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Priorities ?


Talking about what matters the most…

Obama Mentions Himself 45 Times During Memorial Speech For Dallas Officers

Also blaming others and repetitively driving home the point that there are not enough social programs to provide free things to make people self-sufficient, he also emphasizes that dependents of the government are more likely to “purchase a Glock instead of a book or a computer.”

As this delusion sets in, he refuses to admit that the guns they get, are the currency they use, and the crimes they commit are the result of social programs that instill state dependency and self-hate, rather social success and individual self-respect.  He ends saying “I’ve seen how inadequate my own words can be,” and that is only when he is not referring to his own self and misguided understanding.  Something America and the world is observing, and history will continue to prove.

And you thought you’d get to see this posted image?

An America because only black mobs matter,

More Priorities

Obama Never Once Met With His Defense Intelligence Chief
Yet he’s met multiple times now with Black Lives Matter members and Al Sharpton, Beyonce, and others.

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