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WHY? WHY? No need to ask Why.


There are more background checks and regulations for owning a gun than there are for coming into the country. Think about that a minute.

Muslim space to destroy

DHS memo: Muslim Privilege and space to destroy. – Image: People’s Cube

Irony: Jeh Johnson Says Gun Control Now a Matter of Homeland Security…Orlando Terrorist Worked For DHS

The Islamic terrorist who carried out the horrific, atrocious attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando Sunday morning was employed by G4S security company as a licensed, professional security guard with the ability to carry a firearm on duty. He worked at the company for years.

G4S is contracted by the Department of Homeland Security to protect federal buildings, including nuclear facilities, and is responsible for providing security protocol for major transportation hubs around the country.

DHS: If you see something, you watch your mouth

WASHINGTON – Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced a new DHS “Check Your Privilege Before You Say Something™” public awareness campaign created in cooperation with the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and ACLU.

The nationwide campaign highlights the Department’s continued efforts to partner with social justice activists, Muslim organizations, and minority pressure groups to ensure the safety and security of their members and field operatives.

“Partnering with CAIR and ACLU is another way that DHS is engaging with the American public in our shared efforts to ensure fairness, social justice, and safety of every one of their agents at the expense of homeland security,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

“This campaign is a simple and effective way to engage the public to recognize and report indicators of white, heterosexual, and middle-class privilege, bigotry, and Islamophobia to the proper law enforcement authorities, as well as to ACLU and CAIR over specially funded hotlines,” he said.

DHS will continue to expand the “Check Your Privilege Before You Say Something™” campaign nationally to raise awareness among various Islamic and progressive groups about how they can remain vigilant and play an active role in keeping themselves and their organizations safe from America’s citizens, businesses, and communities.

“This worthy cause will require all of us to sacrifice some of our privileges, but that is a small price to pay for the fundamental transformation of our country as promised by president Obama when he took office,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.


Muslim Privilege and safe spaces – Image: People’s Cube

DHS and the Dearborn Muslim community: A relationship on the rocks?

On January 13, Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson trekked to Dearborn, Michigan, where he spoke to students and law enforcement at the University of Michigan, Dearborn about the department’s efforts to engage the Muslim community. He also met privately with student leaders in a meeting closed to media.


Contrast the secretary’s comments with a poster on the website of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter, exhorting readers: “If the FBI contacts you, contact us.” The poster supplies CAIR-Michigan’s telephone number, 248-559-2247. While the FBI is part of the Department of Justice rather than the Department of Homeland Security, the message is consistent with CAIR’s oppositional attitude regarding government efforts to counter violent Islamism – including its opposition to a bill that would fund DHS counter-extremism efforts. The Arab American Institute has likewise been critical of government efforts to counter “violent extremism.”

Local Muslim religious leaders like Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, leader of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, have also denied a connection between Islam and the crimes of violent Islamists. Unlike, for example, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has called for a religious revolution within Islam, or the recently launched Muslim Reform Movement, which openly states it is in a “battle for the soul of Islam,” Elahi speaks of Islam as a victim of Islamist terrorists and urges, “Don’t blame Islam for the evil actions of its enemies.”

Johnson parroted the administration’s party line, “the very essence of the Islamic faith is peace,” but also called on the community to speak up against extremism in order to counter ISIS. The administration has received pushback on the latter request from groups like CAIR, and it also seems contrary to the message of Elahi and other religious leaders in the Dearborn area.

For all the administration’s bending over backward to include Muslim groups like CAIR and its fellow travelers within the Muslim community, perhaps the latter’s efforts to obstruct government anti-terror efforts are beginning to register within the administration. Maybe he thought a group that tells its constituents, “If the FBI contacts you, contact us,” isn’t the right partner for a talk urging listeners, “If you see something, say something” to law enforcement. Perhaps Johnson decided the leadership of the local Muslim community in and around Dearborn are a bit too radicalized and uncooperative to make engagement with them productive and has written them off as a practical reality.

Source: The People’s Cube

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