubs

Recording Captures SWAT Team Entering The Orlando Nightclub…

Breaking: Man With Possible Explosives And Long Rifle Arrested In LA, Said He Was Going To Gay Pride Festival Update: Had Powder To Make Homemade Explosives And A Fake Security Badge…Update: Suspect Id’d As James Howell…Update: Had Prior Arrest For Threats, May Be Gay…Update: Friend Confirms Suspect Has Male Partner…

Orlando Gunman Tied To Radical Imam Released From Prison Last Year, Say Law Enforcement Sources

Coworker Complained To Company About Omar Mateen Threatening To Kill People, They Did Nothing… Because He Was Muslim…

Orlando Shooting Took Place In Gun-Free Zone

ACLU Lawyers Blame ‘Christian Right,’ GOP For Orlando Terrorist Attack…

Flashback: Islamic ‘Scholar’ Urged Killing Gays In Accordance With Islamic Law At Orlando Mosque…

Hillary Repeats Obama, Fails To Call Orlando Attack ‘Islamic Terrorism’, Calls For Getting Rid Of ‘Weapons Of War’

FBI Admits They Had Previously Interviewed Terrorist Omar Mateen, Knew Of Him Since 2013

Media-driven propaganda events continued

Breaking: Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando, As Many As 20 Reported Shot…Update: Press Conference: May Be 20 Dead, At Least 42 Transported To Hospital, Act Of Terrorism, Indications May Be Islamic Terror-Related…Update: Terrorist Id’d As Omar Mateen, Pics Wearing NYPD T-Shirts…Update: Number Now 50 Killed, 53 Injured…Update: Father Spins, ‘Nothing To Do With Religion, Son Upset With Gay Men Kissing’…Update: On FBI Radar As ‘Person Of Interest’…Update: Rep. Bill Nelson: Credible Intel Sources Believe Connection To ISIS…Update: Obama To Address Nation, Killer Made Pledge To ISIS…Update: Terrorist Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Attack…Update:Obama Never Mentions Islam, Says Can’t Determine Motivation Yet….Update: ISIS Claims Responsibility…Update: FBI: Prior Contact With Terrorist Did Not Confirm Connection To Terrorists

Updated With Video: Local Imam In Orlando Press Conference Blames “Issue Of Mass Shootings”

Official ISIS Media Claims Responsibility For Orlando Terrorist Attack

‘NBC OUT’ Promotes More Transgender Propaganda All Across TV…

Terrorist Omar Mateen Worked For Security Company Responsible For Transporting Illegal Aliens…

Headline source: Weasel Zippers

Hidden from view: U.S. MUSLIM: Kills Mom, Cuts Her Heart Out & Masturbates On Her Dead Body

I’d Love To Change The World
Ten Years After – From the album A Space In Time!
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