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Greed, Exploitation and Ignorance has always been the greatest cost to humankind. Yet, it continues to be perpetuated and proliferated.


Mankind’s Biggest Mistake (Edited)

Between 1910 and 1917 all of humanity was offered the fortunate opportunity to progress into a new world and civilization, unlimited by the use and cost of energy, a world of technology powered by abundant, clean and totally free energy.

It was to have been a great leap forward in the sociological evolution of humanity, together, in a shared perspective of liberation from the constraints of limited resources, into a much wider view of possibility and capability. The energy renaissance had open its eyes, and begun to breath with such a vast scope of potential. Not only in the scope of it’s technological application, but also in it’s spiritual foundation; humankind was about, on the crest and verge of discovering it’s own true link to the universal systems of energy and what those energies could encompass …. we .. teetered on the brink and as an entire race, we must have held our breath, momentarily … because the key, to the answer, had arrived, and it was working …. it was bubbling beneath the confines of our awareness and looking into the infinite … in it’s way, it was proving and proof of the very existence of God, the universal, all one and I am.

BUT … in 1917, The Wardenclyffe Tower was dismantled and the dream of a Genius came to an applicable end, even though it had been achieved. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) the man who designed the tower died, in obscurity, the words of J.P Morgan must have echoed in his ears, as they now echo down the century past … ” If anyone can use the energy … then where do we put .. the meter ” … and so for nearly 100 years .. humankind has continued to pay for an energy source it no longer needs, humanity has remained enthrall to the whims of an industry which has no future vision for humanity, other than the profit it can make out of humanity. And while the wheels of industry turn, by the inventions and technology of none other than Nikola Tesla .. those same oil barons and their oligarchy continue to hold humanity enslaved through deception and lies … they continue to with hold the technology, they continue to buy up, steal and even assassinate the inventors of energy’s technological advances.

They continue to hold the evolution of humanity’s progress in check, refusing to allow it to evolve, while continuing to pollute and damage the the planet’s environment, all in the name of profit .. greed and a willingness to stand watch as humanity is allowed to suffer under its yoke of manipulated bureaucratic oppression, so they can sit back, in comfort and luxury and feed off of the extortion of their ill gotten gains. If humanity has an enemy, a true, murderous, psychopathic, insane and despicable enemy … it is these profit-driven industrialists … and all those who by their cronyism, puppetry and performance support it.

[Byline Colin Mitchell Williams]
July 6, 2011

The obstacles, as well as, the illusions of progress to successful innovation is often found in economic and political self-interest.

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