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“inflammatory rhetoric” and more verbal flatulence


As usual, another attempt to deflect blame for police murders and assassinations.

“Attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible” (and I helped). –Barack Obama

Racial animus psychosis — Is racial terrorism the fundamental transformation Obama et. al have really been waiting for? One wonders.

IBD Editorial
July 18, 2016


… (This is the) rhetoric that Obama himself has been aiding and abetting for years.

That started almost as soon as Obama got into the White House, when he blasted a white police officer for arresting Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, saying the cop “acted stupidly.

When Michael Brown was shot, Obama said his death “stains the heart of black children.

Freddie Grey’s death while in police custody was another sign of racism, Obama complained, saying “this is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend it’s new.”

And just hours before five officers were killed in Dallas, Obama was once again stoking racial animosity, saying that the deaths of two blacks at the hands of police in Louisiana and Minnesota were “symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year.

Even at the memorial in Dallas, Obama tried to blame budget cuts for racial tensions between African Americans and the police.

The police have been warning Obama for some time now that his divisive rhetoric was creating new risks for officers.

… “I don’t see and hear from the president when a cop gets shot and killed.”

…. “It’s clear that he has an agenda and unfortunately, the police are not part of his agenda.”

… “Now, we see an escalation. This has got to end… The president of the United States has blood on his hands and it will not be able to become washed off.”


America has allowed this leadership to institutionalized racism, redirect our thinking and morality, and turned it against the unification of American strength and values that improve our quality of life.  From the beginning as Agent provocateurs, both the Obama’s and their tools have used “inflammatory rhetoric” to subvert order and as a tool to condemned the police, while inciting and generating racial animus in others.  This continues to occur at every point, especially before the actual facts are known and proven.

Condoning Hate Crime or not

Black Lives Matter Supporters Celebrate Baton Rouge Police Shootings On Twitter

Obama: Police Can ‘Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer’ by Admitting Their Failures

Meanwhile, Freddie Gray case: Judge acquits Lt. Brian Rice of all charges
The burden is proving the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, instead asking the court to rely on “presumptions or assumptions” — something it cannot do. …the court “cannot be swayed by sympathy, prejudice or public opinion.”

As for verbal flatulence

“We can’t rush to judgment.

We don’t know what the motivations are right now.

They’re going to try to scare people. They’re going to try to say that ‘that Obama is a scary guy.

There are legitimate grievances that in the past and even now people are frustrated by the need to quicken the pace of change in our society we’ve been seeking ever since I came in to office.

If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.

I think this is an excellent time for the majority population and our institutions especially those dealing with justice and incarnation to examine themselves and see the inherent biases built in them and as I have often said embrace the need for change and reform.

I will ask the Attorney General to look into these Police Departments and see if we can’t help partner with them to develop a more community friendly model of policing to help deliver the type of justice that we all want in our nation.

We need to ignore or shame those would exploit these tragedies for their political ends and listen to those who have been marginalized and penalized for too long simply because they are poor, another color, or a different religion.

This is what I think we need to accomplish and we will do that. Let’s not give heed to the angry voices out there!

Work with us and the communities to effect the change the we as Americans started on when I was elected in 2008!
Thank you!” –Barack Obama

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Obama’s Divide-and-Rule Presidency

The president is near the end of an eight year train wreck presidency, the result of which is that every social issue is more divisive, more unsolvable, and more dishonestly framed than ever before.  It is no secret that he has done nothing for the black community, whose unemployment and crime rates are rising every day, while he demonizes police and lauds racist activists who condone assassination and lawlessness.

With good reason

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