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Natural Hazard –The sun is as blank as a billiard ball, solar activity dwindling to lows not seen in 200 years


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Guest essay by David Archibald The latest image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows our sun as a blank canvas. No sunspots. Solar cycle 24 activity continues to be lowest in nearly 200 years According to NASA’s Sunspot number: 0 Updated 30 Jun 2016 Spotless Days Current Stretch: 7 days 2016 total: 11 days […]

via The sun is as blank as a billiard ball, solar activity dwindling to lows not seen in 200 years — Watts Up With That?


(2014/07/15) BLANK SUN: Ten days ago, the sun was peppered with large spots. Now it is nearly blank. This image taken on July 15th by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a solar disk almost completely devoid of dark cores.

Long-time readers absorbing this image might be reminded of 2008-2009, years when the sun plunged into the deepest solar minimum in a century. The resemblance, however, is only superficial. Underneath the visible surface of the sun, the solar dynamo is still churning out knots of magnetism that will soon bob to the surface to make sunspots. Solar Max is not finished.

For today, though, it has been paused. Solar activity is low, and NOAA forecasters put the odds of an X-class flare at less than 1%. Updates on Twitter @spaceweatherman.


(2014/07/24) STRANGE SITUATION: In the middle of Solar Max, the sun has slipped into a state that resembles Solar Minimum. Sunspot numbers are low; the sun’s X-ray and radio output are depressed; and NOAA forecasters estimate a scant 1% chance of solar flares during the next 24 hours. The quiet could be disturbed during the weekend, however, by the expected return of two old sunspots currently transiting the farside of the sun

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More Information:

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