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“Worst Ever” Symbolism


‘Post America hero’ Obama’s treatment in China was humiliating and the fact that he and his staff was forced to deplane from the back of the Air Force One was not only disgraceful it was meant to be highly symbolic. Now, after seven years of global observation, even leaders of third rate countries openly and publicly insult him without repercussions…  likely, there are good reasons.

No legacy Obama becomes a full blown, “Lame Duck, worldwide & stateside.”

The POTUS Obama failure tour of the Pacific Rim & G20 meetings has cemented his status as a failed USA POTUS. In eight years he has transformed the USA into a disrespected ‘weak” country across the world. The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Syrians, the United Kingdom, The Cubans, etc., make short shrift of him as if, he was an empty suit….which he now is.

Domestically it’s even worse, with a stagnant, unproductive economy, minorities worse off then they ever have been and, a major ditto for blue collar workers also. There is nothing but failure in every nook and cranny you look. everything Obama has touched has turned negative, including his signature item, “Obamacare:!!!

Even worse…..Obama has failed his own Democrat Party. There is no back bench of strong POTUS contenders….there never was under Obama. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat POTUS candidate, has too many shortcomings to even discuss with any hint of hope or realism. One close gander of VP candidate, Tim Kaine, tells the entire “loser” story. Sadly…..he is truly & simply, a joke!!!

POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama is headed towards “forever obscurity” in history books yet to come!!!

Posted on Free Republic
6 August 2016


Then there is this

Public Image correction

Public Image correction. “Elections have consequences”

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