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Mohammad’s clock

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Files Lawsuit Alleging ‘Discrimination’ Against Texas School, City

Muslim Grievance Industry approves.

(Excerpt) September 2015, Breitbart Texas reported that zero tolerance, not Islamophobia was behind the teen’s woes.

The family has had several lawyers represent them along the way, including a west Texas personal injury attorney Kelly Hollinsgworth demanded a total of $15 million last November —   $10 million from the City of Irving, and $5 million, from the Irving school district. Breitbart Texas reported the letters alleged innumerable claims about Ahmed Mohamed’s September 14, 2015 detainment, among them “Islamophobia.” In late June, uncle Aldean Mohamed told Dallas news media the family still planned to sue.

Personal injury attorney Susan Hutchison of Hutchison & Stoy in Forth Worth is the latest lawyer representing the Mohameds.

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Clock Boy: I Have To Return To Qatar Because It’s Not Safe In U.S. For Any Minority

Sounding familiar?

I feel unsafe in US, Muslim American Olympic Star Ibtihaj Muhammad says

Then, what exactly, is their reason for being there?

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