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U.S. Democrats take time off to obstruct House proceedings and protest Constitutional rights.


**** Warning Attention-seeking Behavior Alert **** 

#Occupy the House –  Unable to enforce existing laws, Democrats attempt shut down of government to push their citizen disarmament agenda.

House sit-in over gun legislation enters sixth hour

Using terrorist and criminals to take away our freedoms and rights. What a plan.

America’s House Democrats obstruct proceedings to protest gun rights. See Image  © Rep. John Yarmuth This photo provided by Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., shows Democrat members of Congress (Note: Article and Image may be subject to censorship)

Democratic lawmakers shut down the U.S. House Wednesday by staging a sit-in on the House floor to demand a vote on gun control legislation (that only meets their agenda).

Coincidentally…”Those who pursue common-sense improvement are beaten down.” –Rep. John Lewis (D) Georgia. [transference much?]

Here is that psycho-political term ‘obstructionism‘ again … this time used in contrast.

Over at the White House, press secretary Josh Earnest said House Democrats are “are showing the kind of frustration and even anger that (only a small minority of) people around the country have.”

Obama tweeted thanks to Lewis for “leading on gun violence where we need it most.”

What are the implications of demanding the ability to create government lists that deprive people of constitutionally protected civil rights without due process?  Haven’t we seen what happens with this before?

obedience to the agenda

Cause and Effect – obedience to the agenda

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Allegedly, These ‘folks’ are considered as a mature people’s representatives, are they not?

Party Breakdown
House of the Senate (Source)*
Republican Democrat
54 seats 44 seats
House of Representatives (Source)
Republican Democrat
247 seats 188 seats


Poison the mind – The Agenda

WTH? Muslim DHS Adviser Demands National Gun Registry In Wake Of Orlando Terror Attack… (select house Democrats follow suit).

The lesson to be learned here is: “if you don`t believe that a tiger can’t eat you, it does not mean it won’t.”

Good Reads

A Nation of Cowards” by Jeffrey R. Snyder, © 1993, from The Public Interest a quarterly journal of opinion published by National Affairs, Inc.  via


Pay attention.


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