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Headlines for Another of Obama’s Torturous and Despicable Weeks as America’s President


Time left until Obama leaves office (under normal circumstances)

A continuous record of the White House and its administration

 The Obama Administration: Year Eight

Obama’s Three Hundred and Ninety-Third Week in Office


News and Notes:   Are You Better Off Than 8 Years Ago?…Ronald Reagan

Video/Audio of the moment:   Benghazi Victim’s Dad Reads Out Of His Diary To Prove Hillary ‘Lied’


Obama’s Bad Iran Deal

Tense: Obama Administration Refuses To Give Details About Cash Payment To Iran; “Why Is That Relevant?”

State Department Spokesman Grilled Over Cash Payment to Iran

 Congress Probes White House-Linked Campaign to Deceive Media on Iran Nuclear Deal Funder of pro-Iran ‘echo chamber’ met with White House nearly 30 times

Chairman Royce on Reports That Obama Sent Plane Full of Cash to Iran: ‘It Keeps Getting Worse’

Obama sent $400m to Iran as American prisoners freed… but administration denies it paid ransom

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama Commute Sentences of 56 Federal Prisoners with Firearms-Related Convictions

Obama Issues Largest Single-Day Batch of Prisoner Commutations in More Than a Century

Obama shortens terms for 214 prisoners; 67 had life sentence

US Begins Upgrading Its Nuclear Bomb Arsenal

 Obama Admin Calls for Zika Bill Weeks After Veto Threat Senate Democrats blocked $1.1 billion anti-Zika bill

Obama Voter Fraud

White House to Trump: Election won’t be ‘rigged’

Obama eyes takeover of presidential election security

Obama vs the 2nd Amendemdent

Clinton: ‘I do not want to repeal the 2nd Amendment’

Obama and Syria

Homeland boss: ´We will make´ Obama call for 10,000 Syrian refugees

Syria Chlorine Gas Attack Suspected After Russian Helicopter Downed


Hillary Promises ‘We Are Going To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class’ [VIDEO]

Obama: ‘We Are Part of a Global Economy. We’re Not Reversing That’

ADP Employment Continues To Lag Payrolls As Goods-Producing, Construction Jobs Slide

Services Data Disappoints: Suggests “No Signs Of US Economy Moving Up A Gear” In Q3

Obama and Agenda 21

 EPA Cannot Prove That Its $16 Million Education Program Had Any Positive Results Inspector general criticizes agency for using weak excuses for not collecting data

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Obama: ‘I’m President, and I have the better argument’  Defying popular opinion in his party, Obama thinks America needs to join Trans-Pacific Partnership – or be swept under the global economy.


Clinton Foundation drug contracts intersected with State Department work

Obama and the IRS

 New Documents Reveal IRS Headquarters in D.C. Buried Conservative Groups’ Tax Applications Attorney who investigated IRS scandal is an Obama, Democratic Party donor

IRS Colleagues Called Lois Lerner ‘Volatile’

Obama Amnesty

 DHS chief says deportation ´not pleasant,´ claims ´we do not have open borders´

Record Remittances Sent to Mexico in First Half of 2016


Illinois insurers seek premium hikes of up to 45 percent

Doctors Reject Covered California Patients Most Often, Study Says

Small Employers Pulling Back On Health Benefits Since ACA

Making care more affordable, but not less expensive


By Subject

Obama’s Bad Iran Deal      Email-Gate

Obama and Israel – Year 1 Year 2 …Year 3Year 4  … Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8

Obama Ethics, Year 1           Obama Ethics Year Two           Obama Ethics, Year 3             Obama Ethics, Year 4

                  Obama Ethics, Year 5       Obama Ethics Year 6     Obama Ethics Year 7     Obama Ethics Year 8

The V.A. Death Panel      Bad Bergdahl Bargain    Obama Amnesty    Donation-Gate

Military Officers Relieved of Duty Under Obama      The Obama Shut downs      Obama and Syria    Obama VS. The U.S. Military

Obama Attacks the 1st Amendment      Obama and the IRS      The Gunwalker Scandal

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment    Benghazi-Gate   Obama vs. Your Privacy

 The Obama “Dead Pool”      The Clinton “Dead Pool”      “Dead Bankers File, Obama Dead Pool”

The Boston Marathon Massacre    Sandy Hook Massacre       Socialists/Communists in the White House    Obama and Agenda 21

      Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood   Obama and Egypt     The Ebola Plague  Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

               Is Obama Gay?            Gays and Lesbians who currently are in the Obama White House

A List of Obama Czars (in alphabetical order)       The  Solyndra Scandal   Goldman Sachs personnel in the ObamaWhite House

  Cass Sunstein Olympics          Michelle Obama’s attendants and their salaries

Elena Kagan Mania          Van Jones “Laugh-a-Thon        Obama and Eric Whitaker        Obama and Derrick Bell

 Obama Audio and Video               The Berwick Chronicles            Obama Voter Fraud

Obama and TARP        Sestak-Gate        The Madness of Eric Holder         Loretta Lynch File

     Scanner-Gate        Rosen-Gate       JournOlist/Names      British Petroleum-Gate

Obama records which have not been released



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